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    David Thompson Country

    Hikes in David Thompson Country

    Region in Alberta, Canada

    David Thompson Country Hikes

    David Thompson Country hikes are a wonderful experience that showcase some of the most beautiful landscapes that Alberta has to offer. If you’ve ever travelled across scenic Highway 11, you’ve discovered the beauty that is the David Thompson Highway. Inspired by David Thompson himself, who once mapped and explored Canada from the Pacific to the Great Lakes, the highway makes for an incredible road trip, offering plenty of secret, azure lakes and fantastic hiking in the foothills of the surrounding mountains. If you are after an unforgettable adventure in Alberta, be sure to check out some of these fantastic David Thompson Country hikes.

    Winding all the way to the Jasper-Banff highway, David Thompson Country provides the opportunity to explore over 20 provincial and recreational parks primed for unforgettable outdoor adventures. Enjoy fresh mountain air while hiking to the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, with trail options for beginners to mountaineers. For a slower pace after hiking, spend the afternoon sunbathing on a sheltered beach at Crimson Lake or cast a line from the dock of Fish Lake.

    The area remains relatively unexplored, meaning outdoor enthusiasts can experience nature in a similar way that David Thompson once did— untouched and pristine. A camping road trip is still the best way to explore the area and the surrounding David Thompson Country hikes, making for a perfect family-friendly adventure. Whether you camp in an RV or under the stars, be sure to enjoy the nature talk and walk at Crimson Lake Provincial Park or enjoy the fantastic bird watching opportunities at Thompson Creek Provincial Recreational Area. And for an unforgettable educational experience, stop by the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site to learn about Alberta’s coal mining history and to hike along the North Saskatchewan River in the footsteps of David Thompson himself.

    The 6 Great Hikes in David Thompson

    Hiking in the David Thompson area is like stepping back in time to enjoy untouched nature. Hikers will be rewarded with unobstructed panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains to be enjoyed all to themselves, as hikers come few and far between out in the wilderness.

    For a challenging hike, set out on the Vision Quest Ridge, where hikers are rewarded with incredible wildflowers during the summer season and stunning views over Abraham Lake at the summit. Those in search of a slightly easier adventure should visit Coliseum Mountain. This trail is quite popular all year-round, with fun switchbacks and ridge walks on the way to the top overlooking Nordegg Village and the Rocky Mountains. No matter what your skill level is, there are plenty of David Thompson Country hikes that will meet your needs.

    • Tuff Puff Ridge Hike: Tuff Puff Ridge hiking trail is a beautiful long route surrounded by the
      wildflowers in the Canadian Rockies that starts from David Thompson Highway.
    • Coliseum Mountain Hike: Coliseum Mountain hike near David Thompson Highway is a great day trip. This trail leads to the top of Coliseum Mountain and rewards with views of Nordegg.
    • Vision Quest Ridge Trail: Vision Quest Ridge trail near David Thompson Hwy is a short, challenging hike. This trail leads to the Vision Quest Ridge and has views of Abraham Lake.
    • Allstones Ridge and Lake Hike: Allstones Ridge and Lake, near David Thompson Hwy, is a trail in Alberta. The trail leads to the lake along the ridge with an extension to reach the top.
    • Shunda Mountain (Baldy Lookout) Hike: Shunda Mountain hike near Nordegg is a great trail leading to the Baldy Lookout with a beautiful overlook of the surrounding mountains and lowlands of Alberta.
    • Ram Mountain: Set off on this stunning hiking trail near Nordegg, following the remote trail for a steep incline up to the Ram Mountain Fire Overlook for unforgettable sights.

    When Is The Best Time To Hike in David Thompson

    Perhaps the best part of hiking in the David Thompson area is that most of the trails are accessible all year round. While not all trails are winter maintained, they are often frequented by other hikers, so the trails remain clear even when snow is on the ground.

    Though, perhaps the most beautiful time of year to hike in David Thompson Country is during the fall season. Set out on the trails for incredible views overlooking the surrounding area in full foliage colour. Shades of red, yellow and orange will dazzle across the treeline. In the spring, you’ll also find quieter trails and beautiful meadows in full bloom.

    How To Plan A Trip To David Thompson

    Want to hit the trails in David Thompson, but not sure where to start? Here at 10Adventures, we’re all about making exploring out in nature as easy and possible. That’s why we’ve created a complete guide to planning a trip to David Thompson. Find our recommendations for where to eat, sleep and play—while getting to explore the best of the great outdoors. Pack your bag, we’ll see you there!

