Englishman River Falls Trail
Englishman River Falls Trail

Englishman River Falls Trail

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Englishman River Falls TrailEnglishman River Falls TrailEnglishman River Falls TrailEnglishman River Falls TrailEnglishman River Falls Trail

Englishman River Falls Trail

Distance: 0.8mi
Elevation: 171ft
Time: 0.5h

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If you are looking for a quick and easy hiking route with amazing views near Nanaimo, then the Englishman River Falls Trail is the perfect option for a fun day of adventuring. The trail winds through the dense forests of Englishman River Falls Provincial Park and visits the rushing waters of both the upper and lower waterfalls. With well-maintained trails and an easy to navigate route, this is a fantastic hike that is suitable for hikers of all skill levels.

Englishman River Falls Trail Map

Getting there

To reach the Englishman River Falls trailhead from Errington, head west on Grafton Avenue for 2625ft and turn left onto Errington Road. Follow this for 4.3mi to arrive at the parking area next to the trailhead.

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Englishman River Falls Trail
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Englishman River Falls Trail Description

Due to its short overall distance and breathtaking scenery, the Englishman River Falls Trail is a popular hiking route in the area and can see a high volume of foot traffic during peak hours and on weekends. In order to secure parking and beat out the crowds, make sure to arrive early to the trailhead. While the route is fairly easy overall, conditions along the trail can be a bit rough during the shoulder seasons. If you are looking to explore the natural beauty of the falls during the spring and autumn seasons when the water level is higher, make sure to wear proper footwear as the trail can be muddy/slippery.

Although the trail conditions might not always be ideal, the amazing sight of the torrents of water crashing down into the gorge should not be missed. This short 0.8mi route is the perfect spot to take the family if you are looking for great views that require little effort to produce and are close to the parking area. Hiking along the trail will not only bring you to a scenic viewpoint overlooking the torrenting Upper Falls, but also to the cascading Lower Falls and a small swimmable pool below. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bang for your buck hike in the Nanaimo area than the Englishman River Falls Trail.

Setting out from the parking area, pass by the toilet facilities on your right and head south along the trail as it enters into a beautifully dense forest that is a mixture of old-growth and second-growth cedar, hemlock, Douglas fir, and maple trees. As you wander past these living giants, you will hear the sound of the rushing water become louder and louder as you begin to approach the viewpoint overlooking the Upper Falls. After roughly 150m, you will come to a bridge that spans the river and provides amazing views overlooking the violent water as it crashes into the rocky gorge below.

Once you have taken in the views of the Upper Falls, make your way across the bridge and head left at the junction to follow the trail north along the edge of the river. After 2198ft of hiking through the forest, you will arrive at a junction in front of another bridge. Heading straight will take you back over the river for nice views looking down onto the Lower Falls, and taking the optional path to the right will lead you down to the edge of the water. Here, you can watch the cascading stream as it exits the gorge and crashes into a small pool where hikers will often swim during the summer months.

Back at the junction before the bridge, continue straight to make your way over Englishman River and resume your journey back to the trailhead. Along this portion of the hike, you will cross over a small creek and begin to climb gently uphill towards a nice picnic area where you can stop for lunch. After 450m of hiking from the bridge, you will arrive back at the parking area having completed the Englishman River Falls Trail.

Trail Highlights

Upper Falls

The main attraction of this hike, the Upper Englishman River Falls can be viewed from a small walking bridge that spans the river directly above the gorge. Here, hikers can stand and watch as the torrents of water flow over the edge of the rock and spill down into the canyon below. During the spring/autumn seasons when the water level is higher, the sight is even more spectacular.

Lower Falls

The Lower Englishman River Falls are less dramatic than the Upper Falls, but they are still a beautiful sight. Here, the water crashes through the narrow gorge and tumbles over another rock face as it exits into a serene pool below. During the summer when water levels are a bit lower, the pool beneath the Lower Falls is a fantastic place to cool off with a quick swim.

Insider Hints

  • This is a popular hike, so make sure to arrive early for parking.

  • Although the trail isn’t very long or difficult, make sure to wear decent footwear, as trail conditions can be slippery.

  • Bring your swimwear if you want to brave the chilly waters of the pool that can be found below the lower falls.



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