Budhanilkantha to Tokha
Budhanilkantha to Tokha

Budhanilkantha to Tokha Mountain Biking Trail

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Climbing up the trail surrounded by treesRiding a single track just after crossing BudhanilkanthaThe signage around the trailsA wonderful path on the way to TokhaOverview of Kathmandu valley as seen from Budhanilkantha

Budhanilkantha to Tokha Mountain Biking Trail

Distance: 13.8mi
Elevation: 1,371ft
Time: 3-4 h

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The ride from Budhanilkantha to Tokha is particularly enjoyable in terms of the diverse terrain and the opportunity to visit cultural heritage sites from the vantage of your mountain bike. Making this ride, you will get to check out the impressive Chandeshwari Temple in Tokha, experience technical, yet easy, single tracks, as well as interact with the locals in Tokha.

Budhanilkantha to Tokha Mountain Biking Trail Map

Getting there

Our route starts just outside of Thamel, however you could save some city riding and start at Narayan Gopal Chowk, a major road junction of the ring road.

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When to do

March to May and September to October

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Older Children only

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Budhanilkantha to Tokha
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Route Description for Budhanilkantha to Tokha

Our map shows a route from just North of Thamel, that takes you to the northwest end of Kathmandu Valley to get to Narayan Gopal Chowk, a major road junction of the ring road and also the starting point of this ride. Narayan Gopal Chowk is popularly known as Chakrapath.

Coming from Thamel, it is about 3.1mi to reach Chakrapath. The first 6km of the ride is over the black-topped road where you’ll pass the Sahid Gangalal National Heart Centre, a centre for treating cardiac-related diseases at Bansbari, and other well-known places like Golfutar, Hattigauda, and Chapali—the starting point for another exciting mountain biking trail called The Helipad Trail.

After you reach the Budhanilkantha, take a left from the square and continue riding on the same road. From here, the flow of cars gradually lessens until you are officially out of the city. After pedaling for 0.6mi, take the left turn and continue to ride on the main trail. From here, you’ll ride a moderate incline for another 0.6mi until you reach a fork in the trail. At the intersection of the two trails, there is a small religious structure decorated by prayer flags indicating the start of the second section of today’s ride.

Make the left to follow the rocky route to Tokha. From here, you will get hands-on experience sailing down steep hills interspersed with a mix of single- and jeep tracks. This section of the route is the most exhilarating as you challenge yourself with the downhill ride over single tracks. Try to find a good line for you to follow all the way down until you reach the Chandeshwori Temple in Tokha and the end of the fun downhill segment. Consider stopping in at the temple to offer your prayers followed by local eats at a nearby restaurant (try chana anda, a chickpea and egg-based dish, and dudh ko chiya for milk tea).

The trails are quite simple and undemanding from here on. You’ll ride on jeep tracks for 0.9mi until you arrive at Tokha’s main bazaar. Note, in order to reach the bazaar, you’ll have to traverse a steep hill. Tokha or Tukhya comes from the Newari words Tu (sugarcane) and khya (large field). It is believed that Tokha had sugarcane plants in abundance in the past, hence its name and remains well-known for its chaku (molasses). You might like to pick up a jar at the market.

As you come down the main road from Tokha, you’ll come across Bhutkhel Park a perfect spot to have a picnic as well as visit the small temple. Continue the downhill journey for 3.1mi following the same trail to reach the Samakhusi Bus Stop along the ring road for your return bus ride south to Thamel.

Insider Hints

  • Before sailing down the steep hill toward Chandeshwari Temple, you’ll want to take a minute to plan your route and find a good line to follow the length of the descent.

  • Enjoy local fare in Tokha and opt for a glass of dudh ko chiya (milk tea) and a dish of chana anda (chickpeas and eggs).



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