    Frequently-Asked-Questions About David Thompson

    Where is David Thompson Country located?

    David Thompson Country is tucked away in West Central Alberta, just slightly north of Calgary. It is considered part of the Rocky Mountain district, but the area remains relatively unknown and offers amazing outdoor adventures far from the crowds.

    What’s the main attraction in David Thompson?

    Well the trails are an absolute highlight, most locals would consider Crescent Falls the highlight of David Thompson. The Crescent Falls is an incredible waterfall that tumbles nearly 30 meters over two ledges and offers amazing views overlooking Bighorn River Valley. There is a 5.6 km loop if you’d like to hike out to a second lookout spot.

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    If you want to explore the natural beauty of David Thompson Country on your own, the 10Adventures trail app is a great tool to have. Download the 10Adventures app to safely navigate the trails offline while out on your next adventure.

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    Best Hikes in David Thompson Country

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      Open details for Allstones Creek Trail

      Allstones Creek Trail

      2.4 km
      74 m

      Allstones Creek Trail is an out-and-back hike for all abilities. It’s flat, easy, and doesn’t cover much distance. If you have young children or want to stretch your legs to break from a long drive, hiking up the creek is perfect for you. It isn’t much of an investment but has great rewards.

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      Open details for Loudon Creek

      Loudon Creek

      11.6 km
      136 m

      The trail up Loudon Creek leaves from the Siffleur Falls trailhead and crosses the Saskatchewan River over a suspension bridge. It then continues along the main path before veering off to Loudon Creek, following the creek until it joins the Saskatchewan River.

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      Open details for Old Baseline Lookout

      Old Baseline Lookout

      10.8 km
      701 m

      Getting to the Old Baseline Lookout can be the hardest part as it involves a dirt access road and poorly signed trails, but it’s all worth it when you get to the top and enjoy the small shelter. The fire lookout is no longer in use; however, it makes for a worthy destination, and the views are incredible.

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      Open details for Thompson Creek Falls

      Thompson Creek Falls

      10.1 km
      513 m

      The Thompson Creek Falls Hike follows the Mount Cline route until reaching the stellar waterfalls. The trail follows Thompson Creek and is easy to follow to the destination. This is a beautiful trail for intermediate hikers hunting for waterfalls.

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      Open details for Kinglet Lake Trail

      Kinglet Lake Trail

      11.6 km
      787 m

      Kinglet Lake is a beautiful destination in the heart of David Thompson Country. It’s an intermediate hike that requires some route-finding and ends with a steep section. This is an excellent hike for anglers looking to fish in the lake and also makes a great overnight trip. The trail has fantastic views of the North Saskatchewan River and sees moderate amounts of traffic.

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      Open details for East Bush Falls

      East Bush Falls

      4.3 km
      179 m

      The East Bush Falls Loop is a quiet loop along a multi-use trail that leads to a quaint waterfall. The path is wide and easy to follow with rolling elevation gain. It’s manageable for families with children, and dogs are welcome along this great trail right in town.

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      Open details for Kootenay Plains Heritage Trail

      Kootenay Plains Heritage Trail

      3.9 km
      81 m

      Take in some history on the Kootenay Plains Heritage Trail. The trail travels through the ecological preserve and passes by significant historical landmarks. You will see remnants of an old cabin, ranch, and even a cemetery as you make your way along the trail.

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      Open details for Whirlpool Point

      Whirlpool Point

      Very Easy
      1.3 km
      18 m

      The hike to Whirlpool Point is a beautiful stroll up the North Saskatchewan River. The trail is close to Saskatchewan River Crossing, making it a great stop when driving the Icefields Parkway or camping along Abraham Lake. The trail follows the North Saskatchewan River to a viewpoint located 650 m from the trailhead.

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      Open details for Paula’s Ridge Hike

      Paula’s Ridge Hike

      3.4 km
      475 m

      Paula’s Ridge Hike is just east of Mount Abraham and offers incredible views of Abraham Lake. If you are looking for a quick hike with a moderate amount of elevation gain and great views, this hike is an excellent choice. It’s a straightforward out-and-back route that climbs the ridge to a viewpoint before heading back down.

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      Open details for Marble Mountain Hike

      Marble Mountain Hike

      6.4 km
      426 m

      Getting to the Marble Mountain trailhead can be tricky and out of the way, but this remote trail is sure to be empty and worth the trip. You’ll find solitude here on this quiet circuit through the mountains. Route-finding skills are required here, especially early on.

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