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    Snowshoeing Tours

    Are you looking for a chill winter activity that’s low-risk compared to downhill skiing? Do you love to hike in the summer but don’t know what to do in the winter? Snowshoeing is the answer. This low-impact activity brings you into nature on trails you would typically explore in the summer. Your guide leads you along beautiful trails through show-covered areas of forests and frozen rivers, waterfalls, and lakes on the snowshoeing tours below. Enjoy this peaceful activity, which can be especially magical on journeys that take you away from the city.

    If you’re not into extreme winter sports, a snowshoeing tour allows you to enjoy the outdoors and stay active while not overloading your adrenaline. Instead, walk along trails covered with fresh powder and enjoy the absolute silence of serene, snowy environments around you. Your guide will take care of the details so you can enjoy the dreamy winter landscapes. Nature is there to be explored year-round, so bundle up and snowshoe through the world’s winter wonderlands on one of these tours.

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      Displaying 10 of 10 tours

      Open details for Mont Blanc Snowshoeing Tour

      Tour du Mont Blanc

      Mont Blanc Snowshoeing Tour

      The Mont Blanc Snowshoeing Tour is an incredible winter adventure in France that really makes the picturesque terrain of the Alps come alive! Strap on your snowshoes and discover the delights of the Mont Blanc region with this great route designed by expert guides.

      6 days from $925USDDetails
      Open details for Snowshoeing in Bulgaria


      Snowshoeing in Bulgaria

      Snowshoe across mystical mountain ranges that immerse you in storybook-like images on the Bulgarian Mountains Snowshoeing Tour. The trek will have you exploring Rila—the tallest mountain range in Bulgaria—where you’ll encounter staggering peaks cradling lush valleys and lakes glimmering with beauty, as well as the Rhodope mountains. Expect the folklore and character spanning the villages and natural scenery to propel you to forget that you’re traversing across the land by snowshoe and transport you to a calming dreamland.

      8 days from $1,125USDDetails
      Open details for Winter Rockies Self-Drive Tour

      Canadian Rockies

      Winter Rockies Self-Drive Tour

      The spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains attract visitors from around the world in the summer, but during the winter they become a beautiful snowy playground for skiers and adventurous travellers. The Winter Rockies Self-Drive Tour is a relaxed self-driving itinerary that offers longer stays in each stop, so you can fill each day with your favourite winter activities.

      Downhill Ski
      Jan-Apr, Dec
      9 days from $1,275USDDetails
      Open details for Chic-Choc Mountains Tour


      Chic-Choc Mountains Tour

      Journey deep into the Quebec wilderness to the remote Chic-Choc Mountain Lodge. Here, you’ll disconnect from the outside world as you’re surrounded by the incredible beauty of the winter mountains that invite you to play.

      Backcountry Ski
      Partially Guided
      6 days from $2,325USDDetails
      Open details for Yukon Dog Sledding Expedition

      Canadian Arctic

      Yukon Dog Sledding Expedition

      During the winter months, the endless wilderness and stunning mountain landscapes of Yukon sparkle under a blanket of snow. On the Yukon Dog Sledding Expedition, you’ll enjoy the majestic beauty of the north on an unforgettable sledding adventure.

      Wildlife Watching
      Partially Guided
      Jan-Mar, Dec
      8 days from $2,695USDDetails
      Open details for Northern Lights Wilderness Escape

      Canadian Arctic

      Northern Lights Wilderness Escape

      Journey to the Northwest Territories for the winter wilderness adventure of a lifetime! The Northern Lights Wilderness Escape takes you from Yellowknife to a wilderness lodge that is only accessible by bush plane for a winter experience unlike any other.

      Cross-Country Skiing
      Partially Guided
      Jan-Apr, Dec
      7 days from $2,795USDDetails
      Open details for Yellowstone Snowshoe Adventure


      Yellowstone Snowshoe Adventure

      Yellowstone National Park completely transforms during the winter months. Spend five days exploring the snow-covered trails on this guided snowshoeing adventure tracing the Mammoth Hot Springs area, which is at its prime in the cold and snow!

      5 days from $3,375USDDetails
      Open details for Snow and Sand Escape

      US East

      Snow and Sand Escape

      Sometimes it’s hard to decide if you want to spend your vacation enjoying your favourite winter sports or visiting someplace warm for some much-needed vitamin D. The Snow and Sand Escape itinerary was designed so that you don’t have to choose! Take a winter wilderness getaway and then unwind in the sun on this unforgettable trip.

      Beach Holiday
      Partially Guided
      12 days from $3,525USDDetails
      Open details for Dog Sledding in East Greenland Tour


      Dog Sledding in East Greenland Tour

      The Dog Sledding in East Greenland Tour invites you into the unique lifestyle of dog sledding between isolated communities in East Greenland. Greenland has few roads and none that connect the villages, so dog sleds, snowmobiles, boats, and helicopters transport travellers around this icy land. This adventure tour reels you into the traditional way of life. While travelling by dog sled across vast snowy lands, you’ll witness Inuit traditions, visit isolated communities, and very likely get to see the northern lights. The dog team will get a rest mid-week while you will explore the Sermilik Coast on snowshoes. Take this tour as an opportunity to unplug from your connected world—there’s no cell signal out here.

      8 days from $3,575USDDetails
      Open details for Winter in Yukon’s Kluane National Park

      Canadian Arctic

      Winter in Yukon’s Kluane National Park

      Visit the Yukon for an exciting winter getaway full of snowy fun and peaceful nights. The Winter in Yukon’s Kluane National Park takes you to a remote wilderness lodge in a French community in Kluane National Park.

      Partially Guided
      Jan-Mar, Dec
      10 days from $5,075USDDetails

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