Triple Decker Falls Trail
Triple Decker Falls Trail Map

Triple Decker Falls Trail

Wells Gray Provincial Park
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Triple Decker Falls Trail

Triple Decker Falls Trail

Distance: 0.5mi
Elevation: 171ft
Time: 0.5h

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The trek to Triple Decker Falls utilizes a 0.5mi out-and-back hiking route near Clearwater, BC that passes through a charming stretch of forest to arrive at a viewpoint overlooking the falls. Along the trail, you will experience a peaceful forest setting that stands in contrast to the rushing water that cascades off the three tiers of the waterfall. Although the trail is short, it is also a fairly steep climb, so be prepared to break a quick sweat if you want to see the falls and borrow one of the hiking poles near the beginning of the trail if you need to.

Triple Decker Falls Trail Map

Getting there

To access the trailhead for the Triple Decker Falls from Clearwater, drive north on Clearwater Valley Road for 2.7mi, where you will find the trailhead on the left.

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Triple Decker Falls Trail
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Triple Decker Falls Trail Description

The Triple Decker Falls Trail is a great family-friendly hike just outside of Clearwater that will make every member of your hiking party feel like a true adventurer, no matter their age. Due to the short overall length of the route and the well-maintained trail, this route is suitable for most hikers, although less-mobile hikers may struggle with the incline. The route sets out from the parking area and enters into the serene forest atmosphere, travelling uphill along Candle Creek until you arrive at the falls. From here, hikers can explore the area to get the best sight picture of the three-tiered falls, although caution should be taken if you decide to get up close, as the moss-covered rocks can be fairly slippery. After taking in the majestic views, head back along the same trail and return any hiking poles that you may have borrowed, before making your return journey home.



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