Rollright Stones Circular Walk
Rollright Stones Circular Walk

Rollright Stones Circular Walk

The Cotswolds
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Rollright Stones

Rollright Stones Circular Walk

Distance: 5.3mi
Elevation: 879ft
Time: 2-3h

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The Rollright Stones Circular Walk is a great outdoor activity in the northeastern part of The Cotswolds AONB that will lead you through a lovely stretch of English countryside to visit an interesting historical site. The trail sets out from the charming village of Salford and traverses the open farmland and rolling hills to the northeast before arriving at the Rollright Stones, a series of Neolithic and Bronze Age limestone monuments. This is a fantastic day-walk for anyone that is interested in local history.

Rollright Stones Circular Walk Map

Getting there

To get to the trailhead for the Rollright Stones Circular Walk from Chipping Norton, head west on New Street/A44 for 1.8mi and turn right toward Lower End, following the road for 300ft. Turn right onto Lower End and continue on for 112ft, before making a left onto Cooks Lane. In 0.2mi, you will find roadside parking on the left.

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Rollright Stones Circular Walk
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Rollright Stones Circular Walk Description

The Rollright Stones Circular Walk is a fairly laidback adventure; however, there are some changes in terrain and small elevation gains that might make travel for young children or less mobile walkers. Make sure to wear proper footwear that is preferably water-resistant if you are setting out in the winter or spring. While dogs are allowed on the trail, remember to keep them on a leash, as there might be grazing animals nearby. Additionally, dogs are not permitted within the stone circle, so exercise caution in these areas.

If you are someone who enjoys ancient history and picturesque countryside views, then this route is the perfect way for you to spend a relaxing afternoon outdoors in the Cotswolds. The route will take you from the quaint village of Salford to visit a series of three stone monuments that date back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods. Mix in the lovely views of surrounding farmland and tranquil stretches of woodland terrain, and you have a fantastic adventure that can be enjoyed by walkers of nearly every skill level.

Setting out from the village of Salford, head to the northeast along Cooks Lane for 235ft and bear left onto Golden Lane, following it out of the village and into the picturesque countryside for 0.5mi. At the point where the lane veers to the right, continue straight along the footpath for 0.2mi and enjoy the picturesque views across the scenic farmland. Here, you will turn to the right, following the path for 500ft in the direction of the Salford Trout Lakes before picking up another footpath on the left. Keep on to the northeast for the next 0.6mi, passing through the open fields and crossing over the Little Rollright Brook, before traversing the edge of a small stretch of woodland to arrive at the side of a road.

Make your way across the road and pick up the footpath on the opposite side, crossing the open terrain for 0.1mi to arrive at a gate near a line of trees. Head through the gate and follow along the treeline for the next 0.5mi, passing through a series of three more gates as you climb gently uphill to reach the edge of Brighthill Farm. Walk along the lane towards the northwest for 255ft, where you will find a path on your left that cuts through a tranquil stretch of forest. Follow this for 0.1mi and turn right at the junction, where you will arrive shortly at the first and oldest of the Rollright Stones monuments, the Whispering Knights.

After experiencing the beauty and mystique of the Neolithic Age monument, continue along the trail for another 480ft and turn left to follow along the road to reach the second monument along the trail, the King’s Men Stone Circle. Legend says that if you are able to count the same amount of stones in the circle three times in a row, then you are granted a wish, so make sure to spend some time in the area and see if you are able to do so! After exploring the circle, follow the path leading north to cross over the road, where you will find the last of the Rollright Stones, the King Stone. This single monolith is thought to date back to the Bronze Age, making it the most recent – albeit still very old – monument of the bunch.

Once you have had your fill of sightseeing and ritual intrigue for the day, head back across the road and follow the trail back towards the first of the monuments, passing it by to once again reach the junction from earlier on in your walk. Turn right here and follow the trail to the southwest for 0.5mi to descend the hillside and arrive at the edge of the village of Little Rollright. Keep straight along the trail to make your way through the area, once again crossing over Little Rollright Brook on the final leg of your adventure. Follow the path across the open farmland for the next 1.2mi, enjoying the scenic views of the surrounding countryside as you arrive back in Salford at the starting point of the Rollright Stones Circular Walk.

Trail Highlights

Rollright Stones

The Rollright Stones are a series of limestone monuments that date back to the Neolithic and Bronze ages and can be found along the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border. The Whispering Knights is the oldest monument, dating back to the Early/Middle Neolithic; followed by the King’s Men, dating to the Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age; and lastly, the King Stone that is thought to date to the Bronze Age. Each of these were likely used as burial grounds or as a part of some ritual behaviour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you count the Rollright Stones?

Based on tradition, it is said that the stones within the King’s Men stone circle cannot be counted. If you are able to land on the same number after counting them three separate times, it is said that you are granted one wish!

Can you take dogs to the Rollright Stones?

Dogs must remain on a leash when in the vicinity of the stone circles and they are not permitted within the circles themselves.

What county are the Rollright Stones in?

The three different monuments can be found on the border of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire, with the King’s Men and Whispering Knights circles situated in the former and the King Stone in the latter.

Consider a Walking Holiday in the Cotswolds

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Insider Hints

  • Wear proper walking footwear for this adventure, as there are some changes in terrain throughout the route.

  • Remember to keep your dog on a lead and do not allow them inside of the stone circles.

  • The Salford Inn near the trailhead is a great spot for post-walk food and drinks.


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