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Seattle Maop

Seattle is a city quite unlike any other, and one that marches to the ever-changing beat of its own drum. Vibrant, artistic, busy, and eclectic, visitors to Washington State simply can’t pass up an opportunity to wander its streets. Locals and visitors alike will most likely find themselves right in the middle of it all at the raucous Pike Place Market, the 110 year old pantry of the city. Here, a taste of Seattle’s spirit can be found in the flying fish, the hole in the wall craft shops, and the wacky art and sculpture. Beyond Pike Place, a patchwork city sprawls, but it’s one that shares a common soul: progression, expression, and connection with nature.

Seattle is a city of neighborhoods, each with its own distinctive atmosphere. Walk amidst ancient, colorful Victorian mansions in Queen Anne, or find yourself among the artists in Fremont. Meet new friends in Capitol Hill and then watch a neighbourhood find its own way in South Lake Union. That’s just the start! While each neighborhood of Seattle feels a bit like a different city, you’ll find a common theme among their inhabitants- this is a city that is deeply connected to the natural world.

With the broad expanse of the Pacific Ocean just beyond Puget Sound, the epic coastlines of Washington are magical places to wander away a day. The mighty Olympics tower to the west and the Olympics to the east, and acres upon acres of old-growth forest linger just outside the city limits. With a geography as splendid as this, those visiting Seattle should find no shortage of hiking, skiing, cycling, walking, boating, and fishing to do. Stay local with a walk through one of the city’s many gorgeous parks. Or, pack up the car to hit the trails further out. No matter where you adventure, you’ll be treated to a rich natural beauty protected and preserved by the inhabitants of the city in the center of it all: Seattle.

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