Newcastle Island Bates Trail
Newcastle Island Bates Trail

Newcastle Island Bates Trail

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Newcastle Island Bates Trail

Newcastle Island Bates Trail

Distance: 6.4mi
Elevation: 509ft
Time: 2.5-3h

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The Newcastle Island Bates Trail is a 6.4mi lollipop hiking route just off the coast of Nanaimo, BC, that will take you through beautiful forests and along breathtaking coastal terrain for views looking out across the Strait of Georgia. To access the trailhead, hikers will need to take the ferry over to Newcastle Island, from which point they will be able to explore its many trails to their heart’s content. This route follows well-maintained trails that are easy to navigate, making it a perfect option for hikers of all skill levels, including families

Newcastle Island Bates Trail Map

Getting there

To reach the trailhead for the Newcastle Island Bates Trail from Nanaimo, hikers will need to utilize the Newcastle Island Ferry ($9 round trip) to cross over to the island where the trail begins.

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Newcastle Island Marine Provincial Park Campground

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Newcastle Island Bates Trail
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Newcastle Island Bates Trail Description

Due to the fact that you need to cross over to the island via ferry, the Newcastle Island Bates Trail is a fun, multi-faceted adventure that is sure to be loved by all. Upon departing the boat, make your way northeast along the trail and hike along the edge of the coast for some beautiful views overlooking the Strait of Georgia. Reaching a fork in the trail near Kanaka Bay, take the path to the left to begin the loop portion of the hike that cuts across the interior of the island. Along this stretch, you will pass by the serene waters of Mallard Lake before exploring the west coast of the island along Roga beach.

Continue heading north to visit a scenic viewpoint at Giovando Lookout, where you can gaze out across the coastal landscape before once again cutting across the interior island, this time along the northern shore of Mallard Lake. After working around the eastern portion of the island and arriving back at Kanaka Bay, follow the main trail south to return back to the ferry terminal where you began your hike. From here, you can continue to explore the natural beauty of Newcastle Island, or make the return boat trip back to Nanaimo.



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