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    4 Adventures in 4 Canadian Cities: We Review the New Reebok Nano X1 Adventure Training Shoe

    4 Adventures in 4 Canadian Cities: We Review The New Reebok Nano X1 Adventure Training Shoe

    By Nadine GravisGear Reviews

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    With summer now in full swing, if you’re anything like us, you’ve been soaking up every moment of those long-awaited outdoor adventures with family and friends. And what better way to restore, rejuvenate, and reinfuse our minds and bodies following what’s been a challenging chapter in most people’s life stories? Choosing a beautiful spot, making a plan with family or friends, throwing together your day pack, and heading out into nature for a walk, hike, or outdoor workout is an easy, free, and incredibly beneficial way to positively impact our mental and physical health and well-being. You don’t have to search hard to find out just what type of benefits incorporating outdoor exercise can provide. WebMD lists the potential benefits of hiking outdoors, and let’s just say they are nearly endless! From weight control to improved blood pressure, combating stress and anxiety and boosting your mood, it’s clear that something special happens when we get outside, move our bodies, and expand our minds.

    Like you, the 10Adventures team has been seizing every opportunity to enjoy incredible outdoor adventures this summer. Recently we teamed up with Reebok Canada who set four of our contributors up with a pair of the newly released Reebok Nano X1 Adventure training shoes to hit the trails with. We set out on four unique adventures across Canada, putting the Nano X1 Adventure to the test in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver. In this article, we’ll take you along for the ride on four incredible outdoor adventures across Canada and give you the scoop on how the Nano X1 Adventure performed in action when put to the test!

    4 Adventures in 4 Canadian Cities

    Contributor wearing Nano X Adventure

    From the towering Calgary skyline to the tree-lined trails of Canmore, contributor Kate tested her new Nano X1 Adventures on what couldn’t have been a more perfect summer day. Kate noted that, “beyond its extensive history, wild-west culture, sunny climate, and amazing cosmopolitan selection of unique restaurants, Calgary is an epicenter for outdoor sport and a draw for fitness enthusiasts from all over the world.” Kate set out into the wild with her new Nano X1 Adventures, trail-running up the well-maintained dirt path of Canmore’s Grassi Lakes Trail and doing a light training session outdoors at the Memorial Stairs, one of Calgary’s most popular outdoor fitness sites. Kate scored big, soaking up some of the most beautiful views in the city while breaking a sweat. If you’re looking for an ideal spot for an outdoor workout in Calgary without leaving the city, we recommend hitting the Memorial Stairs-- you won’t be disappointed!

    While this adventure was Kate’s first time wearing her Nano X1 Adventures, she noted, “the shoes felt so comfortable and did not even feel as though they needed to be broken in before wearing them.” When asked to compare the Nano X1 Adventure to other shoes she’s used in similar settings, she shared, “this shoe felt like a nice cross between a typical running shoe and a true trail runner. The shoes feel very stable without being too stiff.”

    Find Nano X1 Adventure at ReebokFind Nano X1 Adventure at Sport Check

    Contributor wearing Nano X Adventure

    A recap of adventures on the West Coast wouldn’t be complete without featuring Vancouver Island! Off Canada’s Pacific Coast, this island oasis is beloved by locals and visitors alike. Contributor Pat took his Nano X1 Adventures for a spin on the Ripple Rock Trail at Campbell River, enjoying spellbinding views over the Menzies Bay as well as the Seymour Narrows and gorgeous natural scenery in all directions.

    Pat got the adrenaline pumping with a high-intensity afternoon trail run on a natural dirt/rock trail near Campbell River. Despite the rough terrain, Pat was impressed that he “never once noticed the shoes on [his] feet – no pressure points, blisters, or anything.” He felt that this allowed him to focus completely on the trail and the stunning scenery around him. Although Pat felt the shoes weren’t as breathable as some others he's hit the trails in, he loved the eye-catching colours and that, “these shoes performed really well on this type of terrain, and they seem durable enough to survive many other hikes and trail-runs similar to this.”

    Contributor wearing Nano X Adventure

    Now over to east-central Canada, where contributor Nadine also soaked up some incredible views while testing out her Nano X1 Adventures. In certain cities within Canada, we’re lucky enough to be able to escape into nature without actually leaving the city itself, and Toronto is one of those cities. Nadine set out to a beautiful location in Toronto’s east end, where she enjoyed an early morning adventure at the Scarborough Bluffs.

    Hugging the shoreline of the expansive Lake Ontario, “The Bluffs” as they’re more commonly known is an escarpment that forms a large portion of Toronto’s sprawling waterfront. With the bluffs rising up to 90 m and stretching over 15.0 km in length, the views are jaw-dropping, and it’s sometimes hard to believe that you’re just a short drive from Toronto’s downtown core.

