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    Mozambique Tours

    Mozambique tours present the chance to explore a beautifully scenic, yet under-travelled country in southeast Africa. But those who find themselves meandering the vast lands and lengthy 2,500 km coastline will experience an adventure of a lifetime.

    While the road trips in Mozambique may feel like a never-ending journey, the experiences waiting for you at the end of the drive will make everything worth it. Mozambique tours will showcase plenty of incredible beaches in this southeast African nation, such as several islands dotting the north as well as exceptional surfing opportunities (without the crowds). Mozambique was at one time a Portuguese colony, so despite being in the thick of the continent of Africa, the country features a unique blend of African and European influences, most notably the fact that the official language is Portuguese.

    Don't miss out on the exciting adventure that awaits you on Mozambique tours! Choose which tour suits your vacation style, pack your bags, and off you go to one of the least-travelled countries on Earth.

    When is the Best Time to Visit Mozambique?

    Although it can certainly be travelled year-round, the best time to visit Mozambique is during the September to November window. During this time you will experience dry and warm weather that creates the perfect wildlife viewing opportunities. While this is the peak time to visit for wildlife viewing, the dry season actually lasts from April to December, meaning the window is much wider if you are simply looking to take advantage of the weather and hit one of Mozambique’s wonderful beaches.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Mozambique

    Is Mozambique good for safari?

    A wild landscape, beautifully scenic coastal region, diverse wildlife, and rich culture all combine to make Mozambique a great destination for safari.

    What is Mozambique known for?

    Mozambique is best known for its stunning beaches and wildlife viewing opportunities.

    How do you travel around Mozambique?

    While there are many buses connecting the major cities and towns of Mozambique, the large distances within the country mean that air travel is usually the most efficient means of getting around the country.

    Do they speak English in Mozambique?

    While the official language of Mozambique is Portuguese and there are over 60 different Bantu dialects spoken, English is generally only spoken in tourist hotspots.

    What currency do they use in Mozambique?

    The official currency used in Mozambique is the Mozambican Metical, although some foreign currencies, such as the US Dollar and British Pound Sterling, are used in the southern parts of the country.

    Mozambique Tour Highlights

    Gorongosa National Park

    Situated toward the southern end of the Great African Rift Valley, Gorongosa National Park covers an area of roughly 4,000km². The landscape of the park is made up mostly of the valley floor and surrounding plateau, and at one point supported one of the most densely populated wildlife ecosystems in Africa. Although the balance of the ecosystem was threatened during the Mozambican Civil War, Gorongosa National park has begun to bounce back with the help of restoration and conservation efforts.

    Island of Mozambique

    The Island of Mozambique, also known as Ilha de Mozambique in Portuguese, is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Mozambique thanks to its rich history and beautiful beaches. The island has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was at one point the capital of the colony of Portuguese East Africa.

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