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    Hiking equipment, hiking pants for ladies

    Best Women’s Adventure Pants: Hiking, Climbing, and Travel

    By Lukas SavilleGear Reviews

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    One of the most important pieces of clothing on any adventure is your pants. But, with so many variations and types, it can be difficult to choose a pair that are both sleek and functional. In this article, we will go through what to look for when trying to buy the best pants to make your next adventure enjoyable and comfortable.


    The material is one of the most important factors that you should look out for in a pant. We recommend going for nylon pants since this material provides durability alongside breathability. Additionally, nylon can be combined with spandex, elastine, and other fibers to create pants ideal for many activities. In general, you should consider pants that are made out of nylon, but they may also have a slight blend of other synthetic fibers. Nylon is a reliable and adaptable material that is used for many types of pants. Its flexibility makes it a hugely popular choice.

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    Type of Pant

    For activities such as hiking and climbing; there are three general types of pants that you can choose from. Below, we will go through the key differences between these types.

    • Long Pants

    The first option available to you is long pants. These pants provide full coverage of your legs, which makes them a fantastic choice if you require sun protection. The ankles can be rolled up if required, but this can be inconvenient for an entire journey. This makes them a less versatile option if weather conditions change. In general, long pants are a good lightweight choice for those traveling in dry, cool conditions.

    • Roll-Up Pants

    For those seeking flexibility, roll up pants are a fantastic option.These pants allow you to securely maintain a rolled-up position which gives you more flexibility when compared to long pants. Your entire leg and feet can benefit from increased ventilation. A small tab is secured for the roll-up feature, and it generally remains comfortable. We recommend these outdoor roll-up pants since it offers flexibility and comfort.

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    • Convertible Pants

    For those looking for the highest versatility, the best option is convertible pants. These are ideal for mixed weather conditions and longer adventures. For many trips, it can be ideal to have clothes which are adaptable. It means you can pack lighter and save space. Convertible pants make it easy to switch between pants and shorts. This can be highly convenient for long routes, and it means you can adapt easily to sudden weather changes.

    Water Resistance

    Another key consideration to take into account is how waterproof the pant is. While you can bring along rain pants, these can be an extra hassle to put on. Waterproofing can be beneficial; however, it does come with a tradeoff. They can be functional, but this comes at the cost of them being bulkier. Therefore, the waterproofing capabilities that you choose will depend on the type of activities you plan to do. Extra water resistance is recommended for hiking in rainy conditions, or when involved in water activities such as canoeing. However, in general, you won't require much water resistance and should opt for lighter pants.

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    Fitting & Breathability

    It is crucial to find pants that fit you well, but it can sometimes be difficult to judge the perfect fit. The type of optimal fit and amount of breathability required can also change based on your specific activity. In general, both hiking and climbing are activities which require a high amount of mobility and breathability.

    Tear Resistance

    A key requirement for your adventures is pants that offer solid tear & abrasion resistance. However, these features also need to be balanced with the comfort of the pants. Ripstop nylon provides the ideal tear resistance without being too bulky. However, you can also consider new ultra-tech fibers which provide additional resistance.

    Best Pants for Hiking

    Hiking is an activity that involves a lot of walking. For hiking routes where the weather is cool, and there is no rain, a pair of long pants without water resistance can be ideal. If you are hiking for a few days, then you should consider buying a pair of adjustable pants for extra flexibility. If you will be out in the sun for long periods, then you should consider pants that provide UV protection. Hiking routes that involve climbing can require articulated knees in your pants, which allow for freer movement. You can check out an excellent range of hiking pants on KÜHL. These pants are specifically made for hiking, which means you can find a pair to suit you.

    Best Pants for Climbing

    Climbing is an intense activity that involves many movements involving your entire body. The most important features of a climbing pants are resistance, pockets, and mobility. Therefore, you need pants that allow you to perform these movements with ease. One mobility feature is articulated knees which is highly recommended for all women who do rock climbing. Large pockets are ideal to carry equipment that you may need. Pants with abrasion resistance provide added reliability for all climbing terrains.

    Comfortable hiking clothes for ladies

    Best Pants for Travel

    The priority of travel should always be comfort. Therefore, we recommend pants that are lightweight and breathable. A fabric that is comfortable is essential for travel. A relaxed fit that is slightly loose provides the most comfortable option for traveling. Adjustable cuffs can also be considered since they provide extra breathability.

    Closing Thoughts

    You should now be much better prepared to pick out the best pants for your next adventure. Whether you are going hiking, climbing, or traveling; it is important that your pants are comfortable and functional. The specific features of any pants are always crucial to take into account. With the right planning, you can make your adventure much more enjoyable and convenient. It will now be easy to make an informed purchasing decision for your next pair of pants.




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