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    10 Epic Day Trips from Kelowna For Your Bucket List

    10 Epic Day Trips from Kelowna For Your Bucket List

    By Lynn WDestinations

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    The Okanagan Valley sizzles with warm-weather activities, attracting numerous visitors every year. If you’re planning on staying in the more metropolitan Kelowna, we bet that you’ll want to escape the city lights for a more natural setting or family-friendly activities. This article will share some of the must-do day trips from Kelowna for your bucket list! And guess what? You don’t have to travel far to experience any of the following! Revel in the best the Okanagan has to offer by trying out some of the activities listed below.

    Shuswap lake sunset near Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Shuswap lake sunset near Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Head to The Starlight Drive-in Theatre

    If you're looking for the ultimate moving picture that perfectly captures the essence of starry summer nights, Enderby's Starlight Drive-In Theatre is the place to go. An evening spent here will swirl you from modern-day bliss to some time in the 1950s, where soothing music and the crackle of the radio provided entertainment. The theatre shows two movies per night, typically one kid-friendly movie and a flick tailored for adults.

    Whenever you plan to go (starting in May), you'll want to get there early to park your car close to the front of the screen. The parking spots fill up fast!

    How to get to the drive-in theatre from Kelowna

    It takes just over one hour to get to the Starlight Drive-In Theatre from Kelowna. To get there, head towards BC-97N, and your destination will be on your left. It's almost impossible to pass the big outdoor screen! Expect to reach the Starlight Drive-in Theatre after around one hour of driving.

    Penticton town on Okanogan Lake near Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Penticton town on Okanogan Lake near Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Explore Myra Canyon Trestles

    Gather the entire family, your friends, or head out on your own to the phenomenal Myra Canyon Trail, which stretches across 24.9 km, winding past 18 trestles and under two rock-formed tunnels. As you walk (or bike), you'll catch an unveiling of the rolling Okanagan Valley etched across the horizon!

    The best part is that no one expects you to finish this lengthy out-and-back trail, especially if you have kids. There's also the option for families and those seeking a short but incredibly scenic hike to walk the first 3.0 km before turning around and heading back the way they came. You'll still get to check out six trestle bridges and one tunnel.

    On average, most hikers turn around between the six and eight-km mark!

    How to get to the Myra Canyon Trestles from Kelowna

    The Myra Canyon Trestles are only a 30-minute drive from Kelowna! You'll want to head to the Myra Station Entrance. To get here, drive towards McCulloch Road. Eventually, you'll take a right to continue on McCulloch Road until turning right onto Myra Forest Service Road. Follow this road until you reach the parking area. Continue past the first parking lot, which is for overflow parking, and park in the second parking area.

    Watch a play at the Caravan Farm Theatre

    The Caravan Farm Theatre has been an Okanagan Valley staple for a few decades now! Nothing beats professionals putting on entertaining, high-quality outdoor plays that use the surrounding natural materials as their props and the rural setting as their stage, making this a must-do day trip from Kelowna!

    You can find the Caravan Farm Theatre situated near Armstrong, located just outside of Vernon. Before you view a show, why not check out the Farmstrong Cidery. The natural backdrop, lively but relaxing atmosphere, delicious ciders (and pizzas), and a play make for the perfect outing!

    How to get to the Caravan Farm Theatre from Kelowna

    To get to the Caravan Farm Theatre from Kelowna, head towards Okanagan Hwy/BC-97 N to Spallumcheen before taking a left onto Rosedale Avenue in Armstrong. Take a right onto Okanagan Street and stay on this street until taking a left onto Wood Avenue, which veers right, becoming Salmon River Road. Stay on Salmon River Road. Just after the Carmel of St. Joseph, you'll turn right, and you'll see your destination.

    It takes just over an hour to get to the Caravan Farm Theatre from Kelowna.

    Okanagan wine country vineyards near Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Okanagan wine country vineyards near Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Discover Davison Orchards Country Village

    Welcome to the epitome of family-friendly fun! Located in Vernon, Davison Orchards has been an Okanagan family favourite for quite some time. Going to Davison Orchards mirrors the feelings you get when you go to grandma's house: warm, welcoming, wholesome. The cinnamon-fused smells swirling off of delicious freshly baked apple pies and the natural scents drifting from the orchard and pumpkin patch propel the type of relaxation that you can't buy at the spa. Of course, there are also screaming, happy children running around, but just think of their happy yells as another layer to this fun, family-centric atmosphere.

    You'll find a range of activities to do when you're here—some of which depend on the season: explore the corn maze, admire the farm animals, take a tractor ride, pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, wander the orchard, go apple picking, hit up the cozy Farmhouse Cafe, and eat a lot of delicious samples in the main building. Please don't leave here without buying the most incredible apple juice in the world (seriously, it's so good)!

