Neck Point Park Loop
Neck Point Park Loop

Neck Point Park Loop Trail

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Neck Point Park Loop

Neck Point Park Loop Trail

Distance: 1.1mi
Elevation: 66ft
Time: 0.5h

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The Neck Point Park Loop Trail follows a 1.1mi hiking circuit along the coast that offers amazing views across the Strait of Georgia toward mainland British Columbia. Along the trail, hikers will enjoy a nice mix of coastal and forested landscapes with the opportunity to spot local wildlife, such as eagles perched high up in the trees and seals lounging on sun-warmed rocks. This is a fun, easy-to-navigate trail with amazing views that is suitable for both casual and experienced hikers alike.

Neck Point Park Loop Trail Map

Getting there

To reach the Neck Point Park Loop trailhead from Nanaimo, head northwest on Departure Bay Road for 1.2mi and turn right onto Hammond Bay Road. After 2.7mi, turn right onto Morningside Drive and follow it for 1148ft to arrive at the parking area.

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Neck Point Park Loop Trail
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Neck Point Park Loop Trail Description

Although the Neck Point Park Loop is a family-friendly hiking trail, there are a number of wooden stairs along the trail that will impede mobility for some hikers, including those with wheelchairs or families with strollers. Additionally, the small parking area at the trailhead can often be busy, which might require you to park at the nearby elementary school.

With well-maintained pathways that are easy to navigate and amazing scenery of both coastal and forest environments, this trail is perfect for a fun day outside with the entire family. The trail winds through the varied landscape of Neck Point Park and allows hikers to experience the natural beauty of the rugged east coast of Vancouver Island, as well as the scenic forests just a bit further inland. Whether you visit Neck Point Park for the breathtaking scenery or the chance to spot some local wildlife, there is sure to be something for every hiker in your party along this pleasant coastal trail.

Setting out from the parking area, follow the route to the northwest as it enters into a tranquil stretch of forest and cuts through the middle of the park. After roughly 1312ft of hiking through the dense tree cover, you will come to the beautiful Sunset Beach that is set back within Keel Cove. Take in the scenic views as you hike along the secluded beach before continuing north along the rugged coastal terrain.

Follow the trail east to make your way around the point, where you will come to an open rocky stretch along the coast with some amazing views that stretch out across the blue expanse of the Strait of Georgia. If you time your hike for low tide, you will be able to further explore the rugged coastline and navigate your way along the rocky edge of the water.

Continue along the path as it transitions into a boardwalk and follow it south for 1247ft, until you arrive at another scenic lookout point. From here, you can enjoy a nice view looking out onto Hammond Bay and Piper’s Lagoon to the southeast. After taking in the views, head west along the main trail to return to the parking area having completed the Neck Point Park Loop.

Insider Hints

  • The small parking lot can become very busy during peak times. Arrive early to get a parking space or try parking at the school nearby.

  • While this is a family-friendly hike, there are a number of stairs along the trail that make it unsuitable for those with wheelchairs or strollers.

  • Washroom facilities can be found near the parking lot.

  • Keep an eye out for seals that enjoy lounging along the coast during the summer months.



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