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    Multisport Tours

    Multisport tours are an incredible way to experience the world, offering a variety of activities and the freedom to explore at your own pace. From self-guided adventures in remote wilderness areas to guided excursions through vibrant cities, there are plenty of multisport tours that cater to all ages and skill levels. Plan your multisport trip and get ready for an action-packed adventure!

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      Displaying 15 of 84 tours

      Open details for Picos de Europa Active Family Adventure Tour
      Lifetime Deposit

      Northern Spain

      Picos de Europa Active Family Adventure Tour

      Parents and kids alike will enjoy the diversity of exhilarating activities designed to challenge and thrill on the 6-day self-guided Picos de Europa Active Family Adventure.

      6 days from $295USDDetails
      Open details for Vietnam Off the Beaten Path


      Vietnam Off the Beaten Path

      The Vietnam Off the Beaten Path tour is an adventure to eccentric places. Upon your arrival to astonishing Hanoi, it won’t be long before you head off into the striking beauty of Sapa by private car.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      12 days from $617USDDetails
      Open details for Natural Wonders of North Vietnam Tour


      Natural Wonders of North Vietnam Tour

      The Natural Wonders of North Vietnam Tour is an immersive adventure in a magnetic country that mixes activity with cultural discovery.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      9 days from $742USDDetails
      Open details for 5-Day Guatemala Multisport Tour


      5-Day Guatemala Multisport Tour

      Enjoy a wealth of adventures on mountain bike, kayak and on foot on this short multisport break in Guatemala.

      5 days from $925USDDetails
      Open details for Paddling through Ecuador’s Rainforest
      Lifetime Deposit


      Paddling through Ecuador’s Rainforest

      Discover the true heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle as you explore the Yasuni National Park on this paddling adventure. This guided adventure lets you truly experience the natural beauty of the rainforest as you kayak through the vibrant jungle by day and camp in the jungle by night.

      5 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for São Miguel Adventure Tour


      São Miguel Adventure Tour

      If you are after an unforgettable travel experience that combines breathtaking island landscapes and a variety of exciting outdoor activities, then the São Miguel Adventure Tour is the perfect journey for you to undertake!

      7 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Bled Family Adventure


      Bled Family Adventure

      The Julian Alps in Slovenia are a beautiful natural playground full of lakes, waterfalls, canyons, and mountains for your family to explore. The Bled Family Adventure is an exciting holiday full of amazing outdoor experiences guaranteed to thrill both the adults and the kids!

      Partially Guided
      7 days from $1,075USDDetails
      Open details for Slovenia Adventure Week Tour


      Slovenia Adventure Week Tour

      The unspoiled natural beauty of the Julian Alps and the Soča Valley invite you to come to play in astonishing surroundings. The Slovenia Adventure Week Tour is a multisport holiday that calls you to enjoy this green oasis through a wide variety of exciting activities.

      Partially Guided
      7 days from $1,095USDDetails
      Open details for Soča Valley Family Adventure


      Soča Valley Family Adventure

      Discover the lush forests, rushing rivers, crystal lakes, and breathtaking mountains of Slovenia’s Emerald Valley. The Soča Valley Family Adventure is the perfect way to see all the natural wonders of the Julian Alps for an active family looking for fun new ways to enjoy the outdoors.

      Partially Guided
      8 days from $1,125USDDetails
      Open details for Puglia Snorkelling Adventure

      Southern Italy

      Puglia Snorkelling Adventure

      Immerse yourself in the land and sea of southern Italy’s Puglia region as you snorkel your way through Salento on this 7-day guided tour. Grab your snorkelling gear and discover the undersea wonderland of Puglia’s Adriatic and Ionian coasts.

