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    Beautiful panoramic view from Kindersley-Sinclair Loop hike in Kootenay National Park, the Canadian Rockies

    Backpacking trails in Kootenay National Park

    Backpacking in Kootenay National Park is usually associated with the Rockwall Trail, one of the most popular routes in the Canadian Rockies. The Rockwall is a multi-day trek through the interior of Kootenay National Park, and it is a wonderful backpack. However if you are short on time, there are shorter overnight backpacking trails in Kootenay National Park that take you to places along the Rockwall Trail and nearby, so you can make the most of the time you have in Kootenay National Park.

    The Best Kootenay National Park Backpacking Trails

    1. The Rockwall Trail (36.3 km, 2,194 m, 3-4 days): The Rockwall Trail is a multi-day trek on most backpackers bucket lists and for good reason. Not only does this trail contain the namesake Rockwall, but there are many lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, creeks, and wildlife to make it a perfect escape into the wild. Be careful, you may not want to come back!
    2. Floe Lake and Numa Pass (26.1 km, 1,122 m, 2-3 days): Floe Lake is one of the most photogenic lakes in the Rockies and the journey to it and beyond to Numa Pass is one of the most colorful as wildflowers bloom in the summer and larch trees below the pass turn brilliantly gold in the fall.
    3. Ball Pass to Shadow Lake (30.6 km, 1,925 m, 2-3 days): This backpack is an under appreciated gem in Kootenay National Park. Hiking up and over Ball Pass to either the Ball Pass Junction Campground or Shadow Lake Lodge is a great overnight trip.
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