Quille du Diable Glacier
Quille du Diable Glacier

Quille du Diable Glacier

Swiss Alps
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Quille du Diable Glacier

Distance: 3.0mi
Elevation: 262ft
Time: 1-1.5h

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The Quille du Diable hike traverses the Glacier de Tsanfleuron with great views of Oldenhorn (10246ft) and turns around near the Tour Saint Martin (9216ft, aka Quille du Diable). The path has been groomed to allow you to walk easily on snow using ordinary hiking or winter boots. A restaurant at the turnaround point allows you to rest and admire the stunning view down the valley around Derborence. Glacier 3000 is a ski resort that provides the lift access and amenities in this area.

Quille du Diable Glacier Map

Getting there

Starting from the town of Aigle, you can take a train to Les Diablerets, then a bus to the Glacier 3000 Col-du-Pillon lift station (1 hour 45 minutes). Alternatively, you can drive from Lausanne to Col-du-Pillon lift station in about 2 hours.

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When to do

Year round, except during lift maintenance

Backcountry Campsites


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Older Children only

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Route Type

Out and back

Quille du Diable Glacier
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Route Description for Quille du Diable Glacier

This hike is relatively gentle with little elevation gain, but the trail is almost completely over a snow covered glacier, so waterproof hiking boots or winter boots are best. The temperature can range from 10 degrees to below freezing even in summer, so wear appropriately warm clothing including a hat, gloves, and shades.

Take the lift from Col du Pillon to SCEX Rouge (9747ft). The cost is 80CHF two ways (subject to change). Take note of the lift operating hours (09:00 – 16:50, every 20 minutes) which may change.

At the Scex Rouge lift station are several amenities, two restaurants, an outdoor snack bar, and a souvenir shop that also sells and rents out jackets.

From the Scex Rouge lift station, take the Ice Express chairlift down to the glacier surface. The chairlift is located behind the souvenir shop and outdoor snack area. On the glacier, follow the path south and then southeast.

The path is marked by poles and cord on one side. tIt’s very wide and quite flat, and as it’s sometimes graded by a snow plow, you will not need any glacier/mountaineering hardwear.

Since you’ll be walking on top of a glacier, stick to the path and do not venture off- there could be crevasses. The path on the glacier will eventually transition to a rocky area at the far end of the trail.

The restaurant Refuge l’Espace is located near the Quille du Diable. They serve regional delicacies on their outdoor deck that has a stunning view to the valley below, so you can have a meal and rest here before walking back to Scex Rouge.

If you have the time, cross the hanging bridge (Peak Walk by Tissot) at Scex Rouge, which will offer even more great views of the surrounding mountains.

Insider Hints

  • Check the weather forecast and try to schedule your trip on cloudless days. During times of thick cloud, the resort may close the hiking path.

  • Glacier 3000 operates the whole year, but they close for a few weeks in October for maintenance. Check their website if you plan to visit around this time.



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