Hållvallens chalet - Ottsjö hike

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Hållvallens chalet - Ottsjö hike

Distance: 12.4km
Elevation: 774m
Time: 4-6h

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Hållvallens chalet is an easy and beautiful hike! It takes you from the old chalet over meadows, mires and through the forest. There is a high probability to see moose along this trail. This hike will be best if you start with the hike, “Platåleden,” there you walk over the mountain table-land.

Hållvallens chalet - Ottsjö hike Map

Getting there

Go by car or by bus to Ica Ottsjöbua. Take the E14 to Trostebacken, turn onto Byvagen and continue for about 12.0km while the road turns into Vålådalsvägen. At this point take a right to go to Ottsjobua, you will reach it after 5.0km. Park in front of the food market ICA Ottsjöbua.

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When to do

Summer / Autumn

Backcountry Campsites

Hållvallens chalet and Ottsjö camping


At the market and at Chalet

Family friendly


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Route Type

Out and back

Hållvallens chalet - Ottsjö
Elevation Graph

Route Description for Hållvallens chalet - Ottsjö hike

You start this hike at the Ica Ottsjobua. The first kilometers are on “Buföringsleden”, a gravelled road behind the majestic mountain.

You can choose between continuing on “Buföringsleden” or take a left to “Norrbotten” which is going to take you down to the lake beaches and then back to the parking lot. That road is 6.0km longer but wonderful and well worth the detour on a day with nice weather.

Our map shows us following the track “Buföringsleden”, which goes down to the forest, over brooks always watching for moose that love to be in this area. Moose are typically really calm, though during mating season they can be aggressive and dangerous. Keep a good distance away from the moose and let them stay wild.

Continue on the forest road with mountain views until you reach Hållvallens open chalet.

Return the way you came and watch for the story boards with the history of the village “Ottsjö”, which are along the side of the road.

Insider Hints

  • In Ottsjö you can also try horse riding in mountain areas. The name is "Åre Ridcenter".

  • When you are back at the parking lot, a little tip is that “Ica Ottsjöbua” also has services like saunas and showers.



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