Lake Angeles hike

Olympic National Park
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Lake Angeles hike

Distance: 7.1mi
Elevation: 2,359ft
Time: 3-4.5h

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8.8 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty

The sustained incline as you hike up to Lake Angeles is admittedly dull at times. However, the incredible, fortress-like views of the mountain’s cliffs surrounding the lake make the ache in your thighs feel justified.

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Getting there

From Port Angeles go south on S Race Street past the Visitor Centre. Veer right onto Hurricane Ridge Rd. Follow for 5.1mi until just before the entrance station where you will turn right, following signs for the Lake Angeles Trailhead.

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When to do

June through September

Backcountry Campsites

Yes at Lake Angeles, permits required



Family friendly


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Route Type

Out and back

Lake Angeles
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Route Description for Lake Angeles hike

This is a pretty straightforward hike. There are two trails which start from the parking lot, make sure you are on the Lake Angeles Trail, to the left. You’ll begin and almost immediately start ascending. The trail is extremely well graded and maintained.

Up and up and up you will go. You’ll face some heavy climbing, and – frustratingly – you will gain many false ridges.

Finally, however the trail will even out, and you will arrive at a totally unmarked junction. Go straight here, and very quickly you’ll find yourself arriving at the campground surrounding the lake.

Head down to the water to enjoy the pristine view. Surrounding the south side of the lake you will see the ridge of the aptly named “Rocky Peak”, as well as the mesmerizing island in the middle of the lake. Enjoy the ambiance of the still water and the logs floating on its north end before returning the way you came.

Insider Hints

  • You can continue along the trail around the west side of the path. This allows you to connect this trail with the Klahhane Ridge Trail; however, there is a lot of climbing involved!

  • This is also a fantastic and easy backpacking trip.


Terrynosaurus 4 months ago

The hike was fairly challenging. It drains you walking up all the time. But I must admit, seeing the brute mountain slopes and knowing that you really finished this challenge was great. It boosts your self-esteem a lot.

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
4h 00m Time Taken
HereComesScott 4 months ago

Lake Angeles was a bit average but the end was amazing - nice views.

8.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
3h 00m Time Taken
Freddo 5 months ago

I found Lake Angeles hike a little bit boring. It was great at the end but it's a lot of effort just for the end bit I thought.

8.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
3h 00m Time Taken
Gianna 5 months ago

The hike felt a little steep at places and we've met very few other hikers along the route. The lake was very calm and the atmosphere was a bit foggy so it felt a bit surreal. On other circumstances, it might have not looked that special but we've got lucky and that's the hike we will definitely remember for long.

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
3h 00m Time Taken

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