Monte Comune

Amalfi Coast
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Monte Comune

Distance: 9.0km
Elevation: 775m
Time: 3.5-5h

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Being one of the longer hikes in the Sorrentine Peninsula, this trail provides wonderful and unique views, going from the Sorrento Coast to Positano. This walk is a fantastic way to spend a day.

Getting there

Coming from Sorrento, go to Piano di Sorrento via the SS163 highway, called "Amalfi Drive." Turn left onto Via San Pietro when you see the Hotel Royal Hills on your left. You’ll find parking around this area.

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When to do

March to November

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Out and back


Detailed Description

Your hike will start at the end of Via San Pietro. You will face “Castello Colonna”. This was a 13th century medieval abbey, which now has become a reception room. Enter the gates and follow the unpaved path on the right (You are allowed to enter because the trail goes through the manor’s grounds).

Continue along the switchbacking trail, ascending the mountain step after step. Here you can admire the bay of Naples with the Vesuvius Volcano dominating it from one side, and to the other the Li Galli archipelago. After 1km you will arrive at a crossroad. Follow the right path along the mountainside, and after few meters you will find yourself in a clearing. Go right. Follow the path that leads into the vegetation. Here you will cross over to the other side of the mountain. You’ll start seeing the coast near Positano, with its clear water underneath.

Following the trail, you will come to a path that begins to climb up the mountain. Follow it until you reach the top. Savour the views, then continue. Shortly after this you will come to a fence. Pass through the fence and stay close to it as it goes straight – here high vegetation and plants could hide the trail. At this point you’ll have reached Mount Comune at 877m.

After you pass through the edge of the fencing, go left and follow the path down. You will arrive to another open fence. Don’t get fooled by the intersection here: go right. As you continue will find an Italian Alpine Club (CAI) signboard; go left and down the stairs. On your left you will see some Positano buildings through the trees.

At some point you will find another CAI signboard and a crossroad. From the signboard, go right, following the flat path. Then, go down the rock stairs, they’ll lead you to Positano. To go back to Piano di Sorrento, walk down the paved road on the right until you reach a crossroad. Stop there and wait for the Bus to Sorrento.

Insider Hints

  • Be aware of snakes! On a recent trip our contributors found an adult viper (Vipera Aspis) on the trail. The best thing you can do is to stop and be still. Vipers are not aggressive, so - if you’re still - after a while they will leave you alone. Don't try to pass by the snake and don't try to attack it, obviously.

  • Get a ticket for the bus before starting the trail because SITA bus drivers won’t issue them on-board.

  • Extra water is advised as the trail is long and—from May to September - is quite exposed to the sun.

  • To get to the trailhead from Sorrento take the SITA bus to Positano and ask to stop at Hotel Royal Hills. Via San Pietro will be on your left.

  • To get to the trailhead from Amalfi take the SITA bus to Sorrento and ask to stop at Hotel Royal Hills. Via San Pietro will be on your right.


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