Nulltjärnsrundan hike

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Nulltjärnsrundan hike

Distance: 9.1km
Elevation: 161m
Time: 2-3h

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Nulltjärnsrundan is a light hike that is a perfect way to get to know the Swedish mountains and a great first hike for kids. On this hike you you will find brooks, history about the area, and at the mid-point be welcomed by a sandy beach with mountain views. You can find wooden benches and maybe some mires with cloudberries.

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Getting there

Drive or take the bus 562 to Vålådalens Mountainstation.

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When to do

Summer / Autumn

Backcountry Campsites



Parking Lot and at beach.

Family friendly


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Route Description for Nulltjärnsrundan hike

The hike starts and ends at the Vålådalens mountainstation. Here you can buy food, lock your bags, go to the toilet, take a shower or stay over night.

The Nulltjärnsrundan hike starts over a meadow behind the nature museum “Naturum”. Through a leaf forest with a broad path all the way, over footbridges, and past history paintings along the trail. You will see mountain views, mires with maybe some cloudberries, and go through a ravine from the ice age.

The GPS track will lead you over the ravine to a little lake, known as Nulltjärnen. You will find that the beach here is very welcoming. Here you can find benches, toilets and fire places. And of course, it’s a great place for a cooling dip with mountain views.

Then you will follow the road to Kyrkstenen and then follow track 284 and walk the last kilometers on a running track through the forest. When you see the sign for the house of “Vålådalens mountainstation” you are back at the start.

Insider Hints

  • About 200m from the beach “Nulltjärn” there´s a house that you can rent on Airbnb.

  • If you want to do a longer hike you can run to “Kyrkstenen” and run back.

  • Bring swimsuits! The mountain station has a Sauna and Hot tubs, and you can swim in the lake!


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Roed Oern 2 months ago

This hike is easy and really recommended for beginners or families with smaller kids. It's great and you see a lot of nature.

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