    At The Bluffs, Nadine enjoyed some light cardio with a brisk uphill walk before finding a clifftop spot with some sweet views over sparkling Lake Ontario. She laced up her Nano X1 Adventures and dove into some easy, no-equipment exercises. Nadine’s first impressions of the shoes are captured in this statement: “Right away, the sturdiness of the shoe was apparent, my ankles felt super supported and protected, and despite the stability, the shoe didn’t weigh me down.” She continued, “the transition between walking, running, and doing a stationary workout was seamless, and the shoes did exactly what they were supposed to for me in every stage of the adventure.”

    Contributor wearing Nano X Adventure

    Lastly, it’s time to take it even further east to Quebec, as we acknowledge that there’s nothing quite like trading in the hustle and bustle of the city for fresh mountain air. With Mont-Tremblant and the towering Laurentian Mountains just a 1.5-hour drive northwest of Montreal, contributor Jacob saw the perfect opportunity to test out his Nano X1 Adventures there.

    Beyond the charming downtown area of the city of Mont-Tremblant rise the majestic Laurentians, Quebec’s impressive mountain range that offers the perfect escape into nature. The mesmerizing landscape is painted with jagged peaks carpeted in rich greenery and dotted with sparkling lakes, a true oasis for lovers of the great outdoors.

    Setting out into the Laurentians, Jacob blazed a trail with a heart-pumping run in his new Nano X1 Adventures, noting right off the bat that “the shoes feel great at first. They’re not only stylish but supportive.” Jacob wanted to put the shoes to the test on a variety of landscapes, and his adventure saw him “running up and down various elevations on various terrains, like sand, gravel, bigger rocks, and mud.” Beyond the performance of the shoe while on the trails, Jacob also noted, “I like flashy shoes, and these are right up my alley. I felt that these could definitely turn heads on the trails and in the gym.”

    Nano X1 Adventure Overview

    Now that we’ve heard from the team of adventurers, let’s break down the Nano X1 Adventure to see what it’s made of.

    Reebok Nano X1 Adventure trail runner cross training shoe sitting on rocks by Grassi Lakes Canmore AlbertaReebok Nano X1 Adventure trail runner cross training shoe Department of Outdoor Adventure

    At A Glance

    Product: Reebok Online Shop | Reebok CA – A training shoe built for an outdoor adventure.

    Price: $150.00 CAD

    Brief Pros: Excellent stability and comfort. Breathable and performs well on a variety of terrains. Affordable and super stylish with colours that pop.

    Brief Cons: Extra-long laces and not ideal for very narrow feet or road running.

    Would we recommend them? Yes! Without a doubt, we would recommend the Nano X1 Adventure to family and friends after testing them out.


    Reebok’s new Nano X1 Adventure is a follow-up to their Nano X1. Built with performance but also versatility in mind, the lightweight shoe is made of durable materials and features an antimicrobial lining. The Nano X1 Adventure is ideal for outdoor walking or trail running, an outdoor workout, or even an active day spent exploring the city streets.

    Updated Rubber Lug Outsole – This is one of the major additions to the Nano X1 shoe. The outsole lug ensures maximum traction and allows you to get outside of the box and tackle a wider range of adventures outdoors. Pat noted, “The rubber Lug Outsole provides superior stability and protection against rolled ankles.”

    Stretch Ripstop – Designed to provide added protection and breathability. Kate loved that this feature helped keep her toes from overheating but didn’t sacrifice durability in the process.

    Speed Chassis – For increased heel stability. All contributors agreed the stability of this shoe was one of the things that stood out the most. Kate remarked, “The Speed Chassis really hugged my heel without feeling too tight and helped the entire shoe and my ankles feel very stable.”

    Lace Lock Harness – Makes for a snug and consistent fit. Although a few of us noted the laces are super long on this shoe, this is definitely a redeeming factor!

    Floatride Energy Drop-In – This feature is designed to create additional responsiveness in the forefoot. We can attest that we certainly felt a great deal of cushioning while walking on tightly packed dirt trails.

    When/Where to Use

    Jacob running near Montreal, Reebok Nano X1 Adventure trail runner in action

    While the shoes are designed for outdoor adventures, we all know that outdoor adventures can look different depending on where you are and what you’re doing. Jacob, who hit a trail in Mt. Tremblant, tackled muddy, wet terrain and felt the shoes held up very well in terms of grip despite this. He felt confident running uphill in these conditions and was impressed with the shoes’ level of waterproofing. Pat also noted they were more waterproof than other types of trail runners he’s used and also stated that despite running on rugged rocky terrain, “the shoes showed no scratches or scuff marks,” which again speaks to their durability.

    Most of us hit the trails during our adventures, but Jacob also decided to try them out while running on pavement (which we should add, isn’t exactly what they’re intended for!). He remarked, “They are definitely heavier and meant for the trail—changing pace, climbing and descending rather than consistency on the hard pavement, where they didn’t perform as well.”

    In short, the Nano X1 Adventures held up well on a variety of terrains, including muddy and wet paths, tightly packed dirt trails, rock trails with obstacles (roots, logs, rocks etc.), and city steps and streets. Reebok notes that the shoe is made to “Go wherever you do!” and we agree that they’re absolutely a good choice for a wide range of outdoor adventures on varying terrain.

