Mudkhu to Tokha
Mudkhu to Tokha

Mudkhu to Tokha Mountain Biking Trail

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Hilly view as seen from DharmasthaliRiding the stretch to Tarakeshwar villageThe flat trail leading to Jhor MahankalThe single trail just before reaching TokhaView of the valley below from Jhor MahankalView of the valley as seen from near Tokha

Mudkhu to Tokha Mountain Biking Trail

Distance: 15.8mi
Elevation: 2,421ft
Time: 4-6 h

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The trail from Mudkhu to Tokha is a fairly easy ride suitable for beginners with good endurance. Trails range from paved roads to winding single tracks, offering up the perfect balance of culture and adventure. Tokha is a small town on the northern outskirts of Kathmandu Valley where many people come to visit the Tokha Chandeshwori Temple and to see the renowned Jhor Waterfall. This mountain biking trail is perfect for riders who want a bit of physical activity and plenty of fun.

Mudkhu to Tokha Mountain Biking Trail Map

Getting there

Ride northwest from Kathmandu’s center to reach Balaju Chowk.

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When to do

March to May and September to October

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Older Children only

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One Way

Mudkhu to Tokha
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Route Description for Mudkhu to Tokha

Starting from Balaju Chowk, the first section of the ride has you pedaling across black-topped roads navigating the busy streets. Following the Balaju junction at Bypass Chowk, you are finally away from the heavy traffic and get to ride in peace. Turn left at Bypass Chowk to ride along the Trishuli Highway. The trail leads you onto a quiet road amid a forest where you’ll have to stop at a few army checkpoints on the way.

Following the winding main road, you’ll pedal for close to 3.1mi until you reach Mudkhu, a small village home to several quaint tea shops. Known for its viewing tower, make a point to detour the short distance for views over the Kathmandu Valley.

Continue riding to the edge of the village and make a right at the last teashop, where the more enjoyable part of the ride begins. After riding on a single track for 1969ft, you’ll reach a fork in the trail. Take the first right and continue riding east for approximately 1.9mi downhill on a weaving trail to reach Dharmasthali, a Newari town in the eastern outskirts of Kathmandu. This is a beginner level ride, so it might be easy even if you are a newbie.

Head west for another 1969ft from Dharmasthali where you’ll reach another fork in the trail, take the right and continue pedaling northeast. The 1.9mi stretch to Tarakeshwar is an easy ride on a flat trail and passes through numerous settlements with views of the locals working in their gardens. From Tarkeshwor, the trail climbs up a steep, but a short, hill. From here, you ride a combination of off-road tracks and single-track routes each offering sightings of walking locals. After riding east for 2.2mi, you’ll arrive in Jhor Mahankal, from where you’ll want to go to the popular Jhor Waterfall just off the trail.

Continue following the route, this time in a southeast direction to pick up the main, though narrow, trail—the last stretch of the ride taking you through towns like Tokha. After a couple of switchbacks on a tight, winding trail, you’ll reach a small junction by a single banyan tree. Take the right from there and ride south for another 1.4mi, this time on a paved road to reach Tokha Bus Stop. A bustling town, Tokha has a number of markets that sell the hardened molasses, chaku, which is used in yo mari, a sweet Newari delicacy. The name tokha comes from the words tu (sugarcane) and khya (large field), because, Tokha once had an abundance of sugarcane in its fields, the main ingredient in chaku, making it the major producer of the molasses.

Tokha is also home to numerous teashops waiting for you to reward yourself with a warming cup of tea or coffee and local snacks. When you’re ready, continue your ride south to reach Samakhusi Chowk, a junction in the main ring road of the city. Carry on south from Samkhusi Chowk to Thamel where you’ll end your ride with a celebratory lunch and drinks.

Insider Hints

  • Stop for tea in Mudkhu before riding the short distance outside of the village to climb the small viewing tower for an all-encompassing view of the Kathmandu Valley.

  • Try yo mari, a sweet Newari delicacy in Tokha, a small town known for producing the treats main ingredient, chaku, or hardened molasses.



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