      7 days from $1,175USDDetails
      Open details for Vietnam Multisport and Culture Tour


      Vietnam Multisport and Culture Tour

      Experience Vietnam through a carefully designed adventurous itinerary on the Vietnam Multisport and Culture Tour! Offering fresh experiences and different perspectives by approaching the simple and rustic features of this land, this tour immerses you in a wide variety of activities (including biking, cruising, fishing, and Jeep touring) and authentic local life. Imagine the feeling of being free to cycle through fields stretching endlessly to the horizon between the overlapping limestone mountains and winding rivers. Then discover the masterpiece of nature in Ha Long Bay, where you can go kayaking and swimming in the clear blue water. Continue to the peaceful land of Hue, experience riding on a cyclo to admire the historical works of the dynasties. Soak up to the romantic land of Hoi An, visiting with local farmers and learning about the daily lifestyle. End the journey with the South, visiting the fascinating Cu Chi tunnels by Jeep.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      11 days from $1,200USDDetails
      Open details for 5-Day Waorani Expedition
      Lifetime Deposit


      5-Day Waorani Expedition

      Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in the past? To journey into the unknown, learn from elders and live as our ancestors did? This Expedition will take you to the home of the Waorani indigenous people– fierce protectors of the past, of nature, and of their cultural identity. Join in on the adventure of a lifetime and explore one of the untouched areas of the Amazon. Spend time immersing yourself in the culture of local warriors and learn about how they survive in the wild of the Amazon. A world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is a truly unique experience in an area where few have dared to go!

      5 days from $1,230USDDetails
      Open details for Andes and Amazon Adventure
      Lifetime Deposit


      Andes and Amazon Adventure

      The 8-day guided Ecuadorian Andes and Amazon Adventure tour will take you on the adventure of a lifetime. With a range of exciting activities on deck, there’s never a dull moment on this tour! Explore the volcanic mountains and rainforests of Ecuador on hikes and bike rides. Then, your guides will take you to hidden crater lakes, powerful waterfalls, and majestic canyons.

      8 days from $1,250USDDetails
      Open details for Sarawak Rainforest Multisport Tour


      Sarawak Rainforest Multisport Tour

      Borneo offers exceptional hiking, cycling, and kayaking, and the Sarawak Rainforest Multisport Tour lets you enjoy all three!

      Feb-Mar, Jun, Nov-Dec
      8 days from $1,275USDDetails
      Open details for North Macedonia Multisport Tour

      North Macedonia

      North Macedonia Multisport Tour

      Truly experience the wilderness of North Macedonia on this 7-day multisport adventure tour. Get acquainted with this unique country through its hiking trails, lakes, cuisine, and stories from your local guide. And the most magical part: spend two nights camping in a private, remote lakeside location.

      7 days from $1,325USDDetails

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      General Information

      Why Choose Multisport for Your Holiday?

      Choosing multisport for your holiday offers a unique blend of adventure, exercise, and exploration. It allows you to experience destinations through diverse activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, and more. Multisport tours are eco-friendly, promote well-being, and create lasting memories through immersive and varied travel experiences.

      Different Ways of Multisport

      Multisport tours offer diverse experiences: combine hiking and kayaking in pristine natural settings, enjoy mountain biking and rock climbing in rugged terrains, or explore urban areas with a mix of cycling, walking, and cultural activities. These tours cater to all fitness levels and provide a comprehensive way to engage with the environment and local culture.

      What fitness level is required for multisport tours?

      What should I pack for a multisport tour?

      Are multisport tours suitable for beginners?

      Do I need to bring my own equipment for a multisport tour?

      What types of multisport tours are available?

      How do I choose the right multisport tour for me?

      What safety measures are in place during the tours?

      Are meals and accommodations included in the tour packages?

      Can I join a multisport tour alone?

      What is the group size for multisport tours?

      How do I handle different activities if I'm only experienced in one?

      What if I have a mechanical issue with equipment during the tour?

      Is travel insurance necessary for multisport tours?

      How do I prepare for a long-duration multisport tour?

      What cultural experiences can I expect on a multisport tour?

      What is the best time of year for multisport tours?

      Are children allowed on multisport tours?

      How much does a typical multisport tour cost?

      What should I know about local customs and etiquette?

      How do I stay connected with family and friends during the tour?

      What if the weather affects the planned activities?

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