North Cascades Hikes

Region in Washington State, United States

Hiking in the North Cascades National Park in Washington State is an outdoor paradise. Whether it is hiking, backpacking, climbing or paddling, the North Cascades are a great choice. Home to emerald lakes, soaring spires, the Stehekin river valley, and more than 300 glaciers. To put it simple, North Cascades National Park has lots of great hikes. As the least-visited national park in Washington state, hiking in the North Cascades rarely feels crowded.

Family friendly strolls? Check. Moderate day hikes? Check. Jumping off points for grueling multi-day adventures? Check and check. Washington State’s North Cascades National Park has it all. Our top 10 trails feature something for everyone, including scenic mountain overlooks, alpine lakes, snowy passes, and the park’s namesake: cascading waterfalls. Some 643.7km of trails snake through the North Cascades, with more than 127 alpine lakes to explore. So what are you waiting for? The Cascades are calling!

#1. Maple Pass Loop (11.0km, 623m, 4-6h): The Maple Pass Loop hike is a stunning trail in the North Cascades. Hiking high above alpine lakes, the Maple Pass Loop skirts the National Park boundary for views deep into the rugged and remote North Cascades. If you have time for just one North Cascades hike, this is the one.

#2. Hidden Lake Trail (13.0km, 914m, 5-6h): Hiking the Hidden Lake Trail is exquisite. Wildflowers, rocky spires, an alpine lake, and a historic lookout can all be found while hiking the Hidden Lake Trail. Enjoy countless Cascade views as you hike this challenging trail.

#3. Easy Pass (11.4km, 935m, 5-6h): Hiking Easy Pass is actually a challenging North Cascades hike, despite its name. The views from Easy Pass are amazing. Gaze across Fisher Basin to Fisher Peak, and check out Mount Logan’s glaciated goods from afar. This trail is excellent during fall when the subalpine larches turn golden-yellow. Snow-dusted peaks are icing on the cake.

#4. Blue Lake (7.0km, 305m, 2-3h): The hike to Blue Lake is a stunner. This leisurely, Washington State hike takes you out to a pretty Blue Lake flanked by the dramatic Liberty Bell Mountain spires. This trail is especially excellent during fall when the larches turn gold.

#5. Cascade Pass (11.9km, 518m, 3-4h): Choose Cascade Pass for a classic North Cascades experience. This is a relatively easy hike to subalpine grandeur. Mountains, valleys, glaciers, waterfalls, and more make the Cascade Pass hike nearly unbeatable for the effort.

#6. Cutthroat Pass via Pacific Crest Trail (16.0km, 828m, 5-6h): Hiking to Cutthroat Pass is said to be one of the most scenic stretches of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State. Hike to Cutthroat Pass and you’ll see why. This moderate 8.0km hike offers outstanding mountain views from the 2073m pass.

#7. Washington Pass Overlook (0.4km, 6m, 0-1h): The Washington Pass Overlook hike is a short, paved trail to the incredible Liberty Bell views from the 1707m heights of Washington Pass. This hike is a must-do on your trip to the North Cascades, and is an excellent way to break up the drive between eastern and western Washington.

#8. Ladder Creek Falls (0.8km, 61m, 1h): Ladder Creek Falls is a quick hike that takes you for a short walk over the Skagit River and through the woods to Ladder Creek Falls in Newhalem. In the evenings, a colored light show provides entertainment from dusk till midnight year-round.

#9. Diablo Lake Trail (7.1km, 244m, 3-4h): The hike up Diablo Lake Trail rises 213m above its Diablo Lake, delivering hikers to a view of Ross Dam before trekking down to a suspension bridge over Lake Diablo. During summer, this hike can be done as a one-way hike with a ride back to the trailhead via the Diablo Lake Ferry.

#10. Thunder Creek Trail (19.9km, 427m, 5-6 hours): Hike the Thunder Creek Trail as far as you like. The Thunder Creek Trail stretches over 48.3km into the North Cascades backcountry. This is an epic Washington State adventure that you don’t want to miss.

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01. Maple Pass Loop

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02. Hidden Lake Trail

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03. Easy Pass

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04. Blue Lake

4.3mi 1,001ft 2-3h

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05. Cascade Pass

7.4mi 1,699ft 3-4h

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06. Cutthroat Pass

10.0mi 2,717ft 5-6h

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07. Washington Pass Overlook

0.2mi 20ft 0.5h

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08. Ladder Creek Falls

0.5mi 200ft 0.5h

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09. Diablo Lake Trail

4.4mi 801ft 3-4h

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10. Thunder Creek Trail

12.4mi 1,401ft 5-6h

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