Booth’s Rock Trail
Booth’s Rock Trail

Booth’s Rock Trail

Algonquin Provincial Park
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Booth’s Rock Trail

Booth’s Rock Trail

Distance: 3.2mi
Elevation: 604ft
Time: 1.5-2h

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Hiking the Booth’s Rock Trail is a fantastic experience in Algonquin Provincial Park that will take you up to an amazing lookout with arguably some of the best views in the park. While out on the trail, you will make your way through a scenic stretch of woodland terrain featuring beautiful pine trees before climbing up to a stunning lookout with views over Rock Lake. Well-marked, maintained, and easily accessible, this is a fantastic day-hike that is suitable for almost all skill levels.

Booth’s Rock Trail Map

Getting there

To reach the trailhead for the Booth’s Rock Trail from the west gate of Algonquin Provincial Park, drive to the northeast along ON-60E for 25.6mi and turn right onto Rock Lake Road. Follow this for 6.9km and turn left, continuing on for 0.9mi to reach the parking area.

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Backcountry Campsites

Rock Lake Campground

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Booth’s Rock Trail
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Booth’s Rock Trail Description

While the Booth’s Rock Trail doesn’t look overly challenging on paper, the route does climb uphill along a cliff that is set in the Algonquin Highlands, meaning that there will be a bit of elevation gain and some rugged terrain along the trail. As the path can also be fairly muddy in the spring/autumn seasons, be sure to wear proper hiking footwear that is ideally water-resistant when setting out on this hike. Additionally, remember to bring bug spray in order to stay comfortable along the trail.

Even though you’ll likely be sharing the trail with a few mosquitoes, this is still an amazing day-hike in Algonquin Provincial Park that will provide you with some stunning views over the forests, lakes, and rocky terrain that make up this beautiful region. Featuring well-maintained and easy to navigate paths that will take you uphill through the forest to reach a lookout, this trail is perfectly suitable for hikers of almost every age and skill level. For an added bit of fun, try camping at the nearby Rock Lake Campground for a great weekend spent outdoors.

Setting out from the parking area, take the trail on the left that will lead you north through the dense cover of the forest. After 0.4mi, you will pass by the charming shores of Rosepond Lake and begin to climb a bit more sharply uphill. Another 0.4mi from the lake, you will arrive at a junction in the trail with one path leading straight to Gordon Lake and the other branching off to the right.

Ignore the path to the lake and turn right, making your way further uphill over the next 0.6mi to arrive at a series of scenic lookouts atop a cliff. Spend some time here to appreciate the beautiful views that sweep across the forests of Algonquin Park and include the blue expanse of Rock Lake below to the southwest. After taking in the views, continue along the trail for another 0.5mi to descend the steep hillside on the way to the edge of the lake.

Arriving at a junction in the trail, pass straight through for a quick detour from the main trail loop to visit the remains of the Barclay Estate. Here, you will spot what is left of the property that was once owned by the lumber baron J.R. Booth and was reclaimed by the Ontario government in 1953. Upon exploring the area, head back to the junction and turn left to set out on the final leg of the hike.

From the junction, continue along the trail for the next 0.9mi to hike along the edge of Rock Lake and experience some final scenic views across the calm surface of the water. Upon reaching the end of the hike, you can simply head back to your campsite or return to your vehicle for the journey home, having made plenty of great memories along the Booth’s Rock Trail.

Insider Hints

  • Make sure to bring bug spray, as there can be a fair amount of mosquitoes along the trail.

  • Pair this hike with a fun weekend outdoors at the Rock Lake Campground.

  • This route can be completed in either direction, but we recommend hiking it in a clockwise direction for a scenic finish along the shores of Rock Lake.

  • You will need a valid park permit in order to access the trail.



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