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    Best hikes in Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Hikes in Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi Coast is a Mediterranean jewel, with turquoise seas that lap gently at the feet of towering cliffs. This splendid region has long attracted visitors with an adventurous spirit, offering them spectacular hiking trails through lush forest, with sea views to die for. Top that off with fantastic Italian cuisine and picturesque cliff-side villages, and you’ve got one of the best hiking destinations south of the Dolomites.

    The Amalfi Coast is so beautiful that it’s even a UNESCO World Heritage site, chosen for its rich history, remarkable topography and fascinating culture. Although the cliffs rise up steeply from the sea, this region is known for its lovely beaches, pretty villages, and distinctive hillsides, dotted with terraces, vineyards, and olive groves. Hiking here is a sheer delight, passing over undulating trails that wind through beautiful scenery, with plenty of unique historical sites along the way.

    Indeed, this beautiful region in the south of Italy has been attracting visitors for thousands of years – the Greeks, Romans, and Norman all left their mark on the coastline, building temples, churches and fortresses, some of which still stand today. When you go hiking in the Amalfi Coast you’ll be treading paths that were once walked by Roman foot-soldiers and medieval merchants, tracing their way up and down the vertiginous sea cliffs. Thousands of years on, travellers still marvel at the sheer natural beauty of this coastline, and flock here in ever-greater numbers, year after year.

    Want to see what all the fuss is about? We’ve put together our top tips for hiking in the Amalfi Coast, with some of our favorite routes and all the information you’ll need to start planning your trip. Add this spectacular corner of Italy to your hiking bucket list!

    10 Epic Hikes In Amalfi Coast

    The Amalfi Coast is an ideal destination for hiking, combining fabulous nature, fascinating history, and delicious local cuisine! This is a laid-back hiking destination, offering plenty of opportunities to relax, slow the pace, and admire all that the rich coastline has to offer. If you’re travelling with children, or looking for a relaxed hiking adventure, the Amalfi Coast is equipped with everything you’ll need, including pleasant, easy trails, passing between picturesque villages that are well equipped to take in visitors. After a hard day of hiking, there’s nothing better than kicking back in an Italian bar, looking out over the sea with a cool drink in your hand!

    However, if you like your adventures a little wilder, it’s not too difficult to get off the beaten track in the Amalfi Coast. Indeed, some of these hiking routes will feel like a real expedition, requiring some way finding amid the lush undergrowth before you emerge out on to a deserted beach or small cove. There’s plenty to explore here, and enough to keep active hikers busy for weeks on end.

    • Bay of leranto Hike: The trail around the Bay of leranto is one of the most beautiful and best hikes in the Amalfi Coast. The small Capitiello beach is the ideal place to kick back and relax in the sun, as you admire the wave-carved rocks and the views all the way out to the island of Capri. Aim to head out on this short hike in the afternoon, when the trail will be quieter and you’re likely to have the beach all to yourself.
    • Valle dei Mulini Hike: The Valle dei Mulini is one of our favorite family hikes in the Amalfi Coast, with plenty of variety and history to keep young adventurers interested! The trail is lined with many ancient abandoned paper mills, where the famous Amalfi paper was produced for many years. Feel free to explore some of these eerie, abandoned houses, but watch out for the bats!
    • Monte Comune Hike: This wonderful hike is a fantastic way to experience all the joys of the Amalfi Coast. You’ll begin in the Sorrento Coast and make your way all the way to Positano, with views across to Naples and Mount Vesuvius. The views are simply spectacular, making this one of the best day hikes in the Amalfi Coast.
    • Monte Molare Hike: This challenging hike includes a steep ascent over some rocky terrain, but the views from the top are simply spectacular. The route passes through thick forest (make sure to wear full length trousers to avoid getting scratched!) and past natural springs, and the view just get better and better the higher you go.
    • Path of the Gods Hike: The Path of the Gods Hike is one of the most iconic hikes in the Amalfi Coast region, and with good reason. The trail passes along the side of the Lattari Mountains, with incredible views of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Li Galli Archipelago, and the island of Capri. With turquoise water, plunging cliffs and picturesque villages, this is a classic Italian hike.
    • Punta Campanella Hike: This hike along the peninsula is a step back in time, passing by ancient Greek and Roman temples dedicated to the goddess Minerva, and a medieval watchtower. The island of Capri lingers in the distance, making up part of the beautiful panorama over the Bay of Ieranto. Make sure you come well-armed with sunscreen and hats, as the trail can be windy and exposed to the hot Italian sunshine!
    • Circuit of Tre Calli Hike: The hike around the Circuit of Tre Calli is a challenging hike, but the gorgeous views make it well worth the effort. The trail ascends steeply, passing through a dense forest before emerging at the top of the mountain. The panoramic views include the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast and Cilento, as well as the Lattari Mountains.
    • Monte Canino Hike: This hike may be short, but it will certainly get your legs working, as the trail gains a large amount of elevation in a relatively short space of time! You’ll be accompanied on the trail by mountain goats, and some scrambling may be required on the steeper sections. However, the view from the top is stunning, taking in Naples, Mount Molare and Positano. Make sure you bring sturdy boots to enable you to tackle the rocky terrain.
    • Ring of Faito Hike: This lovely hike around the Ring of Failto has it all: lush forest, epic mountain views, and a vista that stretches all the way to the sea. This is a moderate hike with some fabulous views, although aim to come here on a weekday to avoid the crowds. On a clear day, this is one of the best hikes in the Amalfi Coast.
    • High Path of the Gods Hike: This hike is an alternative version of the iconic Path of the Gods hike, passing through some of the Amalfi Coast’s most spectacular scenery. This is a hike for adventurers, with dramatic rocky terrain and steep cliffs plunging all the way to the sea. It’s easy to see why this route earned the name of the Path of the Gods – the scenery is simply divine!

