Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk
Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk Map

Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk

The Cotswolds
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Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk

Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk

Distance: 5.6mi
Elevation: 771ft
Time: 2-3h

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The Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk is an awesome adventure in The Cotswolds AONB that will take you through charming villages and beautiful stretches of pasture. The route travels between the two villages and exposes you to views of scenic rolling green hills, as you work through a variety of terrain that features a short but steep uphill climb. This walk is perfectly suited for a leisurely weekend stroll through the Oxfordshire and Warwickshire countryside.

Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk Map

Getting there

To get to the starting point of the Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk from Upton House and Gardens National Trust Site, head west on A422 for 0.5mi and make a slight left onto Sugarswell Lane. After 1.8mi, make a left and continue on for 0.6mi before making another left onto Rattlecombe Road. In 0.8mi, turn left onto Kenhill Road and follow it for 185ft to arrive at the trailhead.

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Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk
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Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk Description

The majority of the terrain along the Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk is easy to navigate and traverse, being made up largely of rolling green pasture and village walkways; however, there are some areas where the trail is fairly steep and others that can become very muddy in wet weather. Be sure to wear proper walking footwear to better traverse the trail conditions on the day of your adventure. Additionally, there are a few portions of the walk that are on the road and there are several road crossings, so try to exercise caution in these areas.

If you are after a relaxing stroll through the countryside without much in the way of real difficulty, then this walk will be perfect for your next weekend outing on the trails. The route travels between the villages of Shenington and Tysoe, offering the chance to stroll through picturesque meadows and enjoy the views of charming nearby villages. While there is one section of slightly steeper terrain, this is manageable for most walkers, so sit back and relax on this lovely stroll through the English countryside.

Setting out from the village of Shenington near the Bell Inn, head to the southeast towards Rattlecombe Road and turn left, passing by the schoolhouse and church to pick up a footpath on your left after 0.1mi. Head through the kissing gate and continue to the northeast for the next 0.2mi, making a slight descent along the hillside and crossing over a stream to arrive at a fork in the path. Keep left for 0.7mi and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding farmland, as you pass through several gates and walk alongside peaceful stretches of wood to arrive at an intersection in the trail. Head straight through and keep left along the trail for another 1.0mi, working your way gradually uphill and through a few more gates to arrive at the edge of Sugarswell Lane.

Make your way across the road and pick up the wide track on the opposite side, following it to the northwest and passing straight through a junction to descend the steep, forested hillside on the way to Old Lodge Farm. Once there, head left at the fork and work your way past the buildings to reach a junction with a gate in 0.1mi. Head left here, following the trail as it slightly descends through the open fields to arrive at the edge of Tysoe Road. Turn left along the road and follow it into the charming village of Tysoe, making a left after 450ft onto Peacock Lane. Shortly after passing the Tysoe Surgery on your right, take the footpath on the left leading around the cottage and back into the open pasture.

Continue to the southeast for the next 1.0mi to make your way back up the hillside that you walked down to reach the village. This is the steepest portion of the walk and can be a bit difficult in wet weather, so be sure to take your time as you traverse the open farmland and tranquil stretch of forest that can be found here. Upon reaching Sugarswell Lane, make your way over to the opposite side and continue along the lane, following it until you reach the Sugarswell Business Park. Here, you will find the Monkeybean Coffee Shop, a great place to stop for some refreshments.

Once you finish up at the coffee shop, pick up the footpath branching off to the southeast and pass through the gate, keeping straight along the trail for the final 0.9mi of the walk. During this last stretch, you will cross open swathes of scenic pasture and skirt around the edge of an airfield, before arriving back at the starting point of the walk, having completed the Shenington and Tysoe Circular Walk.

Consider a Walking Holiday in the Cotswolds

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Insider Hints

  • Don’t forget water-resistant footwear, as the trail is fairly muddy in the winter/spring seasons.

  • Keep your dogs on a leash as you will be travelling through pastures that will likely contain livestock.

  • The Monkeybean Coffee Shop is a great place to stop for refreshments on the final leg of the walk.



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