Mt Aire hike near Salt Lake City, Utah

Mt. Aire hike

Salt Lake City
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Mt. Aire hike in Salt Lake City has beautiful views from the passView along the ridgeline on Mt. Aire hike in Salt Lake CityViews south towards Raymond and Gobblers Knob on Mt. Aire hike from Salt Lake City, UtahArid foothills on Mt. Aire hike from Salt Lake City, UtahSalt Lake City view from Mt. Aire hike

Mt. Aire hike

Distance: 6.0km
Elevation: 601m
Time: 2.5-4h

Difficulty Rating:

User Ratings:
8.3 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty

Just outside of the heart of the Wasatch, the desert-like Mt. Aire is a great hike and has some stunning views. Obviously, the people who made this trail had never heard of switchbacks!

Mt. Aire hike Map

Getting there

From Salt Lake City, enter Mill Creek Canyon via I-215. You will have to pay a $3 day fee on your way out. Follow the narrow Mill Creek Canyon Road for just over 9.7km. The road will make a large switchback to the right, after which you will find the trailhead on your left.

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When to do

Spring through October, the peak does not hold snow as much as other areas

Backcountry Campsites

Yes, in National Forest Wilderness


At trailhead

Family friendly


Route Signage


Crowd Levels


Route Type

Out and back

Mt. Aire
Elevation Graph

Route Description for Mt. Aire

The trail begins by following the Elbow Fork River, climbing at an incredibly steep grade nearly straight up. You will pass a junction where you will continue straight toward Mt. Aire. After just over half the climbing, and plenty of sweating, you will finally exit the dense forest and find yourself on a wildflower-spotted pass. Here you will get your first views and, if you are lucky, a little breeze.

At the pass, the trail veers sharply to the right and – believe it or not – starts to switchback! It’s almost like two completely different people built this trail. From here, you will climb the steep slopes of Mt. Aire along a reasonably well-graded path.

Along this part of the trail, there is little shade and often little breeze. If you are hiking in the afternoon, be prepared to sweat. Finally, after a few more switchbacks, you will clear the summit and be done with the arduous ascent.

Looking north, you will be able to see the backside of Mt. Raymond – another hike on this website – and to its left, Gobbler’s Knob. To the north, the rolling, arid foothills of the Wasatch will be visible. Take a moment to sit on the smooth summit rocks before returning the way you came.

Insider Hints

  • Another great hike for a summit beer/beverage.

  • It is difficult to find water along this hike, and much of it is exposed to the sun. Bring plenty!


Annie Smith 1 year ago

Woah, what a workout. Mt Aire is a hard climb, but it was amazing at the top.

8.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
Naomi W 1 year ago

I tried to do Mt Aire hike but it was too hard. I was told how beautiful it is when you finish it but maybe next time.

8.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
4h 00m Time Taken
SteffWilk 1 year ago

The hike was very steep. The climb really exhausted me. But a great prize was waiting at the top. Would recommend!

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
3h 00m Time Taken

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