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    Yukon Hiking Tours

    Yukon trekking tours offer stunning views of one of the world’s most pristine wilderness areas, creating an adventure travel experience you will never forget. From the historic Chilkoot Trail to the rugged Tombstone Territorial Park, planning a trekking tour in the Yukon has the potential to be a life-changing adventure. Featuring raw nature and rich history, Yukon trekking tours will immerse you in a challenging and authentic experience.

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      Displaying 4 of 4 tours

      Open details for Aurora Borealis Tour

      Canadian Arctic

      Aurora Borealis Tour

      Embark on a bucket-list adventure in Northern Canada’s Yukon territory, where the Aurora Borealis ripples into the night sky, rendering its audience mesmerized as it ebbs and flows.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      Partially Guided
      Jan-Mar, Aug-Dec
      3 days from $450USDDetails
      Open details for Trekking in Yukon’s Tombstone Park

      Canadian Arctic

      Trekking in Yukon’s Tombstone Park

      Tombstone Territorial Park is often referred to as the Northern Hemisphere’s Patagonia. This remote part of the Yukon is blessed with incredible hiking and scenery, and is truly a once in a lifetime trip for hikers and trekkers that love remote, unspoiled wilderness.

      8 days from $1,950USDDetails
      Open details for Alaska & Yukon Adventure Tour


      Alaska & Yukon Adventure Tour

      Let the rolling tundra, snaking inlets, stark blue glaciers tucked in the foot of snow-swept mountains envelop you as you paddle the Yukon and Teslin Rivers and twist through subarctic passes by foot.

      22 days from $3,250USDDetails
      Open details for Yukon and Alaska Self-Drive Tour


      Yukon and Alaska Self-Drive Tour

      The Yukon and Alaska Self-Drive Tour promises to be an unforgettable experience. Take a road expedition into the vast northern wilderness. Spend 14 days following the historic Klondike route while you hike and explore the unbelievable landscapes.

      14 days from $3,350USDDetails

      1-4 of 4 tours

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      Yukon General Information

      Where to Trek in the Yukon

      When planning where to trek in the Yukon, consider your desired route or a hub to explore from. Whitehorse is a popular starting point for trails like the Chilkoot Trail, while Dawson City offers access to the stunning landscapes of Tombstone Territorial Park.

      What makes Trekking in the Yukon special?

      Trekking in the Yukon is a special experience due to the captivating blend of vast wilderness, rich history, and abundant wildlife. The region is home to remarkable long-distance trails, such as the Chilkoot Trail and Kluane National Park hikes, offering trekkers a challenging yet transformative journey through untouched landscapes.

      When to go Trekking in the Yukon

      If you are wondering when to go trekking in the Yukon, the best time is during the summer months. Although June to August are the busiest times, spring and autumn can also be suitable, while winter trekking is not recommended due to snow and harsh conditions on high elevation trails.

      Top 5 Treks and Hikes in the Yukon

      1. Chilkoot Trail: Follow the historic route of the Klondike Gold Rush, trekking through stunning landscapes and reliving the footsteps of prospectors.
      2. Tombstone Territorial Park Trek: Explore the dramatic, rugged peaks and alpine meadows of Tombstone Territorial Park, offering a true wilderness adventure.
      3. Kluane National Park Hiking: Hike through the vast wilderness of Kluane National Park, home to Canada's highest peaks and largest ice fields.
      4. Cottonwood Trail: Traverse diverse landscapes, from lush valleys to high alpine passes, on this scenic multi-day trek in Kluane National Park.
      5. Donjek Route: Challenge yourself on this remote and demanding trek through the wild heart of Kluane National Park, featuring dramatic scenery and abundant wildlife.

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