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    From Education to the Environment, You Support These Causes Each Time You Travel

    From Education to the Environment, You Support These Causes Each Time You Travel

    By Mallory KirzingerGeneral

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    Imagine stepping foot in a new destination and finding out that, just by being there, you helped protect the ecosystem around you. Or send a child to school. Or support sustainable farming practices. When you book with tour operators who are committed to doing right by their regions, the ripple effect that adventure travel can have extends far beyond the people sharing your tent each night.

    There are tour operators who will take your money, send you out onto a mountain, and then wave goodbye as you head home. Then, there are travel operators who will track the carbon output of their tours, plant trees, haul recyclables to the right facilities, run raffles to send kids to school-- there are incredible people supporting worthwhile causes in the travel industry. Oh, and you don’t have to track them down, because 10Adventures already did. We’re taking a moment to highlight some of the worthwhile causes you support when you choose to book with our operators.



    The All-Important Choice: Your Tour Operator

    Alright, destination, date, activity, and… Who will you travel with? When you’re booking an adventure travel tour, one of the most important choices is who you’re trusting to take you there.

    If you’re booking self-guided or guided travel through an operator, you can choose a company that upholds the values you want to be associated with your travel. Tour operators aren’t necessarily created equally, so you’ll want to take the time to vet your operator before paying up. When you choose an operator that can show you how they care for their region, you’re putting your money where your mouth is.

    Do Your Homework

    Before you book, take some time to read up on the ethos of your operators or book with a company that vets them for you. For example, some operators we’ve partnered with have committed to eliminating single-use plastics from their tours. Others are making regular monetary donations to programs that uplift marginalized populations. One plants trees throughout the year, and another runs charity events and raffles to feed and educate local children.

    All these examples go to show that booking with the right tour operators can make a tangible positive impact wherever you’re going.

    Book Local

    The recently-sharpened focus on supporting local businesses extends to the travel industry, too! Supporting operators where they are keeps your revenue local, which ensures the individuals running your tour are the ones who benefit from your business. When it comes to the do-good programs we just mentioned, it’s locals who best know where your dollars can help.

    When you’re focusing on booking locally, remember that it’s the end operator that matters. Many local operators partner with companies that offer bookings on their behalf to help reach more travellers in more countries. If you’re in doubt, just ask which operator will be running your tour on the ground and where they’re based.

    Feeding baby elephant

    Feeding baby elephant

    What Causes Can I Support When I Book With 10Adventures?

    When you book with 10Adventures, you’re booking with great local operators. We did the legwork when choosing our local guides and tour operators to make sure your travel is led by top local guides who are equally passionate about sharing and preserving their regions.

    Below are some of the causes our operators have chosen to support:

    Food Insecurity

    It goes without saying: nobody should be going hungry, but many are. To support efforts to reduce food insecurity, we work with operators who support efforts to feed local communities by collecting donations for local food banks or by directly donating to programs that aim to reduce food insecurity. Some of these programs focus on entire communities, and some focus specifically on meeting the needs of food-insecure children.


    Access to education is one of the most critical ways in which children can empower themselves. One of our operators has chosen to run charity events to raise money for the education of local children. Others support orphanages that provide access to education for children in need. These efforts help get kids into the classroom and keep them there as long as they need.

    Youth Access To The Outdoors

    Being outdoors and enjoying nature sure makes us feel like happier humans. Several of our operators run programs that allow local youth to experience the outdoors. Programs include the chance for kids and young adults to kayak, hike, and climb with the help of local guides. Some of these programs also provide local children with sporting and adventure equipment. The next generation of adventurers is coming!

    Sustainable tourism

    Sustainable tourism

    Wildlife Preservation

    If you’re hiking it all the way to the Galapagos to set your eyes on a blue-footed boobie, you’ll probably want to make sure the blue-footed boobies are going to be there. What’s more, you’ll probably want to see them healthy and in their natural habitat. When it comes to wildlife, we partner with operators who provide monetary support to local wildlife centers and who are trained to observe and educate about wildlife in the least invasive way possible.

    Reducing Plastic Waste

    As efforts around the globe to eliminate and reduce plastic waste ramp up, several of our tour partners have committed to lessening or eliminating single-use plastics from their tours. Additionally, several of our operators pack out all waste from remote areas and haul it to be disposed of properly.

    Sustainable Farming

    Heading to Italy? One of our operators there is supporting the development of a sustainable organic olive farm. Select tours feed travellers in the homes of locals, supporting local food supply chains and providing compensation for great local cooking. Local farming operations keep farmers employed and eating locally-grown produce reduces the carbon footprint of each plate.

    Trail Restoration

    The ground we tread as we explore deals with our boots day in and day out, so we make sure we’re looking after it where we can. We work with operators who commit to supporting trail restoration efforts in highly-trafficked areas. Additionally, many of the guides we work with are Leave No Trace certified and participate in trail cleanup events.

    Imagine the legacy you leave behind when you travel. Did you do what you could to leave that place a little better than you found it? Did you choose to work with businesses and people whose values align with your own? We can help make sure that the answer is a resounding “yes!” If you have more questions about the causes you can support when you travel, reach out. We want to help make your next adventure one you can feel amazing about.




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