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    David Thompson Country

    Scrambles in David Thompson Country

    David Thompson Country Scrambles

    For those adventurers who love traversing rugged terrain, David Thompson Country scrambles are an exceptional opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. David Thompson is a great, under the radar destination in Alberta, especially when it comes to scrambling. Here, you’ll find quiet trails, peaceful aspen parkland and epic climbs at the foot of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Follow Highway 11, stopping off at hidden gem destinations to try your hand (literally) at conquering some of the best rock climbing mountains in Alberta.

    David Thompson Country scrambles provide views of some of the many incredible lakes in the region, making for a scenic experience no matter the trail. Some of the most popular include sightings of Abraham Lake, Sylvan Lake and Crimson Lake. Another popular local attraction that can be often be spotted on a scramble climb? Waterfalls, considering David Thompson Country is known as the “Land of the Falls.”

    The area offers exceptional scrambles, regardless of if you’re a first-time climber or an experienced know-it-all. For the more advanced, Windy Point Ridge, The Buckle and Talus Peak all combine for a stunning, yet challenging scramble—providing views overlooking the entire Canadian Rockies! While trails like Ram Mountain are a slightly easier climb, located in remote mountains, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views and a tranquil climb all by yourself.

    Pack your bag and set out for Highway 11 to explore the many David Thompson Country scrambles that make for an epic adventure in this off the beaten path destination. Need some help planning your scramble? Find our route guides below outlining all the information you need to conquer a David Thompson Country scramble.

    The 5 Most Incredible Scrambles in David Thompson

    Offering plenty of remote trail options, scrambling in David Thompson is a lesser-known activity, which means anyone who sets out on these trails will be rewarded with peaceful settings in stunning nature and often unobstructed panoramic views of the great Rocky Mountains—all to be enjoyed by your lonesome (or with a friend or two!).

    Considering these scrambles are a bit more remote, we recommend coming prepared with a cellphone, GPS tracker and a first-aid kit, as it can often be long stretches of time outside civilization. Our David Thompson Scramble Route Guides below are mostly for the more advance climbers, but don’t let that deter you, as we do cover a few more beginner-friendly options.

    Set your sights on a fun, but challenging day-hike at Mount Earnest Ross, where you’ll find yourself on an ever-changing path, ranging from scree to vertical rock boulders. One section in particular will get you sweating, but the views from the top overlooking Kootenay Plans and Abraham Lake make it all worth it. For an easier scramble, Coliseum Mountain is quite popular all year round, with fun switchbacks and ridge scrambles on the way to the top overlooking Nordegg Village and the Rocky Mountains.

    • Windy Point Ridge, The Buckle, and Talus Peak: Scramble to Talus Peak near David Thompson Highway through Windy Point Ridge and the Buckle to see the best views of Abraham Lake in the entire Canadian Rockies!
    • Mount Ernest Ross: Mount Ernest Ross scramble near David Thompson is a great day-hike in Alberta. This scramble is challenging and will take you to the top of Mount Ernest Ross.
    • Two O-Clock Ridge: Two O-Clock Ridge Scramble near David Thompson Hwy is in Alberta. This trail leads along the ridge of Two O-Clock with beautiful views of surrounding areas.
    • Coral Ridge: Set out on the Coral Ridge Scramble for an under-the-radar adventure. This trail leads to a secluded peak overlooking Mt Stelfox.
    • Eagle Ridge and Mountain Scramble: Eagle Ridge and Mountain Scramble is a beautiful hike near Nordegg, Alberta. The trail leads to the top of the Eagle Mountain and Ridge with beautiful lookouts.

    When Is The Best Time To Scramble in David Thompson

    While the spring and fall season are particularly enjoyable to complete a David Thompson scramble, you can conquer most of the trails all-year-round. Depending on the challenge level, most of the scrambles can be completed even in the winter, but ensure you come dressed accordingly in layers and check the weather prior to heading out.

    The spring season offers stunning wildflower fields in full bloom that makes for a picturesque scramble, while the fall provides ample beautiful leaf peeping opportunities.

    How To Plan A Trip To David Thompson

    Thinking of booking your next vacation in David Thompson, but don’t know where to start? No sweat! We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive guide to planning a trip to David Thompson. We share all our insider knowledge on where to stay, eat and play. And of course, the local’s guide to the best scrambles in the David Thompson area. All you have to do… is pack your bag.

    Frequently-Asked-Questions About David Thompson

    What is the best scramble for an experienced hiker in David Thompson?

    There are plenty of exceptional trails to try your hand at scrambling, but our favourite is the Windy Point Ridge, The Buckle and Talus Peak climb, which combines multiple peaks for stunning lookout points and natural beauty for a challenging scramble.

    What supplies do you need to bring for a scramble?

    Be prepared with all-conditions waterproof hiking boots—these will make for a much easier scramble. When travel over snow is expected, bring gaiters. Ankle gaiters keep small rocks out of boots as well. You may also want gloves to help you scramble over tough terrain, but it’s up to your discretion.

    Download the 10Adventures App

    If you want to explore the natural beauty of David Thompson Country without a guide, the 10Adventures trail app is the best resource to have. Download the 10Adventures app if you want to safely and easily navigate the trails offline while out on your next adventure.

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    David Thompson Country

    Windy Point Ridge, The Buckle, and Talus Peak

    This beautiful scramble to Windy Ridge with an extension to Talus Peak and the Buckle can be called a gem found off the beaten track. It’s not very popular and we don’t really know why. The views are breathtaking (Abraham Lake especially), making the Windy Point Ridge, the Buckle and Talus Peak Scramble our favourite along the David Thompson Highway!

    10.1 km
    1,330 m
    6 - 9h
    No Ratings
    David Thompson Country

    Mount Ernest Ross

    The trail to the top of Ernest Ross Mount is a little challenging, but a fun scramble. You will find yourself on a quiet path with constantly changing surroundings: from bushes, trees, scree to almost vertical rock boulders. Although most of the trail is not too hard, one section will make you sweat a little: the scrambly part is a little steep and you will have to use some of your rock-climbing skills. But it’s worth all the effort, as the views from the top will take your breath away. From the surrounding peaks, to Kootenay Plains, and Abraham Lake – the panorama here is stunning!

    8.2 km
    1,069 m
    5 - 8h
    No Ratings
    David Thompson Country

    Two O-Clock Ridge

    The Two O-Clock Ridge Trail is a wonderful scramble near David Thompson Highway. After a short, but steep scramble you will find yourself surrounded by the Tuff Puff Ridge, Mt Ernest Ross and Two O-Clock Peak.

    11.3 km
    1,176 m
    No Ratings
    David Thompson Country

    Coral Ridge

    The Coral Ridge scramble is a treat for adventure lovers, as this path is not very well known and very few people choose to scramble up here. Prepare for some bushwalking, as bits of the path can be spotted only rarely. The trail leads to the secluded and breathtaking lookout point on the ridge, as well as a vantage point for a closer look at the Mt Stelfox.

    12.4 km
    895 m
    5 – 8h
    No Ratings
    David Thompson Country

    Eagle Ridge and Mountain Scramble

    Even though the trail to Eagle Ridge and Eagle Mountain is way less popular than the ‘neighbours’ Coliseum and Shunda Mountains up north, it’s worth all the effort. With beautiful views that open up to the plain lands of Alberta and the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, this trail is well known among the locals, but not so much by the travellers that come to hike the Nordegg Area from further.

    17.4 km
    1,088 m

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