Boise National Forest
Boise National Forest

Boise National Forest

Region in Idaho, United States
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The Boise National Forest is an adventurer’s oasis in the backyard of Idaho’s state capital. Encompassing over 2.5-million acres of land, the forest is an unrivaled recreation destination that beckons year-round exploration of Idahoans and tourists alike. Attracting over 1.5million annual visitors, the unspoiled wilderness offers adventure opportunities to satisfy outdoor enthusiasts of all sorts.

A landscape characterized by dense woodlands, blossoming meadows, arid moorlands, high mountains, perennial streams, and over 250 lakes and reservoirs, the Boise National Forest exhibits a diversity of flora and fauna. Explore sagebrush pasturelands, ponderosa pine and Douglas Fir woodlands, and meadows of Sacajawea's bitterroot, a plant native to Idaho. The environmental diversity of the forest is a habitat for a medley of wildlife, including elk, mule deer, bears, coyotes, and a host of fish species.

The perpetual outdoor jungle gym yields endless adventure pursuits in the sun and snow. Water recreation is popular in the summer months when the wild rivers tempt intrepid white-water rafters, and the shimmering lakes attract fishermen and swimmers. No matter the season, the famed hot springs that adorn the rivers and creeks can often be found populated with basking explorers.

In addition to the numerous waterways and lakes, the Boise National Forest is occupied by an incredible network of routes for hikers, mountain bikers, off-roaders, and horseback riders to survey. Discover Freddy's Stack Rocks or enjoy a family-friendly hike to Blue Lake—the possibilities are inexhaustible. Winter recreation includes skiing/snowboarding in the Bogus Basin, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sipping on hot cocoa in a local café.

In the warm weather and in the cold, the Boise National Forest offers a surfeit of adventure activities to partake in. So the next time you find yourself in Idaho, or nearby states, a trip into Boise's backyard will not disappoint.

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