Swinton Bivouac Walk
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Swinton Bivouac Walk

Nidderdale AONB
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Swinton Bivouac Walk

Swinton Bivouac Walk

Distance: 14.9mi
Elevation: 2,221ft
Time: 6-8.5h

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The beautiful Swinton Bivouac Walk challenges you with its length but rewards you with stunning views of Roundhill and the Leighton Reservoir. You will also visit the quaint village of Ilton and pass Bothy Hut, a great place to take a break and enjoy a picnic. This path will take you along The Six Dales Trail, which showcases beautiful open pastures and old stone walls and farmhouses.

Swinton Bivouac Walk Map

Getting there

To get to the Swinton Bivouac Walk from Ripon, drive from Kirkby Road to Grewelthorpe for 6.7mi. Take Nutwith Lane to Knowle Lane for 4.4mi, and you will arrive at your destination.

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April - October

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Swinton Bivouac Walk
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Swinton Bivouac Walk Description

The Swinton Bivouac Walk is not for the faint of heart with its impressive 14.9mi length. You should be a somewhat experienced walker to take this path on as it is rated as difficult, not only for its length but also for the several long climbs and descents throughout.

The Swinton Bivouac Walk is amazing for people who want to enjoy stunning scenery, history and a bit of a challenge. Beginning at the Bivouac car park, turn right at the stone path and at the T-Junction, go straight. You will cross a large pasture and come across a gate that you will go through. Continue along another pasture until you reach a wooden fence, where you will turn left to continue along this fence. You will come across another small metal gate—go through this and enter yet another pasture, turn right and head downhill towards the woodlands.

Explore the beautiful views as you continue to follow the path and pass through multiple gates and pastures. Take a right, and you will find yourself at the Ripon Rowel public bridleway, where you will begin going uphill. Continue to follow this path as it begins to go downhill, where you’ll find a gate. Continue through a few more gates, and you will reach Broadmires Farm.

Following the path, you will come to a captivating view over Healey Village. Continue to follow the chartered path, and you will come to the River Burn. Climbing a steep area, you will follow the marked path, and you will arrive at Quarry House, where you can continue to reach the village of Ilton.

Following the signs will take you to Bothy Head, a great area to stop for a picnic. Follow the path, and you will find yourself on The Six Dales Trail. Keep your eyes open at this section of the path, as the markers are a bit less clear than before. Follow the cleared path that leads down to the reservoir and continue to follow the markers across a stream. You will see Summerside Farm and Moorhead Cottage. Wandering through pastures along the path will bring you to Towler Hill and then back to where you began as this is a circuit path.

Trail Highlights

Ilton Village

Ilton VIllage is a quaint area that is known as the principal settlement in the civil parish of Ilton cum Pott. This village is incredibly small and in 2015 was recorded as having only 50 people living in it. Until 1974, Ilton was known as the Masham Rural District and was located in the North Riding of Yorkshire. Today, it is part of the Borough of Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

Insider Hints

  • Stop at the Bistro Cafe for refreshments before or after your walk—it’s also dog-friendly!

  • Pre-order a picnic at Swinton Park for a mid-walk break at Bothy Hut.

  • If you’re bringing your pup, keep it on a lead when you’re walking through moorland.



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