    How to get to Davison Orchards Country Village from Kelowna

    To get to Davison Orchards from Kelowna, head to BC-97 N before turning left on 25th Avenue once you arrive in Vernon. 240 m later, turn right onto 34th Avenue and take a quick left onto 27th Avenue and continue for 1.1 km. Next, take a right onto 41st Street, followed by a quick left onto Bella Vista Road. Continue, and you'll see a sign directing you to the parking lot for Davison Orchards! The drive from Kelowna to Davison Orchards takes about 45 minutes.

    SUP on Kal Lake

    Kalamalka Lake's aquamarine hues create a postcard-perfect picture of summer, attracting several visitors each year. While several locals and summer home visitors explore the lake via motorboat, others enjoy stopping at KalaVida Surf Shop in Vernon, a quaint spot just across the main beach, Kal Beach, and rent paddleboards for a one-hour timeslot or the entire day. You might as well stop and get a treat from the Rail Trail Cafe while you're there! Lastly, Make sure you pack sunscreen 'cause the rays will beat up your skin—Okanagan summer heat is no joke!

    How to get to Kal Lake from Kelowna

    Follow BC-97 N before turning right onto College Way. Take another right onto Kalamalka Road, followed by a right turn, and a quick left to reach the KalaVida Surf Shop on your left. If you’re going to the beach first, park in the designated parking lot across from the beach (it’s a little tricky to get there if you’re going for the first time, so ask a local for directions). You can also parallel park slightly further up from the beach near Alexander’s Pub—another great place to grab grub after your SUP experience.

    Kalamalka Lake

    Kalamalka Lake

    Hike in Monashee Provincial Park

    Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan Valley boast of never-ending year-round activities; however, there's another scenic gem, a more intimidating, dramatic one, rich with outdoor adventures worth exploring: Monashee Provincial Park.

    Monashee Provincial Park sits just over two hours from Kelowna. Still, avid hikers and backpackers will see the drive as worthwhile after immersing in the carved-out trails leading to unbelievable mountainous views, where lakes sit nestled in peaks and soaring vistas stretch across the horizon. Some hikes we recommend are Monashee Lake Trail, Spectrum Lake Hike, and Twin Lakes.

    How to get to Monashee Provincial Park from Kelowna

    The hikes above all lead to different spots, so we will choose the route we highly recommend: Spectrum Lake Hike (also a great backpacking destination). To get to the start of the Spectrum Lake Hike from Kelowna, head out towards Vernon, where you'll meet up with BC-6. Follow this highway to Sugar Lake Road and keep driving past Cherryville after you veer slightly right to remain on Sugar Lake Road. Continue until you reach the turn-off for Monashee Provincial Park. Follow this dusty, dirt road for around 11.0 km, which takes you to the parking lot, where the trailhead awaits.

    Okanagan Bc Lake Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Okanagan Bc Lake Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Go floating in Penticton

    Talk about the perfect activity to do when the weather is hot (just make sure to pile on the sunscreen)! A popular spot for floating near Kelowna is the Penticton River Channel, a human-made channel that bridges the Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake. It stretches across 7.0 km, and you're definitely guaranteed a good time. Just come prepared, know your water safety, blow up your floaties, and you're good to go. This activity sits high on the best day trips from Kelowna list.

    How to get to Penticton from Kelowna

    To get to the starting point for floating the Penticton River Channel, you'll want to head to the launch site at Riverside Drive and park another car near Skaha Lake as the float ends near the Highway 97 bridge near Skaha Lake. It's dangerous to float in Skaha Lake from the river, so avoid this! You can also ring a taxi and get a ride back to your car this way.

    From Kelowna, drive on BC-97 S before taking a left onto Riverside Drive. It takes between 45-50 minutes to get to the launch site from Kelowna.

    Cycle to wineries in Lake Country

    While Kelowna boasts of an explosion of world-class wineries, there are a couple of classy, scenic wineries dotting Lake Country, the incredibly stunning area nestled between Vernon and Kelowna, worth visiting. A handful of locals like to hop from winery to winery via bicycle!

    One way you can do this is to drop one vehicle at Predator Ridge and another in the Kekuli Bay parking lot along the Okanagan Rail Trail. From Predator Ridge, bike to 50th Parallel before continuing to Gray Monk Winery. This is a great place to stop for a snack as the patio overlooks Okanagan Lake. You'll be happy to know that the next two wineries are right beside each other: Ex Nihilo (another great place to eat) and Arrowleaf Cellars, where you can enjoy a picnic, one of their tasty bottles of wine, while you bask in one of the best views in the Okanagan! From here, head towards the Okanagan Rail Trail and bike along a flat path towards your vehicle at the Kekuli Bay parking lot.

    This self-guided cycle wine tour boasts of a lot of undulations, propelling a high heart rate. If you're expecting a flat, comfortable journey, this isn't it!

