Star Wars Bike Trail
Star Wars Loop

Star Wars Bike Trail

Banff National Park
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Star Wars Bike Trail

Star Wars Bike Trail

Distance: 1.6mi
Elevation: 367ft
Time: 1h

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The Star Wars trail is one of the most popular mountain bike loops in the Town of Banff. The Tunnel Bench trails see plenty of use, and riders love to repeat laps on the Star Wars/Return of the Jedi circuit. There are plenty of neighbouring trails to add to this circuit, making for a great, full day out on the trails.

Star Wars Bike Trail Map

Getting there

To get to Star Wars from the Town of Banff, ride, drive, or bus up Tunnel Mountain Road to the Buffalo Mountain Lodge. Parking is recommended on Tunnel Mountain Drive behind the lodge. Use the pullouts on the left side of the road to park safely. If you are riding or taking transit, you will find a small side trail across from Otter Lane beside Buffalo Mountain Lodge. This 0.1mi trail is the beginning of Star Wars and connects to Tunnel Mountain Drive. Cross the road and drop into the forest here.

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Star Wars Bike Trail
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Star Wars Trail Description

The Star Wars trail starts between Tunnel Mountain Road and Tunnel Mountain Drive and quickly meets a junction where it joins the more difficult Topp Notch and the multi-use ascent trail Return of the Jedi. The Star Wars descent is 0.5mi, which makes for a relatively easy descent that doesn’t require too much bike handling skills. You’ll get to work when you join Return of the Jedi at the bottom for your ascent through the forest. Remember, you’ll always have to climb back up to the main road after each lap!

Star Wars is an excellent moderate trail that is equipped with plenty of wooden features throughout. The trail is extremely well built and wide enough that all features are optional. If you are looking for a trail to progress on wooden features, this is a great option. There are small to medium balance beams, jumps, and drops throughout the entire 0.6mi descent.

Join the trail from Tunnel Mountain Road or Tunnel Mountain Drive and travel roughly 98ft before coming to the trail junction. Follow signs to stay on Star Wars. The trail to your right is the much more technical descent of Topp Notch reserved for more intermediate to advanced riders. You’ll come across some balance features and berms right off the bat, and the features don’t stop until you reach the bottom.

Keep in mind that all features are optional, and the berms are especially wide. This is one of the best trails in town for trying new things on your bike. After 0.6mi, you’ll roll into a flat section and stay left to join Return of the Jedi that will take you back uphill to where you started. This ascent is made up of gradual switchbacks in the forest. You will need some basic bike handling skills to make it back up to the top. Once you reach the main junction, head back down for another lap and try your luck at a new feature on the way!



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