Mizzy Lake Trail
Mizzy Lake Trail

Mizzy Lake Trail

Algonquin Provincial Park
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Mizzy Lake Trail

Mizzy Lake Trail

Distance: 6.9mi
Elevation: 1,864ft
Time: 3.5-5h

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Hiking the Mizzy Lake Trail is a great way to experience a variety of terrain types and beautiful views that can be found within the boundaries of Algonquin Provincial Park. While out on the trail, you will make your way through tranquil stretches of woodland terrain that border beautiful wetland areas, including charming lakes, quaint ponds, and mucky bogs. The trail itself is well-maintained and fairly level, making it suitable for experienced hikers and casuals looking for a moderate length route.

Mizzy Lake Trail Map

Getting there

To reach the trailhead for the Mizzy Lake Trail from Algonquin Park’s west gate, head to the northeast for 9.6mi along ON-60E and turn left to access the parking area.

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Mizzy Lake Trail
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Mizzy Lake Trail Description

While most hikers would agree that the Mizzy Lake Trail is a fantastic day-hike option in Algonquin Park, there are several things to take note of prior to setting out on your adventure. Terrain along the route isn’t overly difficult; however, there are large stretches that feature uneven ground underfoot, such as rocks, roots, and boggy patches. Make sure to wear sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support in order to stay comfortable on this moderate length journey. Additionally, parking at the trailhead will likely be limited during peak summer hours, so you should try and arrive early in order to secure a space. As always, remember to bring bug spray.

Even for those hikers that only have a small amount of experience on the trails, the above mentioned terrain will be more than manageable, and the beautiful views along the route will more than make up for any minor hardships that you might come across. In fact, the variety of terrain along the route adds to the charm, allowing you to explore serene forests filled with mature trees, wooden boardwalks through stretches of march, and charming lakeside settings. If you are only heading into Algonquin Provincial Park for one day, then the Mizzy Lake Trail is a great option for exploring the natural beauty of the region.

Setting out from the parking area, take the path on the left and follow it through the tree cover to the northeast, climbing uphill through the forest for 0.7mi. Here, you will exit from under the canopy of the forest and traverse a stretch of wetland along the edge of Dizzy Lake. Enjoy the views across the quiet lake, before following the trail as it bends to the left and re-enters the forest.

Continue on through the tranquil atmosphere of the woodland setting for another 0.8mi, popping in and out of the tree cover a handful of times before arriving at the shores of March Hare Lake. After working your way around the eastern edge of the water, you will cross over Hickory Creek and follow the trail as it turns to the west along a bit of marshy terrain before turning back towards the north.

After another 1.6mi of trekking through the dense cover of the forest from the creek crossing, you will pass by a series of small ponds and follow the trail as it bends to the east to meet up with another trail just short of Wolf Howl Pond. From here, keep right through the junction to begin the return portion of the trail loop that follows along an old railway bed. As you trek through the marshy terrain alongside the next few lakes, keep an eye out for a variety of wildlife species, including moose that are often spotted wading through the water.

After passing by Wolf Howl Pond, keep right for the next 1.8mi to leave the old rail line behind and arrive at the edge of Mizzy Lake for some more scenic views across the water. From here, you will continue on to the southwest for the next 1.3mi, skirting along the edge of the lake and the waters of Dizzy Creek on the final stretch of trail that will bring you back to the parking lot.

Insider Hints

  • As with most of the trails in Algonquin Park, mosquitoes and black flies can be fairly prominent along the trail during certain times of the year. Bring bug spray to remain comfortable while out on your hike.

  • This route features stretches of trail that are littered with exposed rock and roots, as well as areas that can be very wet/muddy. Be sure to wear proper hiking footwear with good ankle support for the best traction along the trail.

  • Keep an eye out for a wide variety of wildlife in the area, including moose, turles, and various species of fowl.

  • You will need a valid park permit to access this trail.



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