    How to get to Predator Ridge from Kelowna

    We will guide you to Predator Ridge since our suggested self-guided bike tour starts from here! To get to Predator Ridge from Kelowna, you'll head to BC-97 N. After 19.7 km, take a left onto Bailey Road and follow this for 1.7 km. Next, turn left onto Commonage Road. Follow this until you reach the roundabout, where you'll take the 3rd exit onto Predator Ridge Drive! It takes around 45 minutes to get to Predator Ridge from Kelowna.

    Okanagan wine tasting vineyard winery Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Okanagan wine tasting vineyard winery Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Try houseboating on The Shuswap

    Okay. This isn't a day trip, but houseboating on The Shuswap is something to consider if you plan to head to Kelowna for a summer vacation, especially if you're coming from the east since you'll pass by Sicamous, the Houseboat Capital of Canada, en route to Kelowna. Just type 'Shuswap houseboating' into Google, and a surplus of rental companies will pop up.

    How to get to Sicamous from Kelowna

    If you're heading in from Kelowna, go to BC-97 N and continue onto BC-97 A. In Sicamous, turn left onto Kappel Street before taking a right onto Riverside Avenue. When you reach the roundabout, continue straight. Shortly after, take a left onto Finlayson Street, followed by another left onto Young Crescent. You'll see your destination on the left! It takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to The Marina in Sicamous from Kelowna.

    Escape crowds at Mabel Lake

    That's right—there's another lake worth exploring in the Okanagan Valley! Most tourists (and locals) head to the glistening Okanagan Lake, the houseboat-centric Shuswap Lake, the bright blue-green Kalamalka Lake in Vernon, and the small but convenient Wood Lake in Lake Country! But you'll find a splash of lakes tucked into the hills, the Monashees, and all over, basically. If you're looking for a quieter but incredibly scenic front country lake for top-notch boating, wakeboarding, water skiing, and mid-lake picnics, head to Mabel Lake! And nothing beats the tree-laden high hills flanking Mabel Lake. You can even turn this day trip into an overnight camping adventure and stay at the popular Mabel Lake Provincial Park.

    If you dock at the provincial park campground, it's a must to boat towards Mabel Lake Resort & Marina, where the ultimate picture of summer awaits (and excellent ice cream!).

    How to get to Mabel Lake from Kelowna

    To get to Mabel Lake from Kelowna, you'll need to drive towards Mabel Lake Provincial Park. You'll take BC-97 N towards Vernon, BC, where you'll connect with BC-6. Continue moving towards Lumby. Shortly after Lumby, take a left onto Rawlings Lake Road and continue for 4.8 km. Turn right onto Lumby-Mabel Lake Road. After 19.8 km, take a left to stay on the same road before taking another left to stay on Lumby-Mabel Lake Road. Continue until you reach the provincial park, where you'll turn and drive towards the lake, where a parking lot awaits. It takes around two hours to get to Mabel Lake from Kelowna.

    Okanagan lake old wooden canoe on the shore Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Okanagan lake old wooden canoe on the shore Kelowna British Columbia Canada

    Go on multi-sport adventures at Silver Star Mountain Resort

    Just think of Silver Star Mountain Resort as Big White's underrated, charming sister that deserves to be known! Situated only over 20 minutes from downtown Vernon, Silver Star Mountain Resort boasts of breathtaking scenery, the most lovely mountain village, and an explosion of family-friendly activities, ski runs, and hiking routes. Just before you reach Silver Star Mountain, you'll wind by the postcard-painted Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre, where a wealth of cross-country skiing trails criss-cross through lanes of snow-covered trees.

    Go skiing, skating, tubing, snowshoeing at Silver Star in winter, and hiking and mountain biking in the summer!

    How to get to Silver Star Mountain Resort from Kelowna

    To get to Silver Star Mountain Resort from Kelowna, drive along BC-97 N and head towards Silver Star Road once you reach Vernon. Follow the winding road until you reach Silver Star Mountain!

    Explore the Rail Trail

    This day trip from Kelowna gives the chance to explore the Okanagan at a slower pace, allowing more time to appreciate the valley, lakes, and flanking hillsides. You can choose your starting point along the Rail Trail and go for as long as you want. The full-length route runs from Kelowna to Vernon and vice versa, but check for closures before you go. We advise starting from the Kalamalka Lake trailhead in Vernon and going to Oyama and back. You'll pass Kal Lake and Wood Lake en route, granting several opportunities to stop and dip in the water before continuing! Cycling might be your best option if you're going a long-distance route, but it's also a fun route to walk or run.

    How to get to the Rail Trail from Kelowna

    Follow BC-97 N and then go right onto College Way, a few minutes before downtown Vernon, followed by another right onto Kalamalka Road. Continue driving past the Rail Trail Cafe, with Kalamalka Lake on your left, swerving by some extravagant beachfront homes. You'll reach the parking lot within a couple of minutes of passing the Rail Trail Cafe. You can also start at Wood Lake in Oyama or Kelowna—it's up to you!

    Which day trip from Kelowna stands out to you?




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