Idlewild Lake Loop
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Idlewild Lake Loop

East Kootenays
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Idlewild Lake Loop

Idlewild Lake Loop

Distance: 0.7mi
Elevation: 79ft
Time: 0.5h

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The Idlewild Lake Loop is a 0.7mi lollipop hiking route in Cranbrook, BC that skirts around the edges of this charming woodland lake and provides the opportunity to spot wildlife. This is a family-friendly trail that features very little changes in elevation and is made up of paved pathways, making it ideal for hikers of every skill level. Make sure to arrive early for this hike, as it is a popular nature walk, and parking spaces can become limited.

Idlewild Lake Loop Map

Getting there

To get to the parking area for the Idlewild Lake Loop from Cranbrook, head east on 2nd Street S for 2.2mi and turn right on 13th Street S. After 755ft, you will find the parking area on the right.

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Idlewild Lake Loop
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Idlewild Lake Loop Description

The Idlewild Lake Loop is a popular, family-friendly nature trail in Cranbrook that will allow you to experience the tranquillity and natural beauty of this small woodland lake and the surrounding area. Along the trail, you will have the opportunity to take in the scenic woodland views and stand out on one of the docks to gaze across the water at various local wildlife species. This is a perfect hiking route for the whole family to enjoy.

The trail sets out from the parking area and heads north before arriving at a fork in the trail. Follow the route to the right to continue in a counterclockwise direction around the lake. You will very quickly cross over Joseph Creek before continuing through a marshy area at the northeast corner of the lake. Follow the trail around the northern edge of the water as you gaze across it at the charming woodland scenery of the surrounding area. After looping around the lake, you will arrive at a series of wooden docks that are perfect for fishing or simply dipping your feet in the refreshing water. A short distance further will bring you back to the fork in the trail, where you will have to make the tough decision to either head back to the parking area or spend some time enjoying the peaceful surroundings of Idlewild Lake for a bit longer.



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