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    Japan Bike Tours

    Japan bike tours are an immersive journey filled with tradition and modernity, presenting cyclists with a unique blend of scenic beauty, historical richness, and cultural depth. Embarking on a cycling trip in Japan means riding past ancient temples, through vibrant cities, alongside serene rice fields, and beneath the majestic mountains. Discover the tranquility of rural Japan, the bustling energy of its cities, and the warm hospitality of its people.

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      Displaying 7 of 7 tours

      Open details for Rural Kyushu Bike & Gourmet Tour


      Rural Kyushu Bike & Gourmet Tour

      Welcome to Aso-Kuju National Park! Located in the center of Japan’s southwestern islands, this national park stretches from Kumamoto to Oita Prefecture and is the setting for the Rural Kyushu Bike & Gourmet Tour. Aso-Kuju’s volcanic landscape, with its dynamic scenery and unique culture, is home to Japan’s largest active volcano, which sits proudly in the middle of a massive caldera.

      5 days from $1,925USDDetails
      Open details for Kyushu Hiking and Cycling Tour


      Kyushu Hiking and Cycling Tour

      On the Kyushu Hiking and Cycling Tour, you’ll enjoy the wonderful natural scenery of Kyushu through hiking and cycling. Here, locals live by utilizing nature, and you’ll experience their way of life by cooking together and following their trails. The setting for your trip is Mount Aso, one of the world’s largest active volcanoes and a dominating peak in central Kyushu. A large eruption in ancient times created a caldera 18 km east to west and 25 km north to south. The eruption reached Takachiho at the foot of the central Kyushu mountain range, where a deep valley was created. Still active to this day, this volcano makes us keenly aware of the overwhelming power of mother earth. In this tour, you will experience both the lives of the people of Aso, who cultivate the volcanic caldera, and the lives of people in Takachiho, who carry on Japanese myths as they live in harmony with the deep mountains and valleys.

      Standard Biking
      6 days from $2,395USDDetails
      Open details for Okinawa 4-day E-bike Tour


      Okinawa 4-day E-bike Tour

      Explore one of the world’s blue zones, Okinawa, on this wonderful 4-day e-bike journey. Blue zones are famous for the longevity of the residents, and on this guided bike tour you will gain an understanding of Okinawa from the saddle of your bike.

      4 days from $2,895USDDetails
      Open details for Shikoku Island Discovery Cycling Tour


      Shikoku Island Discovery Cycling Tour

      This tour offers an exclusive opportunity to explore the hidden treasures of Japan’s Shikoku, a region often overlooked by international travelers. By combining e-bike excursions and serene houseboat experiences, guests delve into the heart of Japanese culture and nature on this private, guided adventure. From the charming satoyama villages to the majestic mountains, pristine rivers, and quaint architecture, each day promises a new adventure filled with awe-inspiring landscapes and cultural immersion.

      8 days from $3,725USDDetails
      Open details for Shikoku Island Nature and Food Highlights Tour


      Shikoku Island Nature and Food Highlights Tour

      This multi-adventure tour of Shikoku offers a unique opportunity to explore hidden gems that remain undiscovered by international visitors. With activities ranging from cycling through beautiful satoyama landscapes to experiencing the rich culture and cuisine of Japan, travelers will immerse themselves in authentic Japanese experiences. From the historic Matsuyama Castle and rejuvenating Dogo Onsen to the breathtaking natural beauty of Ashizuri-Uwajimakai National Park, each day of the tour promises unforgettable adventures.

      8 days from $3,975USDDetails
      Open details for Okinawa Circumnavigation Cycling Tour


      Okinawa Circumnavigation Cycling Tour

      What a thrill to ride a bicycle around an entire island, and that is what is on the cards for this bike tour around the main island of Okinawa.

      Standard Biking
      7 days from $4,095USDDetails
      Open details for Lake Toya & Niseko Cultural Active Tour


      Lake Toya & Niseko Cultural Active Tour

      The best adventures are those that introduce us to the most beautiful natural landscapes of an area, but also those that immerse us in the local culture of a destination. The Lake Toya & Niseko Cultural Active Tour invites you to discover the best of this unique area on Northern Japan’s stunning island of Hokkaido.

      7 days from $6,350USDDetails

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      Japan General Information

      Where to go cycling in Japan

      Japan's cycling routes cater to all, from the ocean views of Shikoku to the historical Nakasendo Trail and Hokkaido's unspoiled wilderness. These routes are diverse, promising adventure and exploration across the country.

      What makes cycling in Japan special?

      Cycling in Japan is unique for its blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and excellent cycling infrastructure. The country's respectful road culture and stunning landscapes make cycling tours a one-of-a-kind adventure.

      When to go cycling in Japan

      Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are ideal for cycling, offering mild weather and scenic beauty. Summer provides lush landscapes, while Hokkaido’s mild summers are perfect for cycling. Winter cycling is suited to the milder southern regions.

      What are the best islands in Japan for cycling?

      1. Shikoku: Known for the Shimanami Kaido, a spectacular route that connects Shikoku to the main island of Honshu via a series of bridges over the Seto Inland Sea. It's renowned for its breathtaking ocean views and cyclist-friendly paths.
      2. Hokkaido: Offers wide-open landscapes, relatively light traffic, and cool climate, especially during summer. Routes through lavender fields, around caldera lakes, and along the rugged coastline make it a favorite among cyclists looking for diverse scenery.
      3. Okinawa: Provides a tropical cycling experience with its beautiful beaches, clear blue seas, and a more relaxed pace of life. The Kerama Islands, a short ferry ride away, offer quiet roads and stunning ocean views.
      4. Kyushu: With its mild climate, hot springs, and varied landscapes, including coastal routes and mountain passes, Kyushu is great for cyclists who enjoy cultural sites like the historic city of Nagasaki and the Aso volcano along their journey.
      5. Awaji Island: Located in the Seto Inland Sea, Awaji Island features the Uzushio Cycle Route, offering riders beautiful sea views, whirlpools, and access to Naruto city on Shikoku via the Onaruto Bridge. It's a great day trip or weekend getaway destination for cyclists.

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