The Causeway Coastal Route & Donegal Tour
Panoramic views from The Causeway Coastal Route and Donegal Tour

The Causeway Coastal Route & Donegal Tour

7 days

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Experience the wildlands of Northern Ireland at Giant’s Causeway and Donegal

You’re about to hike into the land that time forgot. Shrouded by mist and mystery, the North of Ireland is a rugged and hauntingly beautiful place for your next guided hiking adventure. On this journey, you’ll travel over the Causeway Coastal Route for a visit to the Giant’s Causeway, then continue along the very northern edge of Ireland and into County Donegal.

There you’ll hike over rocky, rolling mountain paths, up to dramatic cliffs for unbelievable views, and deep into a country as wild and remote as any storybook. You’ll get to explore the headlands of the north, seeking wildlife, hiking through a land steeped in ancient ruins and lore, and spend each evening in deluxe lodging designed for your comfort. Can you hear the wilds calling? Don’t miss it!

Causeway Coastal Route

Stretching from the busy streets of Belfast all the way to Londonderry, the Causeway Coastal Route hugs the Atlantic coast of Northern Ireland, passing through some of the region’s most spectacular scenery. This glorious coastline is studded with sandy beaches, thrilling cliff-top paths, heather-coasted moors and valleys, and historic ruins. It’s possible to drive the route in a few days, but there’s so much to explore here that you could lose yourself for weeks on end.

The Causeway Coastal Route is named for Northern Ireland’s most famous natural attraction – the Giant’s Causeway. This startling landscape of stunted basalt columns should be top of the list on any Northern Ireland itinerary. According to local myth, the rocks are the remnants of a causeway made by the giant Finn MacCool to allow him to traverse the sea all the way to Scotland to fight his rival, the Scottish giant Benandonner. Legends aside, this beautiful spot is well worth a visit.

However, the Causeway Coastal Route offers so much apart from the Giant’s Causeway. From the heart-stopping cliff walk known as The Gobbins, to the fairytale castle of Glenarm, or the romantic ruins of Dunluce Castle, the Causeway Coastal Route is packed with fascinating sights that will delight history buffs, nature lovers and adventurers alike.

County Donegal

County Donegal takes its name from the town of Donegal, from the Gaelic meaning ‘fort of the foreigners’. This is a wild, rugged land, with windswept cliffs, lush valleys, and some of the best hiking in the north of Ireland. Expect to see beautiful, sandy beaches, wide valleys, shimmering lakes and some truly untamed coastline. This is the place to come to sample some of Ireland’s finest seafood, with a gastronomic scene to rival anywhere on the continent.

Visitors can enjoy the Bluestack Mountains with an abundance of wonderful walking trails, or for something truly remote, head out to the Inishowen Peninsula where (if you’re very lucky) you may even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Alternatively, the Glenveagh National Park offers sublime scenery, with green, picturesque valleys that wouldn’t look out of place in Middle Earth.

Aside from the lush landscape, breathtaking cliffs and fascinating history, Donegal is known for the warm welcome it offers to visitors. The county’s motto is ‘have love for one another’, and you’ll definitely feel the love every time you walk into a pub or explore a new corner of this wild land.

Highlights Of The Causeway Coastal Route & Donegal Tour

Discover the most iconic landscapes of Northern Ireland as you visit Glenveagh National Park, the Giant’s Causeway, and the Slieve League Cliffs.
Explore the Inishowen Peninsula and the other-worldly sights of Malin Head where scenes from the 2017 Star Wars movie were filmed.
Bask in the majestic landscapes of Donegal as you hike past ancient ruins steeped in history, walk the rocky footpaths, and take in the dazzling Atlantic vistas.
Climb up to the towering Slieve League Cliffs following the routes used by Christian Pilgrims of old and look out over the mountains of Sligo and Donegal Bay.


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The Causeway Coastal Route & Donegal Tour

The Causeway Coastal Route & Donegal Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Experience the Giant’s Causeway

Two thousand years ago and more, so they say, two giants had a fierce argument. One stood on the Scottish shore, and the other, Finn MacCool, stood on the Irish side. Finn became so furious that he wanted nothing more than to come to blows, so he built a path over the sea to Scotland. Today that path is called the Giant’s Causeway, and on your first day of this guided hiking tour you’ll get to walk the cliffs of the Causeway Coastal Route as you come to discover the legend for yourself. Whether or not there ever was a fight between giants, the sight of this legendary geological feature will surely bring you a thrill!
Overnight Location: Causeway Hotel in Giant’s Causeway
Distance: 2 hours, 5 km
Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2 Boat Ride to Rathlin Island

It’s fitting that a hiking tour in Ireland be steeped in the majesty of nature and the mystery of ages past. Today you’ll board a boat and head for the shores of the lovely Rathlin Island, home to a large colony of puffins as well as a legend about the famous Scottish king Robert Bruce. It is said that in the year 1306 he was exiled to Rathlin Island by Edward the First of England. During his stay on the island, the King of the Scotts witnessed a spider as it repeatedly attempted to build a web-bridge. Only after many failed attempts did the spider finally triumph. With the spider as his role-model, Bruce returned to his home and did eventually reclaim his crown. Perhaps you’ll find an inspiring spider of your own? But if not, the puffins are absolutely adorable!
Overnight Location: Causeway Hotel in Giant’s Causeway
Distance: 4 hours, 8 km
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3 Exploring the Inishowen Peninsula

Step back in time, into the undiscovered Irish wilderness. Here in County Donegal your hiking adventure begins anew as you travel by ferry to the northernmost part of Ireland. The Inishowen Peninsula is bordered on the north by the wild Atlantic, on the west by Lough Swilly Fjord, and on the east by Lough Foyle. On the ferry ride you’ll be treated to incredible panoramic vistas before disembarking at your first stop, a World War II era lookout tower. You’ll continue on foot from there up a gentle slope onto Crocknasmug Hill where you’re surrounded by more majestic views of the coast.
Overnight Location: The Glen House, Donegal
Distance: 3 hours, 8 km
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4 Journey to Malin Head

