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    Yosemite Tours

    Yosemite tours are an incredible experience for outdoor enthusiasts, offering access to one of the most pristine national parks within the United States. When it comes to backpacking adventures, tours in Yosemite are second to none, as they take you to iconic sites within the park, such as Half Dome and Cloud’s Rest. If you are after an epic active holiday in California, be sure to check out the list of Yosemite tours below.

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      Displaying 8 of 8 tours

      Open details for Yosemite Falls Backpacking Tour


      Yosemite Falls Backpacking Tour

      The Yosemite Falls Backpacking Tour may be only three days, but it packs a punch when it comes to dazzling scenery, ridiculous views, and hiking adventures. Expect to wind to North America’s highest waterfalls, the ever-so mighty: Yosemite Falls. But that’s not all! You’ll get to marvel at the imposing Mt. Watkins and Half Dome from your spectacular camping spot on Day 2.

      3 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Hiking in Yosemite Valley Tour


      Hiking in Yosemite Valley Tour

      Explore the highlights of the magnificent Yosemite Valley on this 4-day hiking tour. Your expert wilderness guide will lead you on- and off-trail to the valley’s most incredible vantage points. For landscape photographers, this is your weekend tour!

      4 days from $1,295USDDetails
      Open details for Alpine Lakes Backpacking Adventure


      Alpine Lakes Backpacking Adventure

      Escape society and travel deep into remote wonders tucked into Ansel Adams Wilderness on this guided Alpine Lakes Backpacking Adventure. Alongside a trusted guide, you’ll travel to pristine scenery, such as granite peaks, meadows cloaked in wildflowers, glittering lakes, and rivers cutting into Southern Yosemite’s tremendous landscape.

      5 days from $1,495USDDetails
      Open details for Half Dome Backpacking Tour


      Half Dome Backpacking Tour

      One word describes this “bang for your buck” guided 5-day Half Dome Backpacking Tour in Yosemite National Park: epic. Traverse a montage of remarkable scenery before ascending the iconic Half Dome. Camp along the scenic Merced River, pass by the roaring Nevada Fall and meander a portion of the famous John Muir Trail.

      Jun-Jul, Sep
      5 days from $1,995USDDetails
      Open details for Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome Backpacking Trip


      Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome Backpacking Trip

      Explore the spectacular scenery sprawling across Yosemite National Park, view some wild wonders from up close as you snake along the various paths—including the famous John Muir Trail—and marvel at the staggering landscape layered below from atop Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome. That’s right, the 5-day guided Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome Backpacking Trip takes you to two of the most remarkable peaks in Yosemite.

      5 days from $2,095USDDetails
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      Open details for High Passes Backpacking Trip in Yosemite


      High Passes Backpacking Trip in Yosemite

      Escape to the wild and embark on the unforgettable guided High Passes Backpacking Trip in Yosemite National Park. This impressive route has you traversing 80 km and crossing 4 high elevation passes in 8 days. You’ll spend each night camping in the thick of the wild, alongside scenic lakes with elaborate mountain backdrops, such as Upper Merced Pass Lake and Lake 10K.

      8 days from $2,295USDDetails
      Open details for Yosemite Grand Traverse Backpacking Tour


      Yosemite Grand Traverse Backpacking Tour

      Get ready for an unforgettable, rugged trekking experience of a lifetime on this epic 8-day Yosemite Grand Traverse Backpacking Tour. This 80-kilometre trek winds to a collage of remote natural wonders tucked into the corners of Yosemite National Park, including a challenging, but undeniably rewarding hike to the summit of Clouds Rest and an epic night of camping by Cathedral Lake.

      Jul, Sep
      8 days from $2,995USDDetails
      Open details for Yosemite Grand Traverse Tour with Horsepack Support


      Yosemite Grand Traverse Tour with Horsepack Support

      Get ready for an epic 8-day adventure tour through the iconic and most-photographed regions of Yosemite National Park. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking, and to boot, you’ll have pack mules doing most of the heavy lifting for you, leaving you free to appreciate your surroundings without struggling under the weight of your pack.

      8 days from $4,495USDDetails
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      Yosemite General Information

      Where to go in Yosemite

      Planning a visit to Yosemite means exploring iconic sites and hidden gems. Yosemite Valley, known for El Capitan and Half Dome, is essential for newcomers. Mariposa Grove showcases ancient sequoias, Glacier Point delivers stunning views, and Tuolumne Meadows offers tranquility in the high country.

      What to do in Yosemite

      Choosing activities in Yosemite is easy with its diverse offerings. Rock climbers can tackle world-class routes, and hikers have access to 800+ miles of trails for all levels. The park's water bodies provide fishing, swimming, and kayaking options for a memorable outdoor experience.

      When to go to Yosemite

      Choosing when to go to Yosemite depends largely on the activities you're interested in. The summer months offer warm weather and access to the park's full range of attractions, though they also bring larger crowds. Spring is ideal for viewing waterfalls at their peak, while autumn offers cooler temperatures and fewer visitors. Winter transforms the park into a snowy wonderland, perfect for winter activities.

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