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    Israel Hiking Tours

    Israel hiking tours offer a unique blend of ancient history, diverse landscapes, and rich cultural experiences. From the golden Negev Desert to the lush green hills of the Galilee, well-marked trails lead adventurers through this land of contrasts. Explore ancient ruins, vibrant ecosystems, and immerse yourself in the millennia-old stories embedded in the landscape on these unforgettable Israel hiking tours.

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      Displaying 7 of 7 tours

      Open details for Inn to Inn through the Judean Mountains Tour


      Inn to Inn through the Judean Mountains Tour

      Hike some of the world’s most noteworthy historical sites on the 4-day Inn to Inn through the Judean Mountains Tour! This tour will take you across the Judean plains, leading you to the highly exalted city of Jerusalem in Israel. This pleasant 60 km hike is the perfect way to experience this region on foot.

      Jan-May, Nov-Dec
      4 days from $465USDDetails
      Open details for Israel Sea to Sea Hiking Tour


      Israel Sea to Sea Hiking Tour

      Experience the splendor of Israel’s land and sea on this 5-day self-guided hiking trip in the Northern District of Israel! Find yourself immersed not only in the natural beauty of the land but also in the rich and diverse culture of the Israeli people.

      Jan-May, Oct-Dec
      5 days from $565USDDetails
      Open details for 5-day Golan Trail Hiking Tour


      5-day Golan Trail Hiking Tour

      Explore some of the best and most exciting sections of Israel’s Golan Trail up to its easternmost point on this exciting 70 km hiking journey across the Golan Heights region of Israel!

      Jan-May, Oct-Dec
      5 days from $615USDDetails
      Open details for Negev Desert Hiking Tour


      Negev Desert Hiking Tour

      Explore the wonders of Israel’s Negev Desert on this 5-day adventure-packed hiking tour in Israel’s southern district! The famous craters of the Negev Desert are yours to discover on this challenging 80 km hike that connects 3 of the desert’s most famous craters.

      Jan-Apr, Nov-Dec
      6 days from $675USDDetails
      Open details for Judean Desert Trek


      Judean Desert Trek

      Feel yourself swept back in time as you hike the ancient footpaths of Israel’s Judean Desert on this 5-day self-guided hiking tour. From the world-famous Masada to Israel’s well-kept secrets like the Tze’elim Canyon, this hike will immerse you in the many natural wonders of the Judean Desert.

      Jan-Apr, Nov-Dec
      5 days from $725USDDetails
      Open details for Hiking the Jesus Trail Tour


      Hiking the Jesus Trail Tour

      Jump into one of the most historic places worldwide by walking the Jesus Trail. From Nazareth to Capernaum, you will follow what are said to be Jesus’s footsteps across the desert landscape to end up at the Sea of Galilee. Along the way, you will experience a myriad of cultural hotspots, including Cana, the site of the story of Jesus’s first miracle, a Jewish Kibbutz, and Nebi Shu’eib. You’ll walk among ancient ruins, explore desert scenery, get a city tour of the bustling Nazareth, and climb mountains for epic 360-degree views.

      Jan-Jun, Sep-Dec
      6 days from $965USDDetails
      Open details for Complete Golan Trail Hiking Tour


      Complete Golan Trail Hiking Tour

      Embark on an epic hiking journey across Israel’s Golan Heights region, exploring its generous collection of mountains and inactive volcanoes on the Complete Golan Trail Hiking Tour.

      Jan-May, Oct-Dec
      8 days from $1,050USDDetails

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      Israel General Information

      Where to go trekking in Israel

      Choose from numerous options, such as the iconic Israel National Trail that spans the length of the country to the desert landscapes of the Negev. Other prime trekking choices include the Jesus Trail, which connects significant sites from the life of Jesus, and the Golan Trail, offering views of Syria and the Sea of Galilee. The variety of trails ensures that every trekker finds their perfect path.

      Why is Israel great for trekking?

      Israel stands out as a trekking destination for its archaeological sites, biblical landscapes, and a climate that varies from desert to Mediterranean. Trails like the Israel National Trail or the Jesus Trail not only offer physical challenges but also spiritual and historical enrichment. The country's commitment to ecotourism and trail maintenance makes Israel an accessible adventure for trekkers of all levels.

      When to trek in Israel

      The best times to trek in Israel are during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November), when the weather is mild, and the landscapes are at their most vibrant. Summer treks are possible, especially in northern Israel and the Golan Heights, where it's cooler, though desert treks should be avoided during the peak heat of July and August.

      Top 5 treks in Israel

      1. Israel National Trail - Spanning the length of the country from the northern border with Lebanon to Eilat on the Red Sea, this trail offers an in-depth exploration of Israel’s diverse landscapes, cultures, and history.
      2. Jesus Trail - Connecting significant sites from the life of Jesus in the Galilee region, this trek offers both spiritual and natural exploration, passing through Nazareth, Capernaum, and the Mount of Beatitudes.
      3. Golan Trail - Traversing the Golan Heights, this trail provides stunning views of the Sea of Galilee, volcanic landscapes, and ancient ruins, offering a blend of natural beauty and geopolitical insight.
      4. Trails in the Negev Desert - Including routes through the Ramon Crater and the ancient Nabatean Incense Route, these treks unveil the stark beauty and solitude of Israel’s desert landscapes.
      5. Sea to Sea Trail - From the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee, this trail crosses northern Israel, showcasing the lush landscapes of the Galilee, waterfalls, and panoramic views.

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