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      Displaying 255 of 729 tours

      Open details for Hiking the Jesus Trail Tour


      Hiking the Jesus Trail Tour

      Jump into one of the most historic places worldwide by walking the Jesus Trail. From Nazareth to Capernaum, you will follow what are said to be Jesus’s footsteps across the desert landscape to end up at the Sea of Galilee. Along the way, you will experience a myriad of cultural hotspots, including Cana, the site of the story of Jesus’s first miracle, a Jewish Kibbutz, and Nebi Shu’eib. You’ll walk among ancient ruins, explore desert scenery, get a city tour of the bustling Nazareth, and climb mountains for epic 360-degree views.

      Jan-Jun, Sep-Dec
      6 days from $965USDDetails
      Open details for 14-day Java and Bali Tour


      14-day Java and Bali Tour

      Discover the best of Java and Bali on this 14-day unique adventure experience. With so much to see and do on both islands, enjoy the perfect balance of guided excursions and free time. Cycle, hike, and snorkel to take in the magic of Java and Bali and enjoy guided tours of vibrant Yogyakarta and several small villages. Enjoy the hidden gems of both Java and Bali as you travel to its famous sights and lesser-trodden paths.

      Partially Guided
      14 days from $970USDDetails
      Open details for Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain Trek

      Peruvian Andes

      Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain Trek

      Discover the Rainbow Mountain of Peru on this trekking tour! This is a breathtaking two-day trek in Peru’s Vilcanota’s Cordillera on a route called the “Camino Del Apu Ausangate.” This hike takes you to one of the most sacred mountains in the region. The “Apu” is one of the most pristine mountain ecosystems in the world. This trek shows you Vinicuna, the Rainbow Mountain, in all its colourful beauty.

      2 days from $970USDDetails
      Open details for 5-Day Cotswold Villages Walking Tour


      5-Day Cotswold Villages Walking Tour

      Have the quintessential English countryside experience on this self-guided walking tour of the Cotswold villages! Each day you’ll take a lovely walk through the bucolic villages whose honey-coloured stone walls transport you back in time.

      5 days from $975USDDetails
      Open details for Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain Trek

      Machu Picchu

      Ausangate and Rainbow Mountain Trek

      Trek through the Andes mountains in the Cusco region, exploring stunning views of Ausangate, the tallest mountain in the region. This Ausangate, Rainbow Mountain Trek and Machu Picchu tour takes you over gorgeous mountain passes where you will see rugged peaks, colorful hills, and turquoise glacial lakes.

      10 days from $975USDDetails
      Open details for Hiking Tour in the Heart of Catalonia

      Northern Spain

      Hiking Tour in the Heart of Catalonia

      Want to escape to a hiking destination far from your everyday life? Come to Catalonia, hiking through the mountains, meadows of wildflowers, serene biosphere reserves, and mountain villages where time seems to pass more slowly. The Hiking Tour in the Heart of Catalonia is an adventurous getaway into a part of Spain that’s guaranteed to capture your heart.

      8 days from $975USDDetails
      Open details for 4-Day Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

      Machu Picchu

      4-Day Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

      The classic Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu in 4 days is one of the most famous treks in South America, and for good reason. Mixing history, wildlife, and spectacular scenery, this three-night adventure is an unforgettable experience, with a final destination — Machu Picchu itself — that ranks among the world’s most impressive archaeological sites.

      Jan, Mar-Dec
      4 days from $985USDDetails
      Open details for 7-Day Walking Tour of the Curonian Spit


      7-Day Walking Tour of the Curonian Spit

      Lithuania has more to discover than most people know, and the 7-Day Walking Tour of the Curonian Spit allows you either the freedom of a self-guided tour or the structure of a guided tour to see it for yourself. You’ll see firsthand the beauty of the UNESCO-recognized Curonian Spit, flanked by the Baltic Sea and blue lagoons and covered in wide sand dunes and fishing villages.

      7 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Camino de Santiago in Deluxe Hotels Tour

      Camino Frances

      Camino de Santiago in Deluxe Hotels Tour

      The Camino de Santiago in Deluxe Hotels Tour follows an ancient route that has led pilgrims on their spiritual journey to Santiago for nearly a thousand years. Steeped in history and culture, you will embark on a 100 km walk and stay in some of the best accommodation along the route.

      Jan-Jul, Sep-Dec
      7 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Camino Frances from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Logroño
      Lifetime Deposit


      Camino Frances from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Logroño

      You will begin the French Way from Saint Jean Pied de Port, a small town located on the border between France and Spain. In the first stages, spectacular landscapes of the Atlantic Pyrenees await you, and then continue with beautiful panoramic views of the different scenarios until you reach Logroño, a city with a deep-rooted wine culture.

      9 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Elbe Sandstone Mountains Circular Walking Tour
      Lifetime Deposit


      Elbe Sandstone Mountains Circular Walking Tour

      Tucked away in the rugged landscape of southeast Germany, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains are a treasure trove of hiking routes through sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, deep valleys, and table mountains. The 8-day Elbe Sandstone Mountains Circular Walking Tour reveals the stunning scenery of ‘Saxon Switzerland’ with natural and historic sites like the incredible rock formations at Bastei Bridge and the Barbarine pinnacle, and the impressive Königstein Fortress. A hiker’s paradise!

      8 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Hadrian’s Wall Self-Guided

      Northern England

      Hadrian’s Wall Self-Guided

      The Hadrian’s Wall Path is an 84 mile (135 km) long National Trail stretching coast to coast across northern England, from Wallsend, Newcastle upon Tyne in the east to Bowness-on-Solway in Cumbria on the west coast.

      8 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Historic Svaneti


      Historic Svaneti

      Discover the fascinating country of Georgia where Asia and Europe meet on the Historic Svaneti Tour. This 7-day guided itinerary begins includes Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Mestia. As you travel through the country, you’ll find yourself in an incredible ancient city one minute and then in soaring mountains the next.

      7 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Salzalpensteig Trek Part 2


      Salzalpensteig Trek Part 2

      On this hiking tour from Bavaria to Upper Austria, you literally hike the trail of salt! The regions in and around the Salzkammergut were built on this white gold. On the hiking tour you can expect to see breathtaking mountain ranges, lush green forests and meadows, as well as crystal-clear lakes. Anyone who has always wanted to know how salt was mined in the past will certainly get their money’s worth on this tour.

      8 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Trek the Tour du Mont Blanc on a Budget
      Lifetime Deposit

      Tour du Mont Blanc

      Trek the Tour du Mont Blanc on a Budget

      The 8-Day Self-Guided Trek the Tour du Mont Blanc on a Budget tour invites you to explore the stunning alpine terrain of the magnificent Italian, French and Swiss Alps – all at an affordable and budget-friendly price!

      8 days from $995USDDetails

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      General Information

      Why Choose Hiking for Your Holiday?

      Choosing hiking for your holiday combines adventure, fitness, and exploration. It allows you to experience destinations up close, access remote areas, and enjoy breathtaking landscapes at your own pace. Hiking is eco-friendly, promotes well-being, and creates lasting memories through immersive travel experiences.

      Different Ways of Hiking

      Hiking offers diverse experiences: leisurely walks through countryside trails, challenging mountain hikes on rugged terrains, long-distance trekking on famous routes, and urban hiking for city exploration. Guided hikes provide expert knowledge and safety, while self-guided options offer flexibility and independence, catering to all skill levels.

      Top 10 Hiking Adventures

      1. Inca Trail, Peru: Trek the iconic path to Machu Picchu, experiencing stunning Andean landscapes and ancient Incan ruins.
      2. Appalachian Trail, USA: Explore sections of this legendary long-distance trail, offering diverse scenery from forests to mountains.
      3. Tour du Mont Blanc, Europe: Hike through France, Italy, and Switzerland, enjoying breathtaking alpine views and charming villages.
      4. Patagonia, Chile: Discover the dramatic landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park, with its towering peaks, glaciers, and pristine lakes.
      5. Cinque Terre, Italy: Walk the scenic coastal trails connecting picturesque villages, with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.
      6. Everest Base Camp, Nepal: Embark on a challenging trek to the base camp of the world's highest peak, experiencing the majestic Himalayan landscapes.
      7. Camino de Santiago, Spain: Follow the historic pilgrimage route across northern Spain, enjoying cultural landmarks and scenic countryside.
      8. The Narrows, Zion National Park, USA: Hike through the narrow canyons of Zion National Park, wading through the Virgin River and marveling at towering rock walls.
      9. Milford Track, New Zealand: Explore the stunning fjords and lush rainforests of Fiordland National Park on one of New Zealand's most famous trails.
      10. Laugavegur Trail, Iceland: Traverse the unique landscapes of Iceland, from volcanic deserts to colorful rhyolite mountains and hot springs.

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