    When Is The Best Time To Hike In The Amalfi Coast?

    The Amalfi Coast is a year-round hiking destination, with accessible routes on offer to hikers whatever time of year you arrive. Summer promises the best weather, although temperatures can get very hot, especially on exposed trails, and July and August see visitor numbers soar. To avoid the crowds, but still take advantage of some good weather, aim to visit in May or September. You’ll enjoy sunny days and there is a range of activities on offer, but the trails will be significantly quieter. It’s possible to visit between November and March, and this can be a wonderful time to hike if you don’t mind a little cool or wet weather. However, many hotels and restaurants close during the low season, meaning that you may find fewer facilities outside of the big towns.

    Other Outdoor Activities In The Amalfi Coast

    Although hiking is a popular option, there are many other outdoor activities in the Amalfi Coast! In addition to trekking, backpacking, mountain biking and rock climbing, many visitors come here to enjoy the blue waters of the Mediterranean, and there are many ways to take advantage of the sea during your stay. From sea kayaking and sailing to paragliding, and even skydiving, there are plenty of outdoor activities on offer that will keep all active adventurers happy.

    How To Plan A Trip To The Amalfi Coast

    If the sounds and sights of southern Italy are calling you, start planning your trip to the Amalfi Coast today! We’ve put together the ultimate guide to visiting the Amalfi Coast, complete with recommendations on where to stay, places to visit and when to go, not to mention all the top hiking trails. All you need to do is start dreaming of the trail (and the food!).

    Frequently-Asked-Questions About The Amalfi Coast

    How long does it take to walk the Amalfi Coast?
    The traditional walking route along the Amalfi Coast is around 40km long, and can be hiked at an easy pace over five days (or less, depending on how much time you plan for sightseeing).

    Is the Amalfi Coast expensive?
    The Amalfi Coast is a popular tourist destination, and as a result, prices in many of the popular towns and villages can be somewhat inflated. If you’ve got the money to spend, there are many luxurious hotels and classy restaurants where you can splash out and enjoy your holiday. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the Amalfi Coast on a budget. Visit in the low season and take advantage of cheaper deals, or seek out some of the budget-friendly, welcoming B&Bs in villages off the beaten track.

    How many days do you need in the Amalfi Coast?
    If you pack everything in, it’s possible to experience many of the main sights in the Amalfi Coast in three days. However, we’d recommend planning for at least five days to give you enough time to head out on some lovely hikes, explore the region, and enjoy everything that this beautiful part of Italy has to offer.

    Amalfi Coast Adventure Tours

    For those, who like the peace of mind when it comes to trip planning, check out the best adventure tours in Amalfi Coast.

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    9.6 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    Path of the Gods

    Without a doubt, the Path of The Gods, known to locals as the Sentiero Degli Dei, is the most famous hiking trail in all of the Amalfi Coast. Stunning views along the entire route make this hike a must for anyone in the area.

    5.2 km
    320 m
    9.6 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    Punta Campanella

    This hike is like a walk back into an ancient time. Along the trail there are remnants of old temples where ancient Greeks and Romans worshiped the Goddess Athena / Minerva. Have we mentioned the unforgettable views of Capri Island and the Bay of Ieranto?

    7.1 km
    600 m
    9.8 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    Bay of Ieranto

    Although this is an easier walk, this is one of the most beautiful trails you can hike on the Coast. You won’t want to miss sitting on the little Capitiello beach with a privileged view of Capri and its Faraglioni (wave-carved rocks in the bay) in front of you.

    4.7 km
    325 m
    9.9 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    Valle dei Mulini

    This is one of the easiest hikes of the Amalfi Coast, yet it’s still full of nature and history. Thanks to its short distance, this is a great trail to walk with the entire family.

    6.1 km
    340 m
    9.3 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    Circuit of Tre Calli

    If you love jaw dropping 360° views, the Circuit of Tre Calli is a must for you! Wonderful views of the Sorrento Peninsula make this hike special.

    9.9 km
    750 m
    9.9 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    Monte Molare

    Monte Molare is the highest point along all of the Amalfi Peninsula. Walking up the trail may be hard, but the view is worth the hike.

    12.2 km
    1,050 m
    9.9 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    Monte Canino

    This trail is a difficult - yet short - hike and we recommended it for people looking get their heart pumping and legs burning. It is a must if you're searching for a little adventure and a lot of jaw-dropping panoramas on your walk.

    5.1 km
    650 m
    9.5 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    Ring of Faito

    If you like long walks in the forest mixed with stunning mountain views and seascapes then congratulations! We’ve found the perfect hike for you.

    8.5 km
    650 m
    9.8 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    High Path of the Gods

    The High Path of the Gods is a less known variation of the famous “Path of the Gods“ route. If you want to experience the views of the Path of the Gods from a higher altitude - and with a bit more adventure - this path is made for you!

    7.3 km
    520 m
    8.4 overall rating
    Amalfi Coast

    Monte Comune

    Being one of the longer hikes in the Sorrentine Peninsula, this trail provides wonderful and unique views, going from the Sorrento Coast to Positano. This walk is a fantastic way to spend a day.

    9.0 km
    775 m

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