Fritham Circular Walk
Fritham Circular Walk

Fritham Circular Walk

New Forest National Park
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Fritham Circular Walk

Fritham Circular Walk

Distance: 5.8mi
Elevation: 554ft
Time: 2-3h

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The Fritham Circular Walk is a pleasant choice for a straightforward loop through the New Forest. From the car park just outside the village, a stroll unfolds along wide tracks with plenty to see on all sides. From open areas into the woods, over rivers and back along a track on the opposite side of the forest, it’s lovely scenery from start to finish. The Royal Oak is the perfect way to cap the walk, renowned as one of the best country pubs in all England!

Fritham Circular Walk Map

Getting there

To get to the Fritham Circular Walk, head for the village of Fritham and drive west along the main road. You’ll pass The Royal Oak pub (a great spot to stop upon completion of the walk), then roughly 328ft afterwards turn left to find a car park. There is a second car park for overflow just ahead on the right.

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Fritham Circular Walk
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Fritham Circular Walk Description

From either car park, set off through a gate along a track leading in a southwest direction. The broad track crosses a plain, with plenty of small footpaths branching off. At a junction, take the track branching off to the right, passing through another gate as you enter the forest. Continue in a western direction through the Sloden Inclosure, taking in the broad and beautiful foliage stretching in all directions.

Follow the track as it starts to curve to the right. Cross through a strip with gates on either side, then over the river. At the next T-junction, you can go right to continue through the forest, or turn left (as this map details) to fit a bit more distance in the walk. If turning left, turn right at the following T-junction, then right at the one after that. This track heads northeast before leveling out and bringing you east into the Amberwood Inclosure. Cross two streams on a half-loop, and continue east all the way back to the road you came in on. You can cross the street for a visit to The Royal Oak, or turn right to return to the car park.



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