Narada Falls Trail
Narada Falls Trail

Narada Falls Trail

Mount Rainier National Park
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Narada Falls Trail

Narada Falls Trail

Distance: 2.4mi
Elevation: 863ft
Time: 1.5-2h

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The Narada Falls Trail is an easy, family-friendly out and back route in Mount Rainier National Park that leads you to a very pretty waterfall among the dark green foliage of the forest. The trail is a great way to enjoy the falls without much effort or time required. While strollers won’t make it, little ones will love this fun trail.

Narada Falls Trail Map

Getting there

To reach the Narada Falls trailhead from Elbe, take WA-706 for 15.0mi, entering the park and continuing as the road turns into Paradise Road E. Continue for 16.0mi until the Paradise Visitor Center, where you can park in any of the parking areas.

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Narada Falls Trail
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Narada Falls Trail Description

The Narada Falls Trail is a simple, family-friendly route to a lovely waterfall in Mount Rainier National Park. The trail is short and sweet, so if you’re interested in further exploring the network of trails in the area, grab a map from the Paradise Visitor Center.

The hike begins from the Paradise parking lot. Head behind the inn and cross Valley Road to pick up the trail on the other side. You’ll follow Lower Lakes Trail, keeping right onto Narada Falls Trail as Lower Lakes branches off to the left.

Ruby Falls comes up just before the crossing on Stevens Canyon Road. Cross the road and pick up the trail on the other side, walking alongside the Paradise River to the viewpoint, which is just past the falls.

Once you’ve enjoyed the falls, you can either head back the same way you came or continue a bit further on the Wonderland Trail, on which you can make a nice loop around Inspiration Point.

Insider Hints

  • The trail is best hiked in the early-mid afternoon when the falls are lit up by the sun

  • The Narada Falls to Reflection Lake Trail is a nice choice for a slightly longer outing in the area.

  • If it has rained recently, the trail can be wet. Take your time in muddy sections.



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