Circuit of Tre Calli

Amalfi Coast
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Circuit of Tre Calli

Distance: 9.9km
Elevation: 750m
Time: 2.5-4h

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If you love jaw dropping 360° views, the Circuit of Tre Calli is a must for you! Wonderful views of the Sorrento Peninsula make this hike special.

Getting there

Follow the directions for Costiera Amalfitana - Agerola. Once in Agerola, you have to proceed to Paolo Capasso Square in Bomerano, an hamlet of Agerola.


When to do

Mid March to Mid November

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Detailed Description

Starting from Pasquale Capasso Square, go straight following Via Tommaso Manni / Via Piano (Piano road), where you can read signboards that point you towards the Circuit of Tre Calli. This should take you along Via Pendola. You’ll find many red and white signs along your way, those are the CAI (Alpine Italian Club) route signs. Follow them until you arrive to a steep set of stairs. Go up and continue to follow the signs until you arrive to Via Paipo, a paved road. Turn left and follow the road. After 500m, you’ll find the starting point of path number 329, signed as usual with a red and white painted stone. Leave the paved road and follow the path. From there it will start ascending to the mountain through a forest.

After 2.7km, you’ll arrive at a panoramic point. Take your time to rest and to take some photos – the views will stun you. Don’t stay too long, as you are almost at the top of the mountain.

Here you will have a beautiful view of the Sorrentine Peninsula on your right and the Amalfi Coast and Cilento on your left. Behind you is The Lattari mountains.

Going on, cross the mountain on the other side following the CAI signs. You will walk on the side of the mountain for a while until you arrive on a crossroad: go right. Shortly after that you arrive to Capo Muro, with a strange and curious, fungus-shaped rock formation, you’ll find a signboard with various directions. Follow the 329 route, which goes down a rocky path until you reach a forest with a flatter trail. After about 700m the path becomes paved. The road is Via Paipo, that you will follow all the way back to the stairs you came up from. Once you are on Via Paipo, pay attention and be sure to stay near guardrails. The locals here could be driving fast and not paying attention.

Insider Hints

  • To get here by bus from Amalfi you can take the SITA bus for Agerola, then stop in Bomerano.

  • If you want to bus from Sorrento you have to take two SITA buses: the first one stops in Amalfi, the second for Agerola will take you to Bomerano.

  • The ascent up the mountain is very steep, with irregular ground. It might be tough for those with stiff joints.

  • Wind jackets are strongly advised as the weather can change quickly.


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