Punta Campanella

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Punta Campanella

Distance: 7.1km
Elevation: 600m
Time: 2.5-4h

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This hike is like a walk back into an ancient time. Along the trail there are remnants of old temples where ancient Greeks and Romans worshiped the Goddess Athena / Minerva. Have we mentioned the unforgettable views of Capri Island and the Bay of Ieranto?

Getting there

To start the Punta Campanella hike, you must find your way to Termini, which is a little village on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Once in Termini, park in the square and follow the signs for Punta Campanella.


When to do

March to November

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Detailed Description

From Santa Croce Square in Termini, follow the signs to Punta Campanella. The first part of the trail is a paved road with houses on both sides. Continuing along the road, it will change from paved to cobblestoned. This is because the Punta Campanella trail was, in ancient times, a Roman road known as Minerva road, which led to the Greek temple of Athena/Minerva.

After a short time walking through olive trees, you will see the beautiful Cala Mitigliano to your right. This inlet in the coast has one of the best beaches in the region. A short while after that, the isle of Capri reveals itself to you!

You will continue along the simple trail, stepping into history and stunning landscapes. Picture this, you’ll be walking on the ancient roman, cobblestoned road at the side of Mount San Costanzo; to your right, the vastness of the Tyrrhenian Sea and Capri, looking like a fantasy island full of mystery and treasures to be discovered.

You will eventually get to Punta Campanella. The remains of a medieval watchtower with a modern lighthouse beside it. This means you are at the very end of the Sorrentine Peninsula. You can go behind the tower, walking down ancient roman stairs, to the base of what was the Temple of Minerva/Athena.

After soaking in the scenery, you have two options: going back the same road you came in on, or continuing the trail. The first option is good for families with kids.

To continue the trail, you have to go a back until you see the red and white stones, used by the CAI (which is the Italian Alpine Club) as signs. Follow them to proceed along the trail. There will be – at one point – the option of taking a little trail that will end with a red “no” painted on the ground. That is obviously a dead end, but we advise to take the time to walk down to it because the astonishing vista you get of the Ieranto Bay is worth it.

Going back from the dead end, continue along the trail as it starts to gain elevation. Here you have to pay more attention. The signs on the rocks are good, but some are more spread apart than others. At some point, the trail will become flat, and you will find another painted stone from CAI with two different directions: one to Mount San Costanzo, and one to the starting point of Punta Campanella trail.

If you want to get to the mountain it will make your hike longer, adding one more hour before you’re back to the starting point.

The hike back will be filled with more beautiful views, then the trail will start to lose elevation and go through the woods. Go on until you arrive at the paved road of the village. Go straight until the road ends, then turn left. You will be back to the very first part of the trail. Go on until you reach Santa Croce square.

Insider Hints

  • Punta Campanella can be very windy. Make sure you have your wind jacket.

  • In summer it can be very hot, so take a hat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and clothes.

  • If you want to reach the top of Monte San Costanzo, follow the path 300 from the CAI painted stone.

  • You can get here by taking private or public buses from Sorrento. Once you're in the Santa Croce square, go through Via Campanella and follow the signs for Punta Campanella.


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