Denny Wood Circular Walk
Denny Wood Circular Walk

Denny Wood Circular Walk

New Forest National Park
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Denny Wood Circular Walk

Denny Wood Circular Walk

Distance: 2.9mi
Elevation: 131ft
Time: 1-1.5h

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A stroll through Denny Wood is a lovely walk through some of the most gorgeous woodland in all of New Forest. The circular walk follows clearly built paths for most of the route, through beech and oak trees that herds of wild deer call home. Woodpeckers, owls, and butterflies can be seen flitting between the branches, with colourful patches of flowers interspersed throughout. A great choice for an afternoon outdoors!

Denny Wood Circular Walk Map

Getting there

To get to the Denny Wood Circular Walk, drive along the B3056 southeast from Lyndhurst. Aim for the Beaulieu Road railway station. Just before you reach the railway, you’ll spot a small side road on your right - turn onto this and park at the car park at the end of the road.

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Denny Wood Circular Walk
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Denny Wood Circular Walk Description

At the far end of the car park, you’ll see a track leading away. Follow this through a gate as it becomes a bridleway leading south, roughly parallel to the railway tracks. A long footbridge crosses a damp area, as the path starts to curve to the right. As the bridge ends, the path forks; you can take either option here, but at the next junction make sure you stay right, as the other option will carry you out of the woods over the railway.

The bridleway begins to cross a marshy area, with several bridges keeping you above the worst of it. Coming out of this marsh portion, the path forks yet again. Take the right, pass through the first junction, then turn right at the second and walk west. This takes you through a short stretch of forest before bending to the north as you cross three streams.

The path eventually leads to a cleared area and meets a track. Turn right onto the track, then immediately right again onto a footpath. Follow this past a junction on a northeast bearing. Enjoy strolling through the woods for roughly a kilometre until the path widens and becomes a bridleway. Follow this over one final footbridge all the way back to the car park you started from.



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