Eiffel Peak Scramble
Eiffel Peak Trail

Eiffel Peak Scramble

Banff National Park
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Eiffel Peak Scramble

Eiffel Peak Scramble

Distance: 7.0mi
Elevation: 4,167ft
Time: 6-8h

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Eiffel Peak isn’t frequented by many who make their way to Moraine Lake. It is a difficult scramble with less popularity than Mount Temple. Hikers will see Moraine Lake and Larch Valley before heading off on their own to Eiffel Peak. Lots of elevation and some technical features keep the crowds away, so you will be sure to find solitude atop this peak.

Eiffel Peak Scramble Map

Getting there

From Lake Louise Village, take Lake Louise Drive through the four-way traffic stop and continue up the hill. Turn left onto Moraine Lake Road, and follow this until you reach the parking lot at the end. The trail begins here.

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Eiffel Peak
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Eiffel Peak Trail Description

Be aware that Moraine Lake parking reaches capacity very early in the day that results in road closures. Plan accordingly and you’ll likely be making this a sunrise hike! A mid-week adventure will give you a better chance at making it through before the road closes. Set a back-up plan just in case!

The Eiffel Peak scramble route starts at the shores of Moraine Lake in front of Moraine Lake Lodge. Take the popular trail towards Larch Valley, switch-backing through the forest until you reach a junction with a bench. Stay right here, following signs to Larch Valley. The trail to the left leads to Eiffel Lake, which will become visible from your objective.

300m from the junction, you will arrive at the beginning of Larch Valley. Leave the main trail here by taking a left and following cairns across a small stream. Eiffel Peak will be visible to the left of the main hiking trail, and you will be aiming for the base of the eastern ridge. It is clearly the easiest way up, so you won’t have a problem identifying your objective.

Scramble up the boulders to the base of the ridge and begin gaining the peak. A faint scramble path marked with cairns will guide you up to the peak. Views of Pinnacle Mountain and Mount Temple will appear as you climb. You’ll be able to see the entire Valley of the Ten Peaks all the way to Wenkchemna Pass from Eiffel Peak. The popular feature Eiffel Tower stands tall before the summit and is worth a stop and some admiration.

Watch for falling rocks and loose rubble on your way down!



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