    How They Performed

    Nadine doing outdoor workout in Reebok Nano X1 Adventure trail runner near Toronto

    Kate rated the shoes a 9/10 for comfort while doing a mixture of trail running, brisk walking, and a light stair climbing workout, before finishing the day off with an urban walk. She stated, “Personally, I normally prefer a more narrow fitting shoe with a bit more arch support, however, these shoes are very lightweight, offer great heel support, and are so breathable!”

    Pat rated the shoes a 9/10 for comfort following his trail running adventure on a rugged path. Although he noted the laces were quite a bit longer than he was used to, overall, he felt “Great support throughout the bottom of the foot even when only the toe was on the ground. Also, no slipping, sliding, or losing balance.”

    Pat running in Reebok Nano X1 (Vancouver Island)

    Nadine rated the shoes a 9/10 for comfort after a few hours on the trails and doing a light workout. She said, “At first glance, I thought the shoes would be heavy, but they were super lightweight in action. I felt that they were somewhat stiff, but that the level of comfort and support that they provided made up for this.”

    Jacob rated the shoes a 7/10 for comfort while trail running and weighed in with, “They are comfortable while standing and walking, but for running I felt they were a bit cumbersome.” He continued, “They provided good support underfoot, and I really like the lace lock system.”

    Find Nano X1 Adventure at ReebokFind Nano X1 Adventure at Sport Check


    Run Love with Reebok Nano X1 Adventure trail runner cross trainer with Jacob near MontrealRunning through the woods - Reebok Nano X1

    All contributors agreed the Reebok Nano X1 Adventures are next-level comfortable right off the bat. If you’re planning on heading out for an adventure in these shoes, you won’t have to worry too much about breaking them in first.

    These shoes are durable while being lightweight, and we all know that’s not always the case. They hold up well on a variety of terrains and don’t look worse for wear afterwards.

    Kate noted, “I could see the Reebok Nano X1 Adventure being a great shoe to take travelling! They are lightweight enough to toss in a day pack and would be great for light hiking trails and city-walking tours on paved roads, dirt roads, or cobblestone streets.” All contributors agreed the shoes are versatile enough to tackle a wide range of outdoor adventures and that they hold up well while doing so.

    Most contributors stated unanimously that the shoes were very breathable and didn’t cause the feet to overheat. “Even while walking on hot pavement in 30°C,” Kate added.


    Womens Reebok Nano X1 Adventure trail runner cross trainer and Calgary skylineUrban adventure with Reebok Nano X1 Adventure trail runner cross trainer Calgary Alberta

    While this isn’t exactly a con for those of us with wider feet, if you do have particularly narrow feet, this may not be the shoe for you. At times Jacob felt, “My feet were pushed side to side rather than forward in my stride.” However, if you’re looking to scoop a pair of the Nano X1 Adventures and you do have particularly narrow feet, wearing thicker socks may do the trick.

    If you prefer to tie your laces on the outside of your shoes, you may find, as some of us did, that the long laces are a bit tricky... The Lace Lock System does help with this, but there’s still a lot of lace to deal with, nonetheless.

    The bright colours and eye-catching design may have been what caught your attention with the Nano X1 Adventure, but the “flashy” style isn’t always for everyone. Some people may prefer more of a “minimalist” approach when it comes to shoes, and while these shoes are pretty much guaranteed to turn some heads (and we all noted that they did while out!), not everyone may be a fan of that. That being said, if you’re looking for a more neutral colorway of the Nano Xi1 Adventure, Reebok has got you covered, find colour options here: Reebok Online Shop | Reebok CA.

    The Verdict

    Overall, the Nano X1 Adventure proved to be a great choice for all contributors while on fun-filled outdoor adventures across Canada. If you’re looking for an incredibly stylish, unique, versatile, and exceptionally comfortable shoe to break a sweat in while outdoors, we’d definitely recommend picking up a pair!

    Nano X1 Adventure trail runner cross trainer in Calgary Alberta downtown skyline memorial stairs scottsman hill

    Some closing remarks from our contributors:

    “The placement and style of the Lace Lock Harness system resembles the laces of a hiking boot and helps customize the fit of the shoe. I would recommend this shoe to friends and family looking for a great walking and trail shoe!” – Kate

    “The shoes always felt responsive and did what I wanted them to when navigating the terrain. It’s a great shoe! Nice work Reebok!” – Pat

    “These are probably the most stylish training shoes I’ve ever owned. And they don’t just look great, they also perform!” – Nadine

    “I would recommend this shoe to a beginner adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. They are versatile, affordable and look good.” – Jacob

    Thanks Reebok! We love the Nano X1 Adventure!

    To shop the Nano X1 Adventure online, head to Reebok Online Shop | Reebok CA and Reebok Nano X1 Adventure | Sport Chek or visit your closest Reebok or Sport Chek to shop in-store.




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