Cinnamon Ridge Trail
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Cinnamon Ridge Trail

North Thompson Valley
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Cinnamon Ridge Trail

Cinnamon Ridge Trail

Distance: 1.1mi
Elevation: 528ft
Time: 1h

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The Cinnamon Ridge Trail is a 1.1mi lollipop hiking route in Kamloops that will take you uphill for some scenic views of nearby hoodoo rock formations and the valley below. While the route is short, it is also fairly steep in some parts and will require you to watch your footing. If you are looking for a longer and more difficult version of this hike, continue up along Cinnamon Ridge for some even more amazing views of the hoodoo rock formations that are set further back from the trailhead.

Cinnamon Ridge Trail Map

Getting there

To reach the parking area for the Cinnamon Ridge Trail from Kamloops, head southwest on Ord Road for 3.0mi and turn left to stay on the road for another 591ft. Turn right onto Tranquille Road and follow it for 1.4mi before turning right on Ord Road. In 2461ft, you will arrive at the parking area.

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Cinnamon Ridge Trail
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Cinnamon Ridge Trail Description

Hiking the Cinnamon Ridge Trail is a fun experience in the Kamloops area that will take you off the beaten path to view some amazing views that stretch across the valley. This route goes off trail for a stretch, so make sure that you bring a GPS and have proper hiking footwear to better traverse the steep and rocky terrain. Setting out from the parking area, follow the route to the west across the exposed terrain and keep left to begin the uphill climb along the loop portion of the trail. Reaching the top of the trail, you will have some views of nearby hoodoos and if you look back you will get a great sightline across the valley and the breathtaking Thompson River. Carefully make your way down the return portion of the loop to the trailhead below.



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