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    Greenland Tours

    Greenland tours are a once in a lifetime experience that highlight the desolate beauty of the northern reaches of the world. An active adventure in Greenland means taking on the frigid snow and ice, but the reward is a feeling of accomplishment that few will ever feel. Whether you plan on trekking or dog sledding, booking a Greenland tour is an epic adventure that you’ll be able to talk about for years to come.

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      Open details for Trekking the Icefjords of East Greenland Tour


      Trekking the Icefjords of East Greenland Tour

      East Greenland beckons adventurers to explore its remote and isolated wilderness. With few inhabitants, most of whom are Inuit, this area draws visitors for its cultural splendour as much as its natural magnificence. The 10-day Trekking the Icefjords of East Greenland Tour pulls you into this enchanting place with cozy communities set among ethereal landscapes.

      10 days from $3,325USDDetails
      Open details for Dog Sledding in East Greenland Tour


      Dog Sledding in East Greenland Tour

      The Dog Sledding in East Greenland Tour invites you into the unique lifestyle of dog sledding between isolated communities in East Greenland. Greenland has few roads and none that connect the villages, so dog sleds, snowmobiles, boats, and helicopters transport travellers around this icy land. This adventure tour reels you into the traditional way of life. While travelling by dog sled across vast snowy lands, you’ll witness Inuit traditions, visit isolated communities, and very likely get to see the northern lights. The dog team will get a rest mid-week while you will explore the Sermilik Coast on snowshoes. Take this tour as an opportunity to unplug from your connected world—there’s no cell signal out here.

      8 days from $3,575USDDetails
      Open details for Trekking in East Greenland Tour


      Trekking in East Greenland Tour

      If you’re seeking the trekking adventure of a lifetime, this 12-day trekking journey in East Greenland is the answer! This area is one of the most remote places in the world—your opportunity to unplug and truly appreciate Mother Earth in all her glory. Learn about local Inuit cultures and traditions, explore by boat on the way to the trailhead, then spend 10 days in the Arctic’s rugged nature.

      12 days from $3,775USDDetails
      Open details for Ultimate Iceland and Greenland Trekking Tour

      Southern Iceland

      Ultimate Iceland and Greenland Trekking Tour

      Extremely remote trekking in little-visited locations—if these words excite you, the 11-day Ultimate Iceland and Greenland Trekking Tour will too! Spend the first half of the tour hiking along the world-class Laugavegur Trail in southwest Iceland, then fly over the Denmark Strait and experience the rugged and untouched East Greenland backpacking through the fjords. Expect to see a whole spectrum of landscapes, including black-sand deserts, yellow rhyolite mountains, red-rock canyons, freezing seas dotted with icebergs, tall granite peaks, and deep fjords. You’ll trek your way across them all following your qualified guide and spending each night in either mountain huts or two-person tents. If you want to leave your comfort zone behind and head to Iceland and Greenland for an ultimate trekking experience, the Ultimate Iceland and Greenland Trekking Tour awaits.

      11 days from $4,575USDDetails
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      Greenland General Information

      Where to go in Greenland

      Greenland is an ultimate destination for adventurers seeking the extraordinary. The Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers spectacular views of icebergs. South Greenland provides lush landscapes and Viking ruins, contrasting with the remote and rugged beauty of the East Coast. The Northern Lights can be best observed from towns like Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk, which also serve as gateways to Arctic wilderness and Inuit culture.

      What to do in Greenland

      Greenland invites travelers to engage with nature like nowhere else. Kayaking among icebergs, dog sledding through the Arctic tundra, and hiking in the vast, untouched landscapes are just the beginning. Ice fishing, whale watching, and exploring the ancient Norse sites are also popular. For the intrepid, iceberg climbing and Greenlandic heli-skiing offer unparalleled thrills.

      When to go to Greenland

      The best time to visit Greenland depends on your preferred activities. Summer (June to August) is ideal for hiking, kayaking, and whale watching, with the midnight sun offering extended daylight. Winter (November to March) is the season for northern lights, dog sledding, and snowmobiling, offering a different perspective of Greenland’s stark beauty.

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