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    Scrambles in Pemberton

    Region in British Columbia, Canada

    Situated on the floor of a fertile valley and surrounded by stunning mountain peaks in nearly every direction, Pemberton offers outdoor enthusiasts a nearly endless supply of rugged terrain on which they can scramble to their heart’s content. The town itself was accessible only by train until the 1960s, giving a bit of an insight into just how wild the landscape is in this picturesque region.

    Whether you are looking to test your knowledge of the mountains with a challenging climb through precarious terrain, or simply want to get your hands dirty en-route to a summit viewpoint, there is a wide variety of scrambling options available in the area to meet the needs of every skill level. No matter the difficulty of your climb, you can rest assured that a scrambling adventure around Pemberton will produce an exhilarating experience with epic views that won’t soon be forgotten. Check out a few of our favourite Pemberton scrambles below.

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    Best Scrambles in Pemberton

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      Open details for Joffre Peak via Cerise Creek Trail

      Joffre Peak via Cerise Creek Trail

      Very Hard
      15.3 km
      1,527 m
      9-10 h

      The Joffre Peak via Cerise Creek Trail is a 15.3 km out-and-back climbing route near Pemberton that will take you uphill alongside Cerise Creek to summit the intimidating Joffre Peak. This trail requires mountaineering experience and proper climbing gear to complete, so do not attempt the route unless you are prepared. Those that do make it to the summit will have spectacular views looking out over the surrounding mountain peaks.

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      Open details for Face Mountain Trail

      Face Mountain Trail

      11.3 km
      1,156 m
      7-8 h

      The Face Mountain Trail is a challenging out-and-back hiking route near Pemberton that takes hikers on a difficult scramble to the summit of the mountain. You’ll pass by the scenic Semaphore Lakes along the trail before heading on a route up the mountain that will take you to the rock slab peak. This peak has some truly stellar views for those who can navigate the route, but it should be noted that only experienced adventurers should attempt this trail.

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      Open details for Place Glacier Trail

      Place Glacier Trail

      10.9 km
      1,371 m
      6-7 h

      The Place Glacier Trail is a difficult 10.9 km hiking route near Pemberton that climbs steeply uphill to some overnight huts located at the foot of Place Glacier. Hikers will grind their way uphill, passing by some superb views of a scenic waterfall before scrambling a rock slab to reach the glacier. This is a challenging hike that should be treated with caution, and only experienced hikers should attempt it.

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