You won’t mind another day in the ruggedly-beautiful County Donegal, especially when you get to catch a scenic ferry ride and then hike over a landscape so alien it was used in Star Wars Episode VIII! You’ll journey across Malin Head, over rocky hills, past ancient archaeological sites, and over jaw-dropping coastal cliffs. Revel in the sheer wild spirit of this land as you experience the “Forgotten County” of Northernmost Ireland.
Overnight Location: The Glen House, Donegal
Distance: 3 hours, 7 km
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5 Wandering Glenveagh National Park

Follow your guide as you hike through the idyllic Glenveagh National Park on another adventure! As you travel, you’ll be surrounded by the haunting beauty of wild mountains, crystal lakes, roaring waterfalls, and the ancient native oaks. Wend your way along in the stillness at the edge of the lake to find the mysterious Glenveagh Castle. Tucked away between the Glenveagh hills, the Castle will surprise you with manicured gardens here in the middle of the wilds. Once you’ve explored, you’ll continue beyond the walls of Glenveagh Castle, as you pass long-deserted villages on a curving track between the Derryveagh mountains.
Overnight Location: Woodhill House, Woodhill
Distance: 4 hours, 8 km
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6 Climbing the Slieve League Cliffs

You could say the best was saved for last with this final guided hike to the top of the Slieve League Cliffs. These are among the highest cliffs in all of Europe, and over three times the height of the Cliffs of Moher! You’ll hike along a seldom-used route known as the Pilgrim’s Path, which is a centuries-old byway used by Christian Pilgrims for spiritual journeys. When you reach the top, you’ll have to catch your breath at the stunning panoramas spread out before you: the Atlantic and the Peaks of Sligo and Donegal Bay. Afterward, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some interesting locals, and after you return to your accommodation there will be a scrumptious farewell dinner to send you off in style!
Overnight Location: Woodhill House, Woodhill
Distance: 4 hours, 6 km
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7 Visit Yeats’ Grave and Departure

Today you’ll be traveling out of the wilds of Donegal to County Sligo. Known as “Yeats Country” after the Irish national poet W.B. Yeats, you’ll see why the landscapes of Sligo served as such an inspiration to the famous writer. Along your way, you’ll stop beneath Sligo’s Ben Bulben mountain to visit Yeats’ grave. When you’re finished there, you’ll head to the quaint Sligo town to explore before heading for the train station and your final departure.
Overnight Location: None
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

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Causeway Coastal Route & Donegal Tour Price and Dates

This guided hiking tour to Ireland is run as a fixed-departure tour where you’d be joining a group, however, custom private tours can be organized for those willing to travel with their group only (please contact us with your preferred date and the number of people in your group and we will create the itinerary just for you).

Prices below are per person sharing a double or a triple room:

Mar 12, 2022
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Aug 27, 2022
Sep 02, 2022
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Accommodation on Causeway Coastal Route & Donegal Tour

This tour is based in hotels. All the accommodations are picked carefully from the boutique hotels, family-run guesthouses and BnB’s that offer great service, location, and amenities.

All of the rooms are double or twin. If you are wishing to stay in a single room during the tour, check the information below.

Single Rooms and Solo Travelers
Solo travellers are usually paired to stay in twin rooms together, however, you can pay a supplement of $295 USD to have a private room in a hotel. The availability of single rooms is limited and is on a first come first serve basis.

Hotels on Standard Tour

Causeway Hotel in Giant’s Causeway

The Causeway Hotel offers a quaint style with many modern amenities. Located just 2.1 miles from the Giant’s Causeway it is ideal for visitors looking to explore the local landmarks.

The Glen House, Donegal

Tucked away in a little valley on the Inishowen Peninsula, the Glen House offers dazzling views of the countryside and beautifully appointed guest suites for your every comfort.

Woodhill House, Woodhill

With a picturesque walled garden and a footpath running behind the inn, the Woodhill House offers guests a quiet retreat. Located only a few minutes walk from town.

What’s included in the Causeway Coastal Route & Donegal Tour?


6 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners, snacks along the route each day.


Accommodations for 6 nights along the tour are included. Accommodation in Belfast before the tour and in Sligo after the tour is not included.

Transportation during the Tour

All the transportation during the tour is included for you and your luggage.

Also Included

  • The services of the experienced guide / driver throughout the tour
  • Activities included in the tour:
    • Boat trips
    • Entrance fees

Not included

  • Getting to and from starting and ending points of the tour
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Anything not stated as ‘included’

Optional Extras

  • Extra night in Killarney before the tour
  • Extra night in Limerick after the tour

Frequently Asked Questions about The Causeway Coastal Route & Donegal Tour

At Wilderness Ireland, you can find an inspiring range of small-group and tailor-made tours, journeys, and wilderness experiences. The tours explore Ireland’s most remote and beautiful regions, from the wild Atlantic Way to the Ancient East and everything in between.

Wilderness Ireland is run by a passionate team of local guides and expert trip designers who work together to create unforgettable active adventure holidays. They focus not only on Ireland’s top sights, but also in rural, remote corners of the beautiful country.

Every tour focuses on a personalized approach with high-quality customer service for each tour. They hand-pick beautiful accommodations, authentic local experiences, and standout wilderness locations. Their guides know Ireland inside and out and have years of experience in offering you an unforgettable trip.

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Is this tour for me?

We rate this tour as a 2 / 5. Most of the trails are of good quality and you should expect to walk around 5-6 hours daily.

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Paul, Wilderness Ireland
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