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    Horseback Riding Tours

    Horseback riding tours are the ultimate adventure experience for anyone who loves the outdoors and spending time with animals. In a similar way to mountain biking, horseback riding tours offer a different way to explore a destination, allowing you to get off the beaten path for a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape. If you want to add a bit of a rugged flair to your next adventure, a horseback riding tour is certainly one way to do it!

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      Displaying 5 of 5 tours

      Open details for Uzbekistan Nature Eco-Tour


      Uzbekistan Nature Eco-Tour

      The Uzbekistan Pristine Nature Eco-Tour presents a perfect responsible ecotourism adventure option to inspire nature loving and eco-aware travelers with Uzbekistan’s beauty. You’ll discover the untouched beauty of the Nuratau – Kyzyl Kum biological reserve, ride camels through beautiful untamed wilderness, and snap photos of local landmarks on horseback. Hike underneath canopies of birds and rest up at night in eco-friendly accommodations. This tour will give you the opportunity to learn more about the daily life of these hospitable local people, experience the real spirit of their land, and contribute to the long-term protection of the environment of Uzbekistan.

      8 days from $1,425USDDetails
      Open details for Overland Tierra del Fuego Multisport Tour


      Overland Tierra del Fuego Multisport Tour

      Nothing says road trip like overlanding “to the end of the world”! The 7-Day Guided Overland Tierra del Fuego tour invites you to embark on a private overland journey in Chile’s extreme south over 7 adventure packed days with a guide.

      Jan-Apr, Oct-Dec
      7 days from $2,475USDDetails
      Open details for Horseback Riding to Patagonia’s Hidden Glaciers

      Argentine Patagonia

      Horseback Riding to Patagonia’s Hidden Glaciers

      Pioneers have been living alongside horses for many years in Patagonia, and the Horseback Riding to Patagonia’s HIdden Glaciers tour gives you the chance to explore Argentina in this traditional way. You’ll spend 3 days on horseback, moving across Patagonia as a team. Your objectives are three spectacular glaciers far out on the Southern Branch.

      Horseback Riding
      Jan-Mar, Dec
      5 days from $2,680USDDetails
      Open details for Horse Riding Tour in the Uzbekistan Mountains


      Horse Riding Tour in the Uzbekistan Mountains

      Are you looking for the ultimate eco-friendly holiday packed with non-stop adventure? The 13-day Horseback riding in Uzbekistan grants an incredible outdoor experience in the more remote, Uzbekistan. You’ll explore the pristine nature of Nuratau – Kyzyl Kum, a biological reserve, in a healthy, fun and ecological way.

      Horseback Riding
      13 days from $3,050USDDetails
      Open details for Chilean Patagonia on Horseback Tour

      Chilean Patagonia

      Chilean Patagonia on Horseback Tour

      The 4-Day Guided Chilean Patagonia on Horseback Tour invites you to embark on a unique adventure through Patagonia to see its untouched natural beauty and experience a way of life that has thrived for generations here.

      Horseback Riding
      4 days from $3,995USDDetails

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