Brink of the Lower Falls

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Brink of the Lower Falls

Distance: 1.9km
Elevation: 100m
Time: 0.5-1h

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9 Overall Rating
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The Lower Brink of Yellowstone Falls trail is a steep climb down to the viewpoint of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The hike is a lot easier than the way back up, however, the massive, cascading waterfalls are simply amazing. Do not forget your camera for this one!

Getting there

Head south from Canyon Junction down Grand Loop Rd. There will be a signed, one-way road leading towards the Brink of the Lower Falls. It brings you down through a parking lot and then loops back around to Canyon Village. The parking lot fills up very quickly, so get here early or be prepared to park far away from the trailhead.

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When to do

May through October

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Family friendly


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Route Type

Out and back


Detailed Description

The trail begins right beside the washrooms. It drops approximately 100m down to the viewpoint over the Lower Yellowstone Falls, with efficient switchbacks the entire way. This allows for a wide variety of fitness levels!

From the viewpoint you will be right at the crest of the Lower Falls. The raging Yellowstone River tumbles down 94m, constituting the largest volume waterfall in the United States’ Rocky Mountains.

You will also be able to look down the spectacular Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, a 300m deep canyon carved over the ages by this powerful river. Hike back up the way you came and slog through the traffic back to Canyon Village.

Insider Hints

  • On hot days stop at Canyon Village for a cold drink. They also have a gift shop, visitor center, general store and a cafeteria.

  • There are places to rest along the steep trail, don’t worry!


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mountaincat2 weeks ago

The same valley as from south rim, just from the other side. Loved the views

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
StMilly3 weeks ago

nice lookout, loved the views

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
0h 30m Time Taken
stocRob3 weeks ago

Short walk to overview, the views are very rewarding. Saw lots of families and old folks as it's not very hard. My wife has spent a fortune in the gift shop nearby

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
0h 30m Time Taken
Ronny3 weeks ago

You say it's easy, but it wasn't The river opens up nicely but the climbing up and down part was ruthless to my legs. Stayed near the RV the whole next day.

7.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
1h 00